Pounding In The Truck.


My name is Prasad. This life turning sex story happened during one trip to Goa. I have finished engineering and got a job in one company in Mangalore. During one weekend me and 3 of my colleagues planned for Goa trip.

We decided to do log out early on Friday. One of our colleagues got Swift car and we thought to leave Mangalore and travel to Goa in the night as 2 of our colleagues are expert in driving. Around 9 PM, we have entered Goa border.

At 10, we thought to take dinner however, we didnt find any restaurant. We found a Dhabha near the high way. There were so many trucks parked around Dhabha. We parked our car and entered to the Dhabha and occupied the seat

We ordered the dinner. All of us took mobile and started checking it. I just checked mobile and was checking Dhaba. Suddenly, I saw a person sitting right in the corner of the Dhaba looking at me. At first, I thought its just casual look, so I ignored.

After some time, I just looked at him and hes still looking at me straight. He was wearing a banyan and pants, aged 35 very hairy and having a rude looking face. He was muscular in looks with muscles in the shoulder and he was a driver.

Im a skinny person weighed around 56k. I dont have girly looks as such but I am fair and thin. Our meals were served, I didnt bother about this guy and was busy eating. After food, we thought to leave however, our car was not starting at all.

We opened the bonnet and were just checking here and there. One of the drivers passing nearby, came and saw the car and said it might be due to heating issue and in the morning it may automatically get fixed. We just entered the Dhaba and inquired about any service center. Dhaba owner said that there is service center half a kilometer but it will be opened in morning. We dont have any other choice but to sleep in the car.

When we are talking with Dhaba owner, the guy who was staring at me was on the counter. He listened to our conversation and walked with us and said he wants to see our car. He checked our car and informed that another driver was correct and it will be fine in the morning.

He said that its difficult to sleep 4 people in the car and said that he can arrange a place in the truck for sleep. Two of my colleagues said that they will sleep in the car. I and other colleague went with the driver. The driver stopped near one truck and said to my other colleague that there is upper birth free in the truck and he can sleep there.

He agreed for that. He turned and looked at me and said you can sleep in my truck. I walked with him and introduce himself as Kishan and hes from UP. His truck was parked bit far from other trucks and was facing the wall and there was no truck near by.

When I was trying to climb the truck, Kishan came behind me and grabbed my ass and gave me lift to climb the truck. His hands were so strong for my soft ass and I felt pain in my ass.

When I climbed the truck, I saw a sleeping place behind the drivers seat. It was like a bed and difficult for 2 people to fit in. I thought it will be like a birth type where one can sleep above and below. I dont have any option but to sleep. I kept my sandals and belongings below the driver seat and slept in the bed. Kishan closed the door and turned off the light.

Kishan slept so close to me that I can feel his breath. His legs were touching my legs. After a few mins, Kishan placed his hand on my waist and moved his hand inside the shirt. I stopped his hand and got up. I asked him what you are doing. Kishan, “I like you and I wanna fuck you”. I said am not that type.

Kishan said he loves to have sex with my types and he never had any sex with skinny and modern type guys and when he saw me entering the Dhaba, his desire got fueled up”. I said am not that type and I will leave if he tries to touch me. Kishan was pleading me and finally agreed not to touch me and asked me not to leave. I agreed and slept.

After an hour later, I felt some weight and pain in my body and in sleep, I just opened half eye. I saw that my t-shirt was raised till my neck. Kishan was over me and his one leg was between my legs. He was sucking my nipples and pinching the other nipple with another finger. My nipples were erect.


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Kishan has already removed his banyan and pant. I can feel his hairy muscular skin in my stomach. It gave me a current in my body. His sucking was so strong that I felt as if he is drinking my blood. After one nipple, he started sucking other nipple and pinching the first nipple. My sleep was gone.

At first, I thought to push Kishan away but my body was completely surrendered to Kishan. I can feel Kishans hard 8-inch cock from his underwear in my things above my pant. Things are becoming out of control and my cock which is 5 inches became erect. At one point, I left moan as “aaaaaaaaahhhhhhh”.

Kishan stopped sucking and pinching but didnt get up from his position. My small cock is touching thighs his thighs. Kishan might have found that Im awake and didnt protest. His one hand was moving down and started rubbing my erect cock. I left out a moan aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhooooooo and rubbed his head and hair. This gave Kishan some encouragement.

He made my hands straight and pulled out my t-shirt and kept it aside. Now, Kishan is above me and whispered in my ear that “today is my luckiest day” and kissed on my lips. His lips were so strong that within 10 seconds it entered into my mouth. He took my tongue in my mouth and sucked it deep. This made me horny and I hugged him tightly.

He put his right hand on my jeans and removed jeans button and put his hand inside my boxers and touched my hard cock. He stroked my hand and I am moaning mmmmoooaahhh. I was doing masturbation but I never thought in my dreams that some guy will hold my cock and stroke it.

Kishan had a strong hand and he was stroking it very fast. I cant handle this pain and shouted in pain. Kishan again kissed me deeply and stroked my cock faster. Within 3 minutes, I came in his hands. I was relieved a bit and Kishan stopped stroking my cock. He released the hug and Kishan removed my pant and boxers completely and removed his underwear as well.

Kishan came above me and spread my legs wide. I know what he was up to. I said, “I never did this”. Kishan “I am so lucky that I got virgin ass. He put saliva on his fingers and put his middle finger in my hole. I was like ooooooooooooa noooooooooo.

He removed his finger and put some more saliva and put again. I was like noooooo stop it and said its hurting. Kishan kissed on my lips and fucking my hole faster with his finger. I was moaning and tried to remove his finger. His grip on my body so strong that I was unable to do anything. He was making my hole wider.

After some time, he stopped fingering me and adjusted his cock and pushed it into my hole. It didnt go through. He again forcefully pushed his cock and now his tip of the cock went inside my hole. I felt lighting has struck me and almost tears are fell out of my eye.

I was started to move my hands and tried to push Kishan. Kishan grabbed my hands and hold tight and pushed his cock more. I felt like some drilling happening to my ass hole. I was moaning aaaa Kishan stop it plz.

Kishan started to move in and out of my hole and now the pain is converted to pleasure. I was relaxed a bit. Kishan increased his speed and only his 3/4th of the cock is in my hole. Kishan “ooooya sweety, take it today I am gonna fill your hole”. He kissed me again and started fucking me deep.

Now, almost entire cock is in my hole. Kishan increased his speed and fucking me deep in my ass hole. His cock is touching the core of my ass hole and I was started to moan loudly. Thanx to Kishan that he parked his truck bit far and no one can hear my moan. After 20 minutes of intense fucking, Kishan came in my hole and I can feel that his cum is coming out of my hole. Kishan collapsed over my body.

After some time, Kishan asked whether I like it? I was in a state of yes/no and kept silent. Kishan asked me to sleep on my stomach. I just did it suddenly I thought why I did it may be my ass want more. Kishan put a pillow below my stomach and came over my back.

He positioned his cock at my hole and started fucking my hole again. Pain and moan again started. Kishan was licking my back and shoulder and fucking my ass hole. He spanked my ass cheeks this gave him more space in my ass hole to fuck me deep.

I was moaning and shouting in pain and more I moan and shout it made Kishan wild and he fucked me deep and deeper. After 20 to 25 minutes of fucking, he came again in my hole and collapsed again.

In the morning, I woke at 6 I have heavy pain in my ass. I saw Kishan already woke up and smiling at me. He said thnx for the night and asked sorry for the hard fuck. I smiled. He gave his number and told me that he will be coming to Mangalore every 2 months. I took his number and looked at his face and asked him to note down my number.

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