How I Explored Myself Part 2

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After The Hot Session With My Landlord. I decided to move in his house as his wife away from home and I could fulfil her duty to be his wife in home as well as in bed. Next day morning I packed all my stuffs and moved in his house. He welcomed me with a hot kiss and showed me our bedroom.

He said to behave as his horny wife and do all the household activities. I agreed and touched his feet. I went to room closed the door, unpacked all my stuffs. Took a lingerie set and bathrobe and went to take a hot shower. I cleaned myself properly applied the wig and sat in front of the dressing table. I applied Kajal, eyeliner, pink glossy lipstick, pink Bindi and sindoor in my forehead. I opened my bathrobe and I was in black push up bra and panty. My boobs were popping out and I was getting a hard on.

I decided to wear a pink transparent saree with backless and deep net cut blouse. After I finished wearing the saree. I plugged two earnings, wore bangles on both the hands and a mangalsutra. I went to the kitchen and couldnt find my husband. I started preparing breakfast for him as he was about to leave for office. He came and stunned to see me in this new wife avatar. He came closed to grabbed my ass and kissed me deeply in the kitchen. I told him to stopped but he didnt listen. He lifted my saree pulled my panty down and inserted his dick and fucked for a quick session and released his sperm inside me. I wore my panty back and served him the breakfast.

His sperm was still dripping out from my ass in my panty. After finishing the dinner he left and said he might be late tonight. After he left I started cleaning the kitchen and house. Within an hour the door bell rang and I shocked again that ab kaun hain. I opened the door and it was my husbands driver. He came to collect some file. I gave him the files and he was staring at my boobs and navel badly. He had a glass of water and left. After few hours I was feeling and thought of watching some porn. There I saw a shemale wife being fucked by a driver. I got horny again and decided how about a nice fucking session with driver in the absence of my husband. I immediately called my new husband and asked him to send the driver as I need to get some stuffs for myself. He came so early as in he was already in the state of having me. He came, I invited him inside the home and told him to have a sit. I went to kitchen loosen my saree pallu and went to him with a glass of water.

As soon as I gave him bending down my saree pallu dropped and my cleavage was fully visible. He was staring so desperately at my boobs. I didnt hide for a min so that he could enjoy. I acted as if I am unware and pulled back my saree pallu. He then asked me madam kya saman Lana hain. I gained the courage and told him condom he was shocked. I said yes condom. He then said that he have in his pocket. Then I grabbed his hand and took him to our bedroom. I locked the door, switched on the ac and pushed him to the bed. I removed my pallu and went on top of him and started kissing him madly. He was enjoying too. We kissed for around 20-25 mins. He was also pressing my boobs on top of my blouse. Then we changed our position. He came on top and started kissing my cleavage. I got more horny and moved my hand over his pant. He was full hard on. I immediately moved my hands inside his pant without opening and grabbed his dick. It was hot, hard and big. I was stroking inside his pant and he was enjoying it deeply. He removed my saree and started licking my navel. I was in full mood to get fucked. I knew that he knows how to handle a women in bed. I moaning deeply aahhh ummmmm ummmmmm

Then I asked him to lay down. I came on top of him opened his shirt kissing him downwards. I went to his main area opened his pant and undie and shocked the big meat waiting for me to get sucked. I started pulling up and down and pushed in my mouth and sucked for 5 mins. I then opened my blouse and bra and placed his dick in between my manly chubby boobs and boob sucked him for next 10 mins. He told me he wants to lick me. I said no because if he knows that I have a tiny dick instead of pussy. What if he doesnt fucks me and leaves me horny. He requested a lot and then I told him enter at your own risk. He removed my petticoat and panty and surprised to see my dick. He asked who I am. I told him your bosss temporary wife for a week. I also told him leave everything and fuck me if want or if you had fun so far. He said he never so fun with his wife.

And I was so happy to see myself in the mirror that I am more good in bed than women for their men. He started applying some gel in my ass and started licking my pussy asshole. I started moaning again. During that time my husband called. I received the call and he asked whether I am done with driver or not. I was moaning and saying ummm ummm yeah 5 mins and he was still continuing licking my asshole. And then he kept the phone. I couldnt wait anymore. I told him to fuck me. He placed his my asshole without a condom and started inserting slowly. After a min he was whole meat was inside my asshole. He started fucking me slowly and passionately. I was enjoying and getting orgasm. I almost reached hit my g-spot and I couldnt control myself.

My sperm automatically came out from my tiny dick without even touching. I requested to fuck me in front of the mirror. I bend my ass exposed him to enter his dick in a doggy position. He inserted his dick and grabbed my boobs from behind and started thumping me. I was enjoying moaning.. Ohh yeah baby ohh yeah deeper more deeper. Ahhhha… Ahhhh..ahhhh… mm yeah yeah. I was seeing myself with sindoor in my head, mangalsutra in my neck. I feel like a naughty wife who is cheating on his husband and getting fucked my unknown man in absence of him to fulfill her own desire and satisfaction. He fucked me 10 mins and left his cum deep inside. I got orgasm again and started pulling the skin of my tiny dick in and out left all my sperms in the floor. He cleaned himself gave me a kiss and said he had a great time. I said thank you and he left. I cleaned the room with room freshner.

And cleaned the clothes which I was warning while I got fucked. I went to bathroom had a shower cleaned my ass and all his sperms that were dropping out from my ass. I dryed myself, wore a padded bra and panty and also a transparent nighty. I placed the cups of my boobs in such a way that my boobs are almost out. Applied sindoor and mangalsutra. It was around 6pm and my husband and he asked me how was my day. I smiled and said amazing. He gave a weird look and went to take his shower. Next what happens will tell you in the next part. How he got to know that I got fucked by his driver in absence of him. Till then get in touch with me. My planet romeo Id is: Ankietaya.

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