Crossdressed In Kerala Part 3

As everyone knows me I was in a serious relationship with jagan who was my love and life, after the previous incident we had many hot sessions in coorg,munnar,ooty,kodaikanal etc., and bcoz of getting his hot cum inside me every time I became more fat my hip size increased from 34 to 38, so jagan started to avoid me I has gained some weight from 80 to 88kgs , so I felt very sad started to go to gym and I took personal training, there I met one of the jagans friend Ahmed who was a foreigner from Africa who is somewhat black in color and had a good physique. I have seen him with Jagan many Times and he too knows about our relationship, so every time I meet him in gym he stares at me like he wanted to rape me there itself,

I will wear only tight t- shirt and thigh legth short so that my manboobs and hot milky thighs will be clearly visible along with my hot nipples and my sweet ass so he stares at me like a lion waiting to get his prey while the coach gives me training , even my gym coach touches my got manboobs and feels my ass at times I feel like I was in heaven, but I was not interested in my gym coach, so days passed by me and Ahmed became very close we shared our numbers and started to share our feelings and started to chat some times about sex and what where his desires and whats mine and he will some times say that I was more beautiful like sex goddess with beautiful assestsassests and want to fuck me, I wont say anything for that , but I liked it very much, so like I started to share my feelings with him regarding jagans action of avoiding me and Ahmed said he will come to home and will speak with jagan , but I said no, so he said anything for u, honey , I was somewhat confused , so Ahmed asked me to come for a coffee ,but I said I want a trip with u to njoy he was surprised and said OK readily, so initially I denied later he made some magic to trap me , so I asked him which dress u want to wear he said a nice transperant saree with floral designs so I took a transperant black saree with floral designs like one. Which richa gangodha wears with hot black blouse , so first I went to bathroom removed my hot white sheer t-shirt and black tight leggins and then removed my pink color push-up bra and lace panty and removed my body hair and took bath and then wrapped towel at my boobs level, my nipples where erect because of my new outing with Ahmed ,then I applied jasmine body lotion and I took hot demicup floral black bra and floral Panty and then took black pavada and placed it below my navel and started to wear my blouse and pinned it from front my hot cleavage was clearly visible and then started to wear the saree my cleavage was visible clearly over my saree,

I was feeling like a real woman who was getting ready for his man and after that I weared my payal , black bangles ,navel chain , toe ring, mangal sutra, mascara, kajal, hot dark red lipstick, ring like nose ring and platinum ear ring and had red kumkum at my forehead and I was stunned to see me and felt like a married woman , then he called me and said he was waiting for me in my apartment basement only , but I asked him to come to house , even though I was ready , so I can have some foreplay , he came and rang bell and I went and opened the door , he was stunned to see me and his manhood got erected and i saw this and asked him to come in and once he came in he locked the door and he tried to grab me , but I said no dear not here , he was very hungry to do me and wanted me to ride his hot cock , but I went near to him and kept my hand in his crotch area and we started to have long French kiss where my lower lip was inside his mouth he was bitting it hardly and squeezing my navel , then after 10 mins we came to our normal and started our journey he was caressing my thighs all the way and I was raised to my glory and so

I said I want to ride his cock he said not so hurry dear and in between jagan called me and I said I was going to my home to meet my parents and it will take some 5 days to comeback at that time Ahmed was squeezing my navel hardly I was shivering bcoz of Ahmed s foreplay , so Ahmed understood what\s my plan so he took me for shopping and there I bought 2hot sarees, pink and black tight t-shirts and bra and panty of different types and then a pink and grey baby doll nighty , so we reached the boathouse and the owner gave us the key and left and then we entered the room , locked the door and ahmed inserted the key into my blouse it felt like a new experience and he said the key is missing and he wants to search the key within me and I said search for 5days within me dear , so he came near and grabbed me throw me on the bed and started to squeeze my boobs over my blouse , he removed the pallu of the saree and started pressing my boobs with mangalsutra of Jagan and payal, bangles , nose ring , navel chain in me he was feeling that be got a real taste of the experienced mango , so he started to eat my mango melons

meanwhile I took grapes and kept it in my mouth and he started to eat it from my mouth I was lying on the bed with my blouse and pavada and he removed his pant and T-shirt and started to rub his body against my body and both where feeling the heat he is pressing his manly chest against my boobs and I was feeling the pain and his rod is more bigger that I am feeling it in my navel hole trying to push it Inside ,then he turned me around and started to plant kisses from near to my bra strap and was pressing my boobs by lying at back of me ,and started to remove my blouse and he removed it and saw my floral bra and said u have good choices of choosing bra and with that he started to bite me near my bra strap from shoulder till my navel and removed my pavada and started to explore my panty and then we came to 69 position and I started to suck his \inch dick

I was giggling while having his cock inside my mouth and it tasted good and then he took out his dick and slowly started to rub his dick over my ass pussy and he was sitting on the chair and I was sitting on him giving my boobs for him to have some milk from it he was bitting it like a beast and he slowly inserted his rod which has good width than Jagans so I was feeling the pain at first he was fucking me slowly and I was riding him and was moaning in pleasure like ssss hhhh o my god ohh ya fuck me pls oooooh yes fuck me hard yes fuck fuck fuck fuCk me hard hearing this he increased his speed and I was feeling like a rod being hit in my ass continuously I was screaming in pleasure loudly his speed keeps on increasing and I was giving him almond, cashew, dry grapes,pista in between by keeping it over my boobs he was sucking it fiercely and after some 30 minutes of fucking in different positions he reached the climax and he bought his cock near my mouth and I sucked it and he unloaded his cum fully in my mouth it was very thick and tasted somewhat salty and after that I felt very guilty as I was doing wrong to Jagan,

Ahmed then consoled me by kissing me and said everything is fair in sex and saying so he gave me the new pink color trainer bra and tight black T-shirt and hot pink leggings like Kate Upton wears , then he said ur like a heaven let me taste it, to be continued …. Guys please share ur comments and reply to me in my / / so we can have a steamy conversation.