Dear Kawal, Thanks For Your Love

Hello, everyone, Im 21. Good height, average built and a pretty good dick. I’ve been a curious reader of ISS. This is my first incident which I’m going to narrate.

I’m — from Indore. I was 17 years old and studying in 9th standard, in saints academy.

I exactly remember how my crush entered the class with her unique fragrance and filled the classroom with her aroma. My history teacher kawal . She’d been my crush since 7th standard. Since then I’ve been hearing stories from my classmates about her being very frank, I always had my eyes on her. A friend of mine told me that one day she caught a student jerking off in her classroom at the last bench; she simply took him out of the classroom, scolded him; “itney badey nahi hue ho ki shuru ho jaao, sabra rakho tumhara bhi samay ayega “ after talking to the boy for 5 minuets;

The boy and she just went back normal to the classroom.

Lets me tell you, she is as bold and beautiful as her name kawal . In her 40’s, she’d maintained her figure like madonna. She’s an average weighted person. She had a glowing fair skin with an inch of age on it, which she carried perfectly. The most important feature was the shape of her ass and boobs. Her breasts were 36 c (you will know how I got to know about her boobs and ass’s sizes ) and her ass a mind-boggling 38. Her waist was likely to be fit for her age. Overall she had a figure 36-32-38. And I must tell you she had a unique smell, a different one. She is a mother of 2. And I knew her kids, even she knew about this. She had been a diet freak after her husband’s death and her shape acknowledged her feminism.

On a Sunday evening, I was to visit her place to meet her son for exchanging some data. I reached their place and rang the doorbell. Jigar opened the door and greeted me inside. He went into the kitchen to bring some drinks and snacks. As soon as he entered the kitchen, I see my angel heading towards the bathroom in a gown, with her salwar and towel her hands. She didn’t noticed me until I greeted her and she finally pulled her hand back to hide her secrets. She also greeted me and asked when did I came, and then jigar came from the kitchen and told about everything. She nodded and told that she has to go out for some urgent work and we guys should carry on. And she entered the bathroom. Jigar guided me to his laptop and we started to exchange the data which was to take a long time. I had my mind in there, the bathroom. Jigar got a phone call from his friend and told me he’ll be back in 30 mins, I can use the wifi and he also told me to tell his mom about it. He has to leave urgently. I said ok and she left.

This all happened in a span of 3-4 minutes and I heard the bathrooms door latch. There she was, all fresh with her wet salwar and a towel wrapped around her top. Her silk hair and skin had water dripping down them in a very heavenly way. They looked like pearls.

She caught my eyes and passed a smile and inquired about jigar. I told her that he left for a friends place to pick up some project files. She said fine and moved into her room and pulled the curtain.

The was a mirror on the wall which was showing a view of her room but just a little. And just then she dropped her salwar and raised her towel a bit. I was able to see her bare back and ass crack. Man…… a true cloud nine situations. While she was drying her hair, I saw her nipple. I had a straight hard-on. She turned around to pull her panty and bra from the drawer, and ‘o my fucking god I was in heaven after reaching cloud nine!!! I was in a moment which cannot be defined, I was stuck there. She was in a hurry, I saw her applying lotion on her body. The way she wore her panty and bra and the way she adjusted was a win-win situation!