The Weekend My Wife Was Away Part 1

So let me start by saying my names Arjun. Im 28 years old more than smart to look at and my body status is as follows 59/32/70. I sport a beard on a regular basis. Well, lets dive right into the incident. My wife and I had been married for a year now, our sex life was normal as any couple. We had recently moved to Mumbai and were adjusting to the fast-paced life of the city.

It was early Jan and my wife had already informed me of her plans to visit her home city Delhi for the weekend. When the day arrived I helped her pack and we were set to leave for the airport. Just when the bell rang and standing at the door the was the guy who cleans my car Santosh. Now let me describe Santosh he was your average Marathi middle aged man, maybe around his late 40s if I may guess. Grey hair, with a bald patch white scruffy stubble, an evident pot belly and around 55 in height. Santosh had come for his salary. In the hurry, we were in I casually told him to come in the evening to collect his cash. He didnt say anything and he left.

The day went as normal for me then. I dropped Ritu to the airport went for my work and got back home around at 9 pm. I then decided why not utilize this freedom from my wife to pop open a Whiskey bottle and enjoy a few drinks. I changed into my boxers and t-shirts got out my whiskey glass and poured my self a drink. I enjoyed a few drinks as watched on TV. Time flew and so did my drinks, 2 glasses turned 6 and I was sufficiently buzzed. Thats when suddenly the bell rang, I checked the time and it was 11.30 pm. Partly annoyed at being disturbed I made my way to the door tripping on every piece of furniture in the room. I opened the door only to find Santosh, waiting at my door for his salary. Thats when I remembered that I told him to come in the evening.

I asked him to come inside, while I went to get my wallet. He made his way in and sat on my couch. The alcohol had done its magic I was tipsy beyond control and spent a good 15 mins to find a wallet, only to realize that I had forgotten to withdraw cash from the ATM. I came out with the sorry the face and told Santosh the bad news. He just looked at me disappointed at me and said…

Santosh: Sir I was also going to get some drinks with my money, now everything is ruined….

I felt sorry for him and asked him to take my whiskey bottle. He refused saying that he cant drink at home and the only place he could go was a bar. It was maybe the whiskey talking but I told him to join me then. He reluctantly agreed. I brought him a glass from my kitchen and asked him to pour himself a drink. Now to tell you Santosh was dressed in ragged pants and really old blue T-shirt.

Santosh poured himself a drink, I dont know why until today, why I said what I said next. I told Santosh “This will be the best alcohol youll have in your life, you could gulp it whole down with out water”

Santosh looked at my tipsy state with a smile and said: “Are you sure”. I replied back in a cocky attitude “Yeah man”. He continued smiling but did not take a sip of his glass. He said, “Ok let me see you do it! drink the whole bottle in gulp”. I looked at my Macallan Whiskey there was at least a quarter left in it, and I was too drunk to shy away from a challenge. I took the bottle and in a single go completed the whole drink.

If I was drunk before, I was sloshed now. Words were slurring from my mouth, while Santosh coolly sipped his drink from the glass. He walked slowly from the couch to over my chair. My chair was a part of the couch and had hardly enough place to seat one. I was surprised when Santosh came and fitted himself with me. I was drunk but I was uncomfortable, I was at a kissing distance away from the guy who cleans my car. And what he did next changed everything.

Santosh without warning brought his lips to mine and kissed me. I was trying to push him with all my might, but he kept shoving his sticky tongue down my throat. He broke the kiss and I finally could breathe, before I could react, he took my head and shoved it on his crotch area. I could smell his sweat through his pants. I wanted to stop, but the alcohol inside me rendered me too weak to react. He saw that as a sign of acceptance and pushed me on the floor. While he stood over me undressing, I first saw his pants go off. I saw VIP Frenchie underwear with enough holes to suggest its as old as him, and then in a fluid motion, he removed his underwear and t-shirt. To reveal his gray pubes and 6 inches dick sticking out. He came down and shoved his dick into my mouth. I could taste his salty urine and pre-cum. His pubes smelled of sweat…I wanted to throw up but I held myself back. I was waiting for the torture to get over, little did I realize this was just the beginning.

He mouth fucked me for a good 25 mins and slowly pulled it out. And like before, just when I was about to react, he did something else. He turned over and brought his ass hole to my face. I could smell his hairy hole, and with no option in hand, i decided to go through with it. I stuck my tongue out and kept licking his sweaty ass hole. I cleaned his hairy hole, licking it like an ice cream and sticking my tongue deep inside. When finally he got up, he turned around and said this was merely phase 1.

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