Teen Din Uncle Ke Saath Part 2

Hi friends, this is Manav again from New Delhi with another imaginary story. It’s a pure fiction but with a hope that some day the whole of events I am narrating will come true in my life.

Thank you all for liking the first part of my story

Teen Din Uncle Ke Saath Part 1

In my last story, I narrated how my uncle had fucked for the first time.
In the last part I told you how I saw my uncle fucking a neighborhood boy and then in the night I got fucked by him three times.

He had asked me to come next day early in the evening.

When my mother got me up , she asked about my health as I never used to sleep during afternoon, I just told her that was very tired due to which felt asleep. I didn’t had the courage to tell her that I didn’t slept the whole night due to passionate fucking from uncle.

I took my lunch and told mom that I will be going to Sharma uncle’s house a little bit early. She didn’t enquired but told me that I should not disturb him. On which I said that no he had invited me to play video games.

At that time my mother got a call from my father that he will be coming up early and to get ready as they have to go for some office party.

My mother got up and said that she has to get ready.

I also got up, took my bath, while bathing I caressed my ass hole and I had a strange itching coming up from within. I was very excited.

I took a note on time, it was about to get four pm. I said bye to my mother and started my way to uncle’s house.

When I reached there, the door was closed. I rang the door bell on which uncle opened the door. He was very pleased to see me and said, “So you have come to my slut, my wife”

He closed the door and started kissing me

I also embraced myself in his arms.

Uncle told me, “Yesterday I had fucked you for your happiness, today I will use you for my happiness and satisfaction. I will make you my boy slut. I hope you don’t have any objection to this”

I was little afraid of hearing this asked him, “ Will it hurt? Please fuck me slowly with your huge dick”

On that, he replied, “It will be my wish, I may use you the way I want to but I promise that you will be pleased with the end. You have to trust me”

On this, I said, “I trust you a lot, love you a lot, and I agree to all your terms”

On hearing this he slapped me playfully and told me “You will call me daddy and not uncle. This time I have slapped you slowly, next time I will make your cheeks red. Now strip your clothes”

I was afraid as well as excited. I stripped my clothes and then he took me to the bathroom. There he applied some cream on my body hairs, especially near my dick and ass. I asked him, “What was this daddy”. He replied, “Just wait and watch”

After around 15 minutes I had a burning sensation in which he told that the cream is doing its job.

After another 5 minutes, he washed the cream and then I realized that I was hairless in my private areas. He was very happy and asked “Did you liked it”

I replied, “Its feeling great daddy” on which he asked that “Are you ready to give me pleasure”

I was feeling very excited that he will again love me the way he did to me last night and replied “Yes daddy”

The clock was showing 5 pm, he told me to wait because he was afraid that my father may come over to his, please. On this, I told him about the party and hence he was assured that my father would not come over.

He was very happy to hear this and said: “If I wanted to get love from him, then I will keep my eyes closed till he orders me to open them.” He also reminded me of the consequences of opening the eyes with punishment.

I simply said “Ok daddy” and as per his instructions moved into his bed room and sat on a small chair and closed my eyes. After some time I heard his footsteps coming towards the room.

Daddy came near to me, touched my shoulders and asked “Have you ever licked chocolate cream” to which I replied “No daddy”

Then he brought his dick near my mouth and told me to lick his complete dick without taking it in my mouth. He had applied the chocolate cream on all his dick.

I happily licked all the cream from his dick and then applied it again and again till three rounds of licking the cream. I was getting very excited by licking his dick and wanted to take it in my mouth.

Then he told me “Lick sweetheart, I will show you all the pleasures of gay sex today”

I had no idea about the time, and then his phone rang. He picked up the phone and started talking to my father and told him that I was not disturbing him, but we both were playing video games.

After three rounds he supported me and took me to his bed. He lied on the bed and placed me in between his legs. He then applied more cream on his balls and again asked me to lick him.

My tongue was getting tired due to continuous licking on which I opened my eyes and said “Daddy my mouth is hurting now”

At that time he didn’t say anything, just smiled and said come lets have a bath.

We both took bath together. While bathing he made me kneel down and he pissed on my face and body. I didn’t liked it and made a sorry face but didn’t say anything.

Then he bathed me and took me to the bedroom.
As soon as we entered the room, he said, “I had told you not to open your eyes without my permission. Now get ready for the punishment.”

I was afraid to the core of my heart
He then made me lie on his thighs and slapped me hard on my ass and said “Count every slap till ten and on every slap, you will say “I am sorry daddy”

It had hurt me a lot and now I was really afraid

He slapped me again and I said “One, sorry daddy”

Slap… Slap…. Slap

He slapped me 10 times and by the time he was finished, I was in tears. Then he started caressing me and I started felling relaxed, but to my horror, I realized that my cock was oozing precum like anything.

