Unexpected Encounters Part 2

This is the continuation part of the story “Unexpected encounters “. After the first encounter with pawan. I have avoided going to prajwals house. He asked me many times to come home but I have avoided him for one or other reason. In one sunday I and prajwal went for morning show movie. After the movie, we thought to take lunch and go to our places as prajwal had an appointment with a dentist at 2. When we came out of the theater I heard sound calling prajwals name. I and prajwal turned back and saw pawan in the theater. Prajwal asked him wt hes doing here? He said he came with a friend for a movie and his friend got some urgent work and left. He said he saw us and called. Prajwal said that we are going to lunch and asked him to join us. He said hi to me and said sure. We reached the restaurant.


Prajwal sat opposite to me and Pawan sat next to me. We ordered lunch. Prajwal was saying something with Pawan and suddenly, Pawan put his right hand on my thighs. I was jus scrolling my mobile and I was stunned by this development. Pawan started to rub my thighs. I was scared as someone or the prajna may see it.


Pawans rub on my thighs made me horny and my dick started to grow in my pants. Pawan placed his hand on my dick and I saw waiter is coming to our direction. I pushed pawns hand away. We ate lunch and prajwal went to wash his hand.


Pawan: “Deepak I wanna fuck you now. I am really mad looking at you”.


Pawan: please

I see Pawan whatever happened last time was just accident.

Pawan: I know but you enjoyed it as well also, I didnt had full time with you so, please one more time


Even though my tongue was saying no but my body was horny as hell. I was just silent for a minute and said prajwal is around. Pawan said that his friends room nearby and we can do it there. Prajwal came back and said shall we leave. Pawan said that ” I will drop Deepak as hes going in the same way”. Prajwal looked at me and I said ya its fine.


Pawan took me to his friends house. He went inside and spoke something. Pawan came back and introduced me to his friend. He said “Mohan” and I said “Deepak”. He gave me naughty smile and said enjoy to Pawan and left the place. I was really embarrassed because I wanted this to be secret stuff. Pawan was not bothered by it and he asked me to come inside. He closed the door and I was checking the house and it was 1bhk. Pawan holds my hand and pulled me towards him. He placed his hands on my waist and kissed my lips. He was biting my lips. He was horny as hell. His muscular body touching my body. He pushed my body with waist to the wall. He took my t-shirt roughly and threw it on the floor. He kissed my neck and gently bit my neck. I was moaning mmmooooooooooooaaaaaaaah. He lifted my hands and started sucking my armpits. I dont have any hairs under the armpit. Hes licking my armpits. He slid his hands under my ass cheeks over my jeans and lifted me. I wrapped my legs around his waist and my hands around his neck. He carried me to the bedroom. Pawan started to suck my nipples. He bit my nipples it was paining me I left a moan mmmmaahhh. He dropped me on my feet. I can see the fire in Pawans eyes and me jus remembered the previous encounter which was smooth. But this time Pawan was like a bull. He removed my jeans button and pushed it down completely. I was in my blue underwear. He pushed his hand inside my underwear and got hold of my cock. His muscular hold on my cock felt like am gonna cum immediately. He stroked my cock and looked at my eyes. I was moaning in pleasure aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh.


Pawan: I will fuck you hard you bitch. Be my slut.


Pawan lifted me in his hand and threw me on the bed. He removed his dress. I can see his hard cock with a thick tip. He asked me to stand on my fours. I know what he is up to. I did so. He pushed his fingers in my ass.


Pawan seems your ass became tight again for me. Today I will break your ass today and it wont become tight again.


He pushed his cock in one thrust. I was not expecting this. I shouted, “Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh pawan go slow plz”.


Pawan: your ass is so sexy I want it badly. He pushed his cock again. This time deep in me. He was caressed my back and suddenly spanked my ass cheeks. I said “Aaahhhhhhhhh”. He was fucking my ass and giving me deep strokes. Pawan is standing on his knees and pushed his hands on my shoulders. His weight on my shoulders pushed my face to the pillow and my ass raised well. Now, Pawan giving me deep strokes. I was moaning like anything. Pawan drilling my ass hole like mad.


Pawan: I love your ass. You are my slut. I never fucked such a smooth and tight ass. He spanked my ass cheeks and making it red.

I: aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh slowly its painingmmm oooo

Pawan: oo ya I will tear your ass today you bitch.


