Inner Desire Of Cd Part 2

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Im here to narrate the continuation of my inner desire as women, how my new life chapter began after having an intense erotic session with Ranjith. You can reach me out at [email protected] Im a Smooth curvy body with right amount of fat on my side hips and little fat boobs.

It was morning 8:00 am we both are totally exhausted after getting fucked 7 times. We were cuddled each other I was still nude with all my jewelry on my nude body and wig I was feeling like a queen who gets fucked by his king all night.i could still feel his warm breath after a while we started getting calls from the function hall so we got freshen up, car is waiting down for us so we took the car we started our journey we did not talk to each other a single word and reached the place and got. Busy with my sisters marriage rituals.
I couldnt sleep for next two days because of pain I thought of stopping it and didnt even contact Ranjith for next 4 months, but with in no time again my inner desire wanted to be queen again. So after a lot of thinking I texted him.

Me: Hi, this is Sandhya how are you?
Ranjith: which Sandhya I didnt get you?
Me:achha think of your memories I will be in one of them
Ranjith : sorry I couldnt remember
Me: the one who sucked your cock, gave my glory hole for your cock, shouted in pain and pleasure when you are fucking rigorously thinking that Im your wife at the time when you are drunk.

After sending this message he got to know who I am and he didnt message back for next 3 days one fine day I got a message of a location of a hotel and told me to take keys and come into the room directly ,so I got ready with a bag of all sarees and cosmetics so.after reaching the place I took the keys from reception and entered into the room as soon as I entered the room I was shocked there is no one there in the room so I texted him “where are you? No one is in the room” he told me that he is at work and told me to get ready so I relaxed a bit and took a shower I was wearing a silk saree with a half cut blouse with a boob cleavage and wig. I applied all makeup.

After a while a door bell rang he came and he was drunk I wished him but he came and hugged me tightly and kissed me on my lips and pushed me on to the bed he is So horny he didnt even give any gap he went down and started squeezing my boobs and sucking mu nipples so hard I shouted in pain aaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Ranjith slowly please then I put my hand in his pant and stroked his cock slowly and he was sucking my boobs hardly after a while he took all his clothes off I could see a huge fat cock with a small mole on his lower tummy that made me more aroused and started sucking his cock into my deep throat so he immediately after a while pushed me on the bed and spread my legs and entered his cock into me with a full force I screamed like hell and cried ahhhhhhhhahahhhhhhhahaahhahhahahahahahH…….. But he was pounding me so vigorously just like a drilling machine inside my hole he fucked me for 25 mins and have a huge load in my ass after that he relaxed and we hugged in the bed and sleeping he was slowly kissing me in my face same time he was putting his two fingers in my hole and massaging it he then told me “sorry dear I couldnt control my self after looking at you and your beauty” I felt awwww and kissed on his check and said ” I love you ”

He became hard again so I got top on him and put cock in my ass and slowly moving and I was moaning aa aa aaa a a a a a a
I did this for almost 6 times and got exhausted and slