My Guwahati Posting And My Delicious Boy Part 2

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My Guwahati Posting And My Delicious Boy ( )

Monin who was 18 and I at 57 were having the most lustful and wonderful time. As my assistant he was always by my side whenever we went on field trips. The Ahom boy was just the right prescription any Doctor gave me.

At 5’ 8”, 56kg with a slender 32waist, he was the horniest boy I had come across for a long time. Dark skin shining in its smoothness; his thighs were slim and taut. His buns were petite and would fit exactly in my palms. And now that we were sharing my bed, his slim 6” cock was always hard and visible in his shorts.

On one trip, the driver was sick and I was driving the covered jeep through the jungles of Assam. It was about 6 PM and the sun was setting fast, when the jeep sputtered to a halt and refused to start up again. A few calls made me realise that the mechanic could come with the part only in the morning and we were miles away from the nearest roof. By now it was dark. Monin lit up a fire from the forest wood and cooked us a nice rice and curry meal.

We had finished our food, the fire was playfully dying, when I spread my sleeping bad next to the fire and sat on it. I had changed into my shorts. As I started making a joint, Monin came by and I pulled him onto the sleeping bag. We sat facing each other and smoked the weed. Soon we started on the second joint. We were sitting crossed legged and our knees were touching. I raised my left leg and put it around his waist; he came closed and put his left leg around me. Both were hard and breathing shallow in anticipation. As I tugged him close our rigid cocks rubbed through our shorts. We had one lag around the others waist, grinding our dicks as I held his face in my palms and tenderly licked his inviting open mouth. He trapped my tongue and sucked it in. Then with the tip of his, he played with my tongue. We flicked our tongues and sucked on it. He stuck it out and I sucked and licked on it as if it was his cock. His moans were sharp and lustful. His hands pulled my waist closed as I gave his stiff wet tongue a blow job.

With one hand I held his head and started sliding the other one along his calve and thigh till I could slip inside the loose shorts. I traced the outline of his pulsing cock with my fingers and he let out a long moan, pushing his groin into my palms. His hand followed my actions and reached to play with my aching dick inside my shorts. Our hands were caressing our cocks and we were so lose that the backs of our hands rubbed through the shorts.

As I removed his T shirt he did the same to me. Now our bare chests could feel each other. I caress his shoulders and waist as we continued to kiss. The cocks were ready to be released and slowly without breaking our kissing and playing with the dicks we removed the others clothes.

The fire was now only glowing ambers. The full moon was out and I had the most delicious boy in my arms. The thick jungle all around was silent as if watching our love play. I lay on my side and put my head on his thighs, his turgid beautiful cock inches from my mouth. I flicked my tongue across his head and he shuddered and laid his head on my thigh. With one knee bent, we have clear access to the prize. I slowly took his head into my mouth and holding it with my lips started to wash the head and slit with my saliva. Monin was doing exactly the same to my cock head. Both were letting out involuntary moans and our mouths and tongues just kept sucking and licking the cocks. I traced his shaft and slowly descended to his balls. He took one of mine into the mouth and used his tongue to caress the sensitive skin. I bent his knee even more and soon reached his bud. As I tongue fucked my lustful and horny boy, his grunts became louder and louder.

‘Sir…sir…sir……..aaannnnn…….aaannnn….mmmmm…..jor se sir jor se…..aaaannnnnnnnn

His mouth was also busy. First his tongue licked all around my head. Then he traced my slit and used his stiff tongue to explore the slit. Then he licked all around the shaft and head. Sometimes he would take it in and slide down, then pull out and return to the head and slit. His palms caressed my thighs and buns as gently as he sucked me.

He made another joint and as we smoked it he lay back on the sleeping bag and I sat between his inviting and open silk smooth thighs. I opened my legs under his thighs and now his cock was right next to mine. As he pulled on the joint my hands played with my prize as it lay right at my lap. I caressed his sweet rock hard cock. I rubbed my palms around the shaft and used my thumb to tease his wet slippery head. As his thighs opened wider I pushed closer, my palms playing on this thighs and balls. He caught both my wrists and took them to his dick. He started guiding my hands to play with his groin. I tugged at the light hair at the base of his dick. I slid my palms around his balls, inner thighs and reached behind to his buns as he raised it. I now concentrated on his pleasure and kept fondling and caressing his throbbing cock as he laid I front of me in complete surrender. His head was turning around and his hips kept jerking up, wanting more of me.

As he came close, his arms reached out for my cock to play with. I continued to caress fondle and play with my boy’s engorged pulsing dick, soon leaking precum. Using it as a lubricant I increased my pace and Monin started bucking and lifted his waist off the ground. I slowly slid his uncut foreskin off the knob and gently took it into my warm mouth. Monin could hold no longer and started spurting. I could feel his knob throb with each batch. He was quivering and twitching and
moaning…sir…sir………ugh…….ugh…………aaaannnnnnnnnnn…………aie…aie…..aie…….As he came his body thrashed about till he was spent and lay helpless, head to a side, breathing ,panting from the explosive blow job I gave my darling.

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