Teen Din Uncle Ke Saath Part 1

Hi friends, this is Manav from New Delhi. This is my first imaginary story with a hope that it should have happened to me. Today, I am 42 years old with 5ft 6inch height a little chubby with 75kg weight and 34 waists. I am narrating my first imaginary experience which happened to me at the age of 18 when I had got passed from class XII. We had a neighbor Sharma Uncle living with his wife and son. He was 55 years of age at that time. One day his wife and son had gone for a visit to their relatives for a week. Since our family had good relations with him, my father called him for lunch. During lunch he requested that can he take me to his house during the night as he was feeling very lonely to which my father readily agreed.

During the evening time, my mother gave me tea and told me to give it to Sharma uncle. I went to his house and sneaked inside , I wondered why the door was not locked. I looked for him when I heard some noises from uncles room. I peeked in and what I saw was amazing. My uncle was fucking a boy from our colony. His dick was at least 9 inches long and incredibly thick. He was fucking like a machine and the boy was moaning like a bitch in heat. Finally, he withdrew his cock and splashed all his cum in his mouth. After that, he looked at the window and smiled. I knew that he had seen me viewing all the action.

I came back to my house very aroused and was feeling how it would like to take a cock in my ass, I was very hot, I just masturbated and slept and in dreams felt like that he was fucking me.

In the evening my father told me to go to uncles house and take care of him. I was afraid and excited. I went to his house nervously. He was wearing his lungi and vests. He called me in and asked will you like to have some drinks. He was sitting in his lungi and brought some beers for both of us and after we finished our first beer he asked that whether I liked the night show or not. He said don’t lie I saw you standing at the window and watching the action. I honestly replied that it was my first time watching sex between two men. He asked would you like to watch some porn, which I unfortunately agreed. He said you take your beer and I will fix a hard drink and move to my room.

We went to his room; he made to pegs of whiskey for him and myself too. I said I don’t drink whiskey, he said you will love it, just take it for my company.

He then switched on the TV and VCD player and we were watching porn in which a black man was kissing a white teen boy. Then he made the boy sit and asked him to open his trousers and then the boy started sucking it. By this time we had our first peg and I was feeling horny and my six inches tool started to get a hardon so I adjusted it in my pants. Sharma Uncle had seen this and smiled. Then he said that I want to be more comfortable and then he removed his lungi. Now he was in his briefs and baniyaan. His briefs were looking huge.

He saw me staring and asked what happened.
I said, “I am amazed at your size, I have never seen a thick and big dick like yours in my life.”

On hearing this he smiled and removed his briefs. His monster was sleeping and was still 5 inches long and thick. Seeing this my mouth went dry and I felt some itching in my ass hole.

He asked, “Do you want to feel it?”

I didn’t reply and then he took my hands in his hand and placed it on his dick.

He made another peg for both of us and asked to me to play with his tool. I started masturbating his tool and soon it was erect and was 9 inches long and very thick. By this time I was feeling was horny and amazed and had amazing feeling in my ass. At that time I watched that in the movie the black man was fucked very passionately to his young white man.

At that time uncle said, “ Want to taste it?”

Without seeking anything, I took my mouth near his cock and was amazed to see his dick so close. I started licking the top while watching his huge balls. He asked me to take it in my mouth. I kept my glass aside and took it in my mouth and started sucking it.

After five minutes, he told me that today I will give you the most pleasurable night of your life. Then he took me in his arms and laid me on the bed. He started kissing me and at the same time removed all my clothes. I was enjoying the way he was kissing me on all over my face and neck. Then he put his tongue in my mouth. With one hand he started playing with my nipples. I was in heaven.

He kept on playing with my nipples and after some time he went down on my chest and started sucking one of my nipples. I was moaning like a girl now.

While sucking my nipples, he took his hands to my ass cheeks and started massaging them. Then he tried to insert a finger in it. It hurt and I asked him to stop.

He got up from that position and got between my legs, he raised my legs and started licking my ass hole. I was in heaven and moaning loudly. It felt like that I would come anytime. I was moaning sexily. He looked up and smiled, “Did you liked it ?”

I just smiled in answer and nodded positively. He again changed the position and soon he was on me in 69. His huge monster was dangling on my mouth. I took his monster in my mouth.

Uncle pushed his tongue in my ass hole and was fucking me with his tongue. I had also taken almost half of his dick in my mouth. Then I felt something, and from the mirror, I saw that he had put some lotion in my ass hole and was massaging me with his fingers. Soon his finger was in my ass and after some time he had three fingers in my ass hole and was fucking me with his fingers while I was enjoying his dick in my mouth.

I took his dick out of my mouth and said please fuck me.

He kept a pillow below me and started rubbing his cock in my crack. I was very afraid. He sensed it and said don’t be afraid dear, I will do it smoothly and passionately and you will get the most pleasurable night of our life.

