First Night With My Husband Part 2

Rajeev the just leaned over me and we stood motionless for few minutes. I couldn\t believe wat I just experienced and just caressed his back .. soon he turned over and I laid my head on his chest and just fell asleep in his arms… it was around 3-4 hrs into my sleep that I woke up only to find myself firmly in the grip of my husband.. he had hugged me from my back..


I really felt complete woman… guess my movement awakened him and he started little kisses on my neck.. since both of us were in sleep it was very slow and random but I was enjoying his little pecks.. soon I felt his dick growing and touching my hole. I turned to him and opened my eyes.. guess he understood wat I wanted and just pushed his dick inside me and started fucking me sideways… I too turned towards him and started to kiss him .. he was kissing and biting my boobs .. I asked him to fuck me hard he started fucking me with force as he was about to cum I begged him to empty it in my mouth.. he did just that and I drank all of it… later I slept like a baby close to him and he played with my back and boobs till he felt asleep

I always wanted to experience the morning hard on of my man and now since I m married I decided to play little naughty with my husband. I got up a bit early and started feeling his morning hardness.. god it was lovely and I decided that I need my morning drink.I started by kissing the top of it ..


Rajeev had woken up by then and I just told him to relax and close his eyes. I started by kissing the top and holding his balls slowly working my way down .. sucking and licking it .. soon I got the precum and I liked it like a kid does to his candy. I started sucking it hard and then he blasted his Cum .. it was huge load some I drank but rest was all over my face. I went to the washroom and cleaned myself .. got fresh. retouched my hair and makeup and applied sindoor again.. I then changed into a short dress and went to bed again.. Rajeev was awake I sat next to him .. he pulled me and hugged me tightly and kissed me deeply and said good morning my lovely wife.. we kissed for a while and then I asked him to get fresh while I make tea for him..he went to the washroom and I started to make tea.. I was seeing myself in mirror wen I saw Rajiv staring me from behind .. I was wearing a very short skirt so I guess he was checking me. he then grabbed me from behind and started kissing me .. I tried to push him telling him that m tired and pls don\t do it.. he didn\t listened and just pushed me on the hotel floor and took of my panty ..he then asked me to be on my all fours.I said no but deep down I knew he won\t stop and want to fuck me doggy .. I did just tht.. and he held my head by my hairs and just pushed his dick in.. this time he was not gentle and was every way a demanding husband .


I was crying in pain and as he was coming he turned me over and emptied his juice inside my mouth… it was the most amazing night I ever had first night with my husband .. we decided to leave the hotel and move to his house for a day …


After checking out we reached Rajiv\s home.. it\s a lovely cozy apartment… as soon as I entered I asked him where is the bedroom as I want to change my clothes.. he showed me the way.. and said it\s urs now .. it was a nice room with a bed on one side .. I can c that Rajiv has got a full-size mirror installed as I wanted..I quickly took bath and decided to wear a blue saree. I wore black bra and panty, then low cut blouse and petticoat and finally draped saree.. I decided to keep my hair open .. wore big earrings and then did my makeup .. I only applied very light makeup and light pink lipstick with cherry gloss ..I then wore my mangal sutra and applied sindoor .. I was looking every bit a newly married woman.. then I came out of the room .. Rajiv was watching tv in the living room.. I went and sat next to him .. he opened his arms and I just leaned on him.. he asked if I liked his house ..I told him it\s our house now and thanked him for making me his wife.. I asked Wat he wants for lunch .. he said we will order but I insisted on cooking so decided to make simple rice and daal.. I went in the kitchen and put both the things on the gas. Then I went to the bedroom and arranged the bed sheets and cleaned I was doing the bed. Rajiv came from behind and grabbed me from the waist.. and started kissing me. I told him m very tired too which he simply ignored and threw me on the bed.. he removed my pallu and undressed totally.. then he asked me to sit on the floor .. I did just wat he said and sat on the floor.. he then asked me to suck his dick. I started sucking him slowly soon he grabbed my head and forced his entire dick inside my mouth and almost gagged me I somehow adjusted my rhythm and again started to suck him after a while he asked me to join him on the bed. I came close to him he just grabbed me by my waist and pulled myself closer to him.. and started kissing me deep. I was also enjoying and had my hands all over his Back .. he started to unhook my blouse and I helped him in that soon he took off my blouse and started sucking my boobs and feeling them. I was moaning in pleasure., he lifted my leg and removed my petticoat .. and took off my panty .. after sucking my boobs he started enjoying with my navel and thighs… I moaned and begged him to fuck me. he lifted my legs and I grabbed him with my legs around his waist … he pushed his dick first slowly and then with force which made me shriek but I soon controlled it as Rajiv went down and kissed me deeply .. I was really enjoying … it was slow fucking and soon he filled me ..we kissed for a while and then he went to the washroom., leaving his new bride naked on the bed fucked hard and shining in his cum.. I got up and wore my saree once again .. this time I made sure not to let him c my boobs so covered them With my pallu


Hope you guys liked the story and I would love the feedback..m now living with my husband as his wife , will upload my journey till now as a woman soon..keep tracking