Pawan was holding my shoulder and fucking my ass hole twisting his cock in my hole. This continued for 20 mins and finally cum inside my hole. I felt like somebody has put water in my ass hole. He pulled his cock from my ass hole. I slept like that.


Pawan: “Are you alright”

I: yes

Pawan: Im sorry I was horny and I really enjoyed fucking you first time and I wanted your body badly.

I: hmm


I turned around and took a water bottle near to the bed. I just put the bottle on the table and looked Pawan. He came over me and kissed my lips. I can see he is still hard on. He pushed me on the bed and spread my legs. He put one pillow under my ass and got hold of my thighs. He positioned his dick at my hole and started pushing it in my hole. I was moaning mmmmaahhhhhhh. Because of the cum of the previous session and fucking, Pawans cock entered deep in my ass hole. He got hold of my nipples and kissed my lips. My legs are in air and pawans is fucking me like anything. I was moaning mmmmmmmmmaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhooooooooooooo. He was kissing my lips and looking at my eyes. I was staring his eyes back and caressing his back. He was fucking me faster and deeper. I spread my legs wide. He put his hands on my cock and started to stroke it. His hands or so strong that I was started to shout on his strokes on my cock.


Pawan: ooohh yaaaa you love it isnt it?

I: mmmmmmoooooooaaaaaaaahhhh.. Pawan I cant handle your strokes.

Pawan take it baby let it go stop controlloing it.

I: ammmmmmmmmmaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh


I cummed on his hands.


Pawan: thats it baby.


Pawan giving deep strokes in my ass hole. By this time I understood that pawan wont cum soon. After 30 mins of fucking, he exploded heavily on my hole. He gave a big moan while filling my assole with his cum. His cock came out of my assole. We slept in that position.


After 5 mins, I: does your friend knows about this?

Pawan: ya

I: ohhhh

Pawan: he too like boys.

I: ohhh

Pawan: you are the first one I bought to his house.

I: what he might think of me?

Pawan: well nothing as such. He knows about me and I know about him so nothing to worry about it.

I: need to take pee


Pawan rolled over from my body. I took a pee and cleaned my ass hole.


I: can we leave now?

Pawan: one more round.

I: when you will be satisfied?

Pawan: your body makes me wild.


I sat at the end of bed. Pawan got up and came near me. I can see his semi erected cock. He grab hold of my hand and placed it on his cock. I felt like Im holding a hot metal. The moment I touched his cock it became hard on.


Pawan: o ya baby your touch wakes it again.


I started to stroke his cock. He grabbed my head and pushed it to the cock. I know what he wants. In a minute Pawans cock was inside my mouth. Pawan cock was so hard now that it was almost touching my throat.


Pawan: ooooh yeah you little slut taste my cock.


Pawan placed two hands on my head and started to fuck my mouth. My saliva was already replaced with his pr-rectum and I dont have an option but to drink. He was fucking my mouth so fast that I have to hold his ass for support. This gave Pawan more encouragement and he was fucking my mouth. After 10 minutes of mouth fucking thankfully Pawan has cummed. His cumm entered deep of my throat that I have drunk it immediately. Rest of the cumm filled my mouth and some came out of my mouth. I rushed to the washroom and split on the wash basin. I cleaned my mouth. I can see Pawan in the mirror. He was holding his rock hard cock.


He bent me down and in one stroke he entered it to my ass hole. This is the 3rd time in noon that Pawans cock entered my ass hole.


I: aaaaaaaahhhhooooo my ass is paining

Pawan: oooo ya you little bitch you like to be banged hard


I got hold of the wall. I remembered the day when I watched the Pawan fucking the stranger in the toilet. I never imagined that it will all end up like this. Pawan came near me and put his tongue on earlobe his cock was inside my ass hole. He grabbed my cock and started stroking.


I: aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhoooooommm pawanmnnn I cantttmmmm

Pawan: oooayyyaaa you bitch you can,…..U love cock on your hole isnt it.

I: oooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh

Pawan: now onwards you are my regular bitch.


I cummed on Pawans hand and at the same time Pawan again exploded in my ass hole. He put on the shower on and we took shower together. It was 7 pm and we fucked more than 4 hours. He called his friend Mohan. I said bye to him and he winked at me. Pawan dropped me to hostel


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