Then he applied some lotion on his dick and started pushing his cock into my tiny hole. With some pressure, the head went in. I gritted my mouth to silent my scream. It felt like someone has torn me in two pieces. He stayed over there for few minutes and allowed me to adjust his size and he lied to me and started kissing me.
After some time I was again moaning and then he applied another push and his dick went inside me up to 3.5 inches, I was feeling like dead and enormous pain.

He was an experienced player, without applying pressure, he started fucking me slowly with that depth only. His lung was very thick and strong and my ass hole was tight. After fucking me for five minutes he took his dick out and put a huge amount of lotion in my opened ass hole and again inserted his dick in it. He started fucking me with his dick which was only 4 inches in my ass hole.

As and when he used to bring his cock almost out, the ring of my ass hole would stretch. My pain was almost gone and I was whimpering and moaning like girls normally do in porn during their movies.

Uncle sensed my ease and then suddenly he applied complete pressure and his complete dick was in my ass in one shot. I was dead with pain and pleasure.

He hugged me in this position

I was moaning in pleasure and said “Ohhhhh, I am feeling very complete, please fuck me”

He started taking slow but long strokes, I was moaning and whimpering and hugged him tightly.

I told him, “I am in heaven please continue fucking me like this.”

After some time, he lifted my legs and started fucking me rapidly with long and hard strokes.

The whole room was filled with my moans and the sound that erupted when his balls slapped my ass.

My whole body was getting hotter and was whimpering like a fish. I had just closed my eyes and was getting senseless in pleasure.

When his dick used to go deep in my ass I used to raise my hips to take it deeper. The whole room was filled with moans

I was muttering, “ Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, please daddy fuck my ass harder and harder. Put it deep inside me, tear my ass hole, put all your dick in my ass, yes harder and harder and harder. Ohhhhh”

Suddenly my whole body stiffened and I came like a volcano, he was still fucking me harder and harder.

He asked me to get up and again suck his cock.

Soon I was on my knees and sucking his cock which was half in my mouth. Suddenly he got hold of my hairs and pushed all his dick in my mouth. It went deeper in my throat, I was choking and he was enjoying the fuck.

I sensed that he was about to come, and suddenly he got stiffened and erupted in my mouth. He kept hold of my mouth and inserted gallons of sweet cum in my mouth which I happily swallowed.

He then said, “Lets take tome rest.”

I told him I feel like peeing but was not able to get up due to the enormous fucking of my asshole. He took me in his arms and took me to his washroom. He told me to sit on the pot and relieve myself. I was feeling very ashamed to piss in front of him. He suddenly came in front of me and asked me to suck his cock while sitting over there only.

I took his dick in my mouth and started sucking while I was relieving myself. After that we both had a shower and then we went back to the bedroom.

Inside the bedroom, he lied on the bed and asked me to play with his balls, lick his balls and dick. I continued licking and sucking his balls while occasionally licking his dick whereas he was busy in taking another peg. After his peg was finished, he asked me to ride him with my male pussy.

I squatted over him and aimed his dick at the entrance of my hole. It went in and started going up and down on his cock. It was giving me new sensations and again I came with a huge moan. He was a bull having a great stamina. After 15 minutes I was getting tired and he sensed it. He asked me to get down and kneel in front of him,

He inserted his cock in my throat again and started fucking me in my throat. I was moaning and gagging and whimpering.

After 10 minutes of fucking my throat again, he asked me to kneel down for doggy style. He then entered in my hole with a firm push and all of his dick went inside me. I screamed for the first time with the pressure that had been created.

Then he fucked me hard and strong for another 20 minutes and then asked son, I am going to cum, where do you want my cum

I told him “Daddy I want to again taste your cum”.

He then came in front of me and asked me to open my mouth and stick my tongue out. I did and he shooted loads of cum on my face, in my mouth and also on my body.

After swallowing his load, I licked the cum from my face and other parts of the body

After that, he fucked me twice again and said I will make you my best boy slut, my toy, and my randi and you will have to come to me whenever I need you. I will also ask you to fuck my friends and others.

To which I readily agreed and then we slept in each other’s arms

Next day I got up late and went to my house after giving a nice blowjob to my uncle. He promised me for more fun in the night and told me to remove all hairs from my body, although I was more or less hairless, I told me how to do it. He told me don’t worry we will remove the hairs in the evening and told me to come early in the evening and tell my parents that uncle has ordered dinner for me and himself. I promised to come by 4 pm and left his house.

I reached my house and slept like a horse till afternoon till my mother came from her school and served me lunch.

So, friends, this is my first imaginary encounter and my entry towards gay life. Hope you like it, if any matured person (above 50) wants to fuck me like this then please message me