Train Incident Part 1

Hi. As Im new to indian sex stories dot net please forgive me. This is a long story which happened to me.

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Now the story
This happened during a rainy day,
When I was returning from college, I was waiting for a train as it started to rain I immediately boarded a general compartment with my friends. My friends always liked to stand near the door.
But due to the crowd in the train, I was pushed to a corner in that compartment.

Due to the rain, I was completely wet and I was very tired and shaking in the cold so I didnt realize there was a beautiful girl(swathi) standing before me for my luck she was also completely drained in rain and shaking in cold just like me.

About Swathi:
Shes a beautiful girl and was good in shape her boobs size will surely invite anyone for sex.She studies in the same college but a 4th year. There were rumors about her having affair with a professor. She is an enthusiastic girl and wants to try new things which leads us to have sex in a marina beach in Chennai Ill tell about that in my nex story.

Back to the story.
I was very tired and due crowd it was very uncomfortable.., without my knowledge I was pushing Swathi from behind. For which she turned and stared in anger and I apologize for that.
With some courage, I started to talk to her.

Our conversation was like
Swathi: hmmm
Me: sorry I didnt mean to push you like that, but due to this crowd I cant stand properly
Swathi: yes its unusual crowd, its because of the rain.
Me: so id card says that we both are studying in the same college. Im Alex from 1st-year civil dept and your name is Swathi isnt it??
She: yeah it me.

During this conversation that train stopped due to some technical problem, everyone stared to freakout. Its common because it was a rainy season.

Swathi: ah!(in anger) its very uncomfortable here and cant move a bit even.

Me : yeah!! Even the hand rest is full I cant keep my hand.
(and the conversation goes on about our college life and friends etc..)
And we exchanged our Facebook user name because we can have a chat

Because of the crowd she cant hold hand rest and kept her hand on my hands.

Her hands were very soft and the touch gave me an immediate erection. Which poked her ass. Which she didnt notice or feelt.
After some minutes I cant control my erection, so I intentionally I trusted my tool against her ass. For that, she gave a jerk and hold my hands very tight I taught it was a green signal and kept my left hands on her hip. For that, she didnt say anything.

From behind I started to push my cock now she turned towards me and saw me. Due to the crowd, she came very close to me that I can feel her big boobs on my chest. Immediately I grabbed her ass.
As train started to move now

I grabbed her right boobs and squeeze very hard because it was my first time. She left a small moan.

Before moving to next. Her stop came she grabbed my hand asked to accompany her to her home so I got down from that train. Near that railway station there was an empty ground where we went. It was surrounded by compound wall there wall a table near there
I know whats gonna happen next and I lift her in my arm and kept her on a table. And immediately pulled her bottoms she wasnt wearing a panty she and I started to lick her fully shaved pussy to my surprise I found a remote controlled vibrating toy inside her which was kept by a professor who she has affair with which turned on her.

She kept silent for that. And I moved to her boobs and sucked them very hard and gave a kiss on her lip which lasted for a 5mins, after that, I opened my pants and let my monster free she immediately grabbed it and gave a blowjob were I went to heaven. But I didnt last long I cummed on her mouth and face and her boobs. But Swathi wasnt satisfied she wanted more, so I fingered her for which she was moaning very loud like ahhhhhhh! Yes, deeper on that spot! Please dont stop!!! Ahhhhh!!! Until she completely satisfied and she climaxed during all this it was still raining.

After that, she showed me her house which was near that and we went to her house as her parents were out of town so I went to a medical shop and bought a condom and returned to her she was waiting for me naked in her house balcony. Which clearly showed her sluttiness. I went inside her house she grabbed my hands and went to her house terrace. I removed my dress and we both were completely naked in rain she lied on her back and I put on the condoms and fucked her in her pussy she was excited and thrust more with her hip. She was moaning loud ahhhhhh!!! Please fuck me hard Alex!!! I can take it fuck me Alex nalla yanoda pundaya kilidaa (fuck my pussy hard) and she changed her position to doggy style.

Now for a change I inserted my penis inside her ass for which she said “Dont fuck me there Im still a virgin there” but I didnt listen and trusted my cock deep inside her asshole she was very excited and left out a loud mounting for which a milkman near her house rushed toward the terrace thinking it was a rape. But we didnt realize it as we were enjoying in rain swathi saw him hiding behind a wall and seeing this made swathi even hornier. We had 3 sessions in that rain the 3rd I didnt cum as it was empty so we decided to go inside the house and have some rest and continue afterward. The milkman went home enjoying the show.

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