A Lab Rat For My Friends Part 2

Hi ISS readers, this is yashika again with the next installment of my story, a lab rat for my friends. Read my previous two stories to know about me, esha and Rohan. And the rest of my adventure is here.

So with me and esha kissing like two lesbians, Rohan stroked his dick and then made me suck his dick and finger eshas pussy. He then said time for the real action, picked me up and gave me a long, deep kiss. I was mesmerized on the touch of his lips on mine. I could feel his bulging muscles all over my slender body. Esha in the meantime was stroking Rohans cock. Rohan lifted up my skirt and started licking my asshole from over the thong I was wearing. I started moaning. I said I love you, Rohan.

He said shut up bitch. Youre just a whore for my use. He then pushed me off the bed and grabbed esha and started fondling her breasts. I was so aroused. He then called me up. He made me and esha lay over each other. He then started licking my anus and her pussy. We both were sent into reveries of pleasure. The way his tongue moved was making us crazy and we broke into a kiss. As we kissed each other, he started increasing his pace and this made me and esha bite each other at just the right spots. He pulled me off esha and removed her dress, he removes her bra and panty and then came to mw, he removed my top and made me sit on esha again. He then made me and esha suck his dick and balls. It was very good.

Me and esha were literally fighting for his shaft like cock hungry sluts. When he was sure that he has been lubricated enough, he raided my anus and her pussy with lots of lube and entered his dick into my anus. I was in pain but I enjoyed it. He then pulled it out and gave it in eshas pussy. He started increasing the pace and fucked both of us simultaneously in that position. It was only fifteen minutes that he said he was about to cum. I had already cummed in my panties and esha too had came as ahe said. We both got on our knees and waited for him to shoot his load on our faces. He shot all his load over eshas breasts and faces. He picked me up and gave me a deep kiss. He then picked me up and progressed towards the door and told esha that were coming in 10 minutes.

He then took me to this another room. It was normally furnished. He threw me on the bed and gave me a box from one of the closets. He said go and wear this. I went to the washroom and opened the box. To my surprise, it was a French maid costume with a corset, garters, rabbit ears. I wore all of them, applied the makeup it had and went outside. I literally saw Rohans dick rising. I stroked it as I went near him and we kissed for five minutes. He then gave me a covered tray and asked me to follow him. I followed and we were again in the master bedroom where esha was waiting. She exclaimed on seeing me that I look the most slut maid. I was happy. She said, fuck her baby, fuck this slut maid. But Rohan had other plans, he called me forth with the tray, I went and he shouted, walk like a maid bitch, I started tapping my heels when I walked.

I held the tray in front of me. He took to put a black satin cloth and tied it around eshas eyes. He then asked me to handcuff her with the bedposts. I did as he instructed. He then took out a butt plug and inserted it into my anus. It was a vibrator. He had a switch. He then gave me a whip and said that whenever the vibrator vibrates, I spat eshas breasts with the whip. I said he was kinky. He turned on the vibrator to full power and I begged him to stop while whipping eshas breasts. She was screaming like anything. It was then that Rohan sat on the sofa and picked up a huge dildo from the tray. He pushed it into esha on one go and then sat at the sofa with two remotes.

He turned on the second and esha started moving uncontrollably. She was kicking and begging to stop. He then turned my butt plug on, I started whipping esha because it was paining. I too was begging him to stop but he didnt. He came and started spanking my ass. It hurt and I moved my whip harder. She cried even harder and I was spanked even harder. This was becoming way too sexy. Rohan then picked me up, slammed me against the wall and kissed me deeply. I kissed him back. The butt plug was shaking but I didnt pay any attention. I was in great pleasure. He then took out the buttplug and rimmed my ass against the wall. I was very very much in pain but I enjoyed every bit of it. He then put in the butt plug again. He took the whip and started hitting eshas breasts.

He opened her eyes and she was crying. He kissed her, took out the dildo and started fucking her. He pulled me closer and made me suck his dick and eshas clit. Esha cummed on my face. When Rohan was about to cum, I said I want it this time. He then fucked my mouth and cummed in. I swallowed till my mouth was full and then spit all of it out. He laughed and turned on the butt plug. He then asked me to be a good maid and clean all the mess while he and esha sleep. They both fell asleep nude and I clicked pictures of them secretly. I cleaned all the mess and slept on one side of Rohan.

After a few days, I told them about the pictures and made them delete my previous video. I also deleted the pictures. But I had copies in case they too had. So I am playing safe now.

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