I then watched the time, it was 7:30. He then asked, “Are you hungry” to which I nodded in affirmation. On this, he ordered food and asked “Did you liked the chocolate”

Then he took out a beer bottle and started drinking it, while I was sitting between his legs near his dick. In between, he also made me drink beer from his cock.

While we were drinking beer, the food came. He took some pizza cream topping and put in my male pussy and said, that it was natural, we will not have to use a lotion.

We took the food to the bed room and after having the food, he started a movie and told me to watch the movie carefully. In the movie, the scene of gangbang of a boy was being played. He had a dick in his ass, one in his mouth and two dicks in his two hands. Every one was changing their places regularly and fucking the boy.

While I was engorged in the movie, he took out whiskey and pour some of it on his dick. I was ignorant of this fact as I was watching the movie. Uncle took hold of my hairs and pushed me towards his dick and asked me to lick it again.

I licked and was having a hard taste but licked it cleanly. I was now getting light headed due to the booze. I told him, “Daddy I am thirsty”

He then told me to sit on my knees and suck his cock after which I will get water. I was very excited that after too much of wait I would be able to take his sweet dick in my mouth. I started sucking it and taking it deep in my mouth. After some time, he caught hold of my head and kept just his dick head in mouth and said “Don’t waste even a single drop otherwise punishment will be twenty spankings”

He took hold of my head firmly and said: “Now, you slut, drink my water”. After saying this he started pissing in my mouth and due to fear of spanking I kept on drinking and gulping it down my throat.

When he finished pissing, he took out his dick and asked me to lick it clean. I was feeling very disgusted.

He then lovingly took me in his arms and said “Sorry dear, it was my fantasy which you have fulfilled today. I know you are felling bad but don’t worry, today I will make you travel to heaven of sex.”

He then took me to bed and started kissing and fondling me like last night. I was getting hotter and hotter and started moaning like a teenage girl in his arms.

He then took out a realistic cock toy and inserted it in my male pussy. He started stroking my pussy with his toy and started sucking and biting my nipples lovingly. I was moaning in ecstasy and my cock had made a puddle of precum on my stomach.
He then came in 69 positions and inserted his dick in my mouth. He started fucking my mouth while he was concentrating on fucking my male pussy with his toy.
I was flying in the seventh sky. After about half an hour of fucking my mouth he just came in my mouth and for the first time in the day I tasted his sweet cum and drank it all very happily.

He came done from me and asked, “Tell me my slut, did you enjoyed taking two dicks together”
I just hugged him tightly and nodded.

After some time, he asked me to get his dick ready for my first fucking of the night and also told me to play with my male pussy with the toy. I came down between his legs and started sucking his dick till it was hard again.
He was very happy with my efforts and told me, “Take the toy out, place it in your mouth and sit on his dick”

I took the toy out of my male pussy, and took it in my mouth and squatted over his dick which was a hard dick.

He asked me to remember the scene in which the boy was riding on the dick of his friend, and said that I should also ride his dick in the same manner. I slowly and steadily started moving up and down on his dick. After around twenty minutes of fucking, he took the toy from my mouth and asked “Imagine, you had a real dick in your mouth while you were getting fucked by me”

Hearing this, I just came close to his face and while riding his dick I said: “Daddy, it would have been a great fun”. On this, he laughed and said “Don’t worry darling, I will arrange that too”

Then he made me stand and said that now I will fuck you like a bitch in doggy style”

He then started fucking me in that style, in this position, his dick was going deeper in my male pussy and I was moaning in ecstasy.
He was fucking me faster and deeper and I was speaking “Fuck me yes, fuck me, daddy, take my pussy, fuck me harder and deeper”
He withdrew his cock and said, I don’t want to come now, wait I will take a piss and then continue to fuck you.

Hearing this, I just kneeled in front of him and opened my mouth. He understood and smiled and started pissing in my mouth and over my body.

Then he took me to the bathroom, made me a bath and fucked me in standing position over there. After about 10 minutes of fucking, he said I am going to cum.

Hearing this, I again kneeled in front of him and took all his cum in my mouth and swallowed my second prize for the night.
Then we came to the bedroom and slept. During the night he again fucked me twice.

In the morning he woke me up at around 8 am and told me that go home early and come back in the afternoon, I will inform your parents that we are going to watch the match in the stadium so that no body will have any troubles.

I went back home happily and slept over there
So, friends, this is my dream of second night with an uncle and my entry towards gay life. Hope you like it, if any matured person (50+) wants to fuck me like this then please message me at / /