The Family Of Cucks And Sluts Part 4

Hi guys this is me south Indian fucker back with  the fourth installment of series family of cucks and sluts

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Story continues….

My mom went for her plastic surgery and body modifications……  Daniels men dressed me in a short skirt….
Which was till my ass region …
Gave me a panty to wear and placed a new cock cage on my cock…
They gave me a pink top which matched my very short skirt……  Then they injected something on to my nipples and my man boobs were felling very pain and within an hour it swollen and became soft……

They applied makeup on me ……..  I was looking like a sissy slut now….Everyone laughed at me and some spanked my ass….  At 6pm daniel told me to follow him and we entered his stylish speed boat… He drove for 1 hour into deep of the ocean and after sometime we could not see any land…..

We were surrounded by sea water from all four sides….  Then after some time, I saw a small cruise ship anchored ….We went towards it…..

We got into the cruise ship….  Daniel took me to the front of the ship where 6 hung black negros were sitting around a small golf course that was there in the cruise …….

(the negros names are fred,riko,william,paul,shawn, and ortiz)

Daniel: hey guys….I have brought your sissy……

Negro one: wow …But is it a sissy….She looks like a woman to me.And daniel you know we are gays and are interested only in slutty sissies

Daniel:haha… Fred…He is a sissy….  Then daniel.Lifted my skirt and showed them the cock cage…

Fred a black negro:wow…She is hot….Whats her name  daniel:bitch say your name to him  me:rajesh…….

Daniel:say the other name which your mom gave you

Me:my….Name….Is…Rajesh…..Or…You can….Call…Me…Divya…  Everyone laughed….

Daniel:ok guys enjoy her as your wish….Torture him ….Kill him if you wish…….He cant run away as there is no land near by and you all are surrounded from all sides by sea ……Use him for all your fantasies…I will come after two days…His slutty whore mother is having plastic surgery to make her more sexy and it will be over by only 2 days…So use rajesh aka divya as you wish for two whole days…

Another negro named riko said

Riko:ok man you go…….Thanks  then daniel left with the speed boat and I was left with these negros and the cruise crew…

Fred: ok divya rajesh slut…..Go and fetch us some vodka…  I was about to go when ortiz stopped me and orders me to go in my fours like a dog and fetch the vodka …..

Everyone laughed by hearing it….   I got on my fours and crawled towards the place where vodka was kept…….

The cook was there…He placed a plate on my back and placed vodka and glasses on it…  I slowly crawled back to the negros…..O went towards riko ….

He took a glass and poured himself a drink and slapped my ass and said that am a good doggy slut…

Everyone did like this when I approached them….  They had a couple of drinks…Then fred stood up and started playing some golf in he small golf course……

Riko got up and came towards me….He ripped open my top and pressed my soft boobs…

Riko:ooo slut you have a soft beautiful pair of boobs…..  Ortiz joined him by sucking my other boob……  Shawn and paul came and started massaging my thighs……  Williams went inside and said will return in a moment….  Riko and ortiz then started biting my nipples and I started screaming……..They laughed and continued…..  Shawn removed my skirt and pulled my panty up and it went deep inside my ass…… Paul slapped my cock cage and I felt very much pain….  William returned with a trolley it had many things…..  He took a rope a plastic one…..And tied it around my boobs……..I felt very much pain…..  He then took two clips and placed it on my both nipples…..It was very tight and very painful…My boobs became red in colour…..,

Fred stopped playing golf and came towards me…….  He them inserted the tip of his golf bat inside my ass…And started inserting and pushing it inside…..  He then took my panty which was deep inside my ass and stuffed it inside my mouth….

I tasted my ass from it…..  Within fifteen minutes he inserted 16 inches of the golf club inside my ass…And I was feeling it inside my stomach…..  He then removed it and told me to stand in my knees…

He removed his pants and told me to suck his 11 inch monster cock  I started sucking hard… After 5 mins fred told me to stop.  Fred:stop sissy!Your sucking is not good enough and you must be thought to suck cock.  He took the golf club (bat) in his hands which he earlier inserted in my asshole and told me to suck it and train on it  I hesitantly took it and placed it in my mouth..I tasted my own ass from it..

Everyone laughed by seeing this.After a few minutes of sucking shawn removed the golf club from my mouth and inserted his big meaty cock inside my mouth,I started sucking it!  Then oritz came near me and I took his cock in my hand and started stroking him  william came to me and I started stroking his cock with my other hand..  Fred came and laid down and told me to sot on his cock …

I sat on his cock and his long thick dick went inside my ass now I was face fucked by shawn while I was stocking oritzs and williams cock and fred banging my ass  .

Riko took an oil bottle and poured oil on his dick and slowly inserted inside my ass…It was very painful and my eyes went back…I couldnt scream as shwan was fucking my mouth…

It continued for 1 whole hour…In that time blood came from my asshole..  Fred and riko cummed and paul replaced them…Paul squeezed and pinched my nipples and boobs while fucking my ass..  Shawn gummed on my face and william whom I was stroking replaced him..

The session of my gangbang continued for 4 whole hours….  I passed out …

In the morning I woke up at 8 am… I was lying upside down in mid air and tied …Every inch of my body, my ass, and boobs even my cock cage had cum…..  After 10 mins a fat man came …

He untied me and said he was the cook.  He told me to follow him… It was very difficult for me to walk as my ass was severely fucked and brutally banged by the negro gang….

Cook: walk fast I dont have the full day….

I tried to walk fast but I failed and I fell down…The cook got my hand and dragged me…As the floor was slippery it was easy for him to drag me .

He dragged me to the basement of the ship….

He stopped near the food storage…..

Hr gave me paste and a brush ….. I brushed my teeth .

There was dried cum all over me….

I was still naked…. The cook removed my cock cage and I felt much relief.

Then the cook games me a big glass and told me to piss in it. I pissed in it and I felt very relieved….

The cook then asked me to drink my own urine…

I was very hesitant….

The cook got hold of my head and forced me to drink it and I did…The salty urine went back to my stomach where it came from….

Then the cook told me to stand on my knees ..I knew he was going to make me suck his cock.

But he didnt do it….. He took a packet from his pocket…. It was a pill and a syringe with a its medicine…

He gave me the pill and told me to swallow it and I did….Then he took the syringe and filled it with medicine …

He then injected it on my two nipples and inside my ass cheeks….

After taking the pill my cock pained for some time and so did my body…

He then told me to lie on my back on a table there…My body was facing up….

Then from the freezer, he took ice cubes and placed on my boobs…I felt a shiver down my spine…..

Then he took a cane and started beating my bare foot….It was a very pain….It continued for some time….

Then after the ice melted he inserted many ice cubes he could inside my asshole…….

Then he took me outside ….The cruise had anchored back at the shore but the dock was full of people and I was nude…

The cook gave me a big dildo and told me to go in the centre of the crowd and fuck myself….I obeyed him

The crowd was stunned seeing me naked …I laid in the middle and started fucking myself many took pics…. Then after some time, I cummed…

Then the negros came and fucked me hard in front of everyone….Its was a big degradation and humiliation….

Then they left leaving me naked in the docks(harbor)

David came and picked me up…..

David: you quite impressed them.They paid high hahaha…
Ok, lets take you home.Your mom is waiting there and you have school tomorrow….

I entered his car and him also the driver started driving and I was sucking his cock…

He cummed and I drank everything

I thought of what would happen next in my life as a sissy slut and what will happen in my school….

To be continued…..

I will try to complete my other incomplete series….

Thanks for your support and give your valuable comments to me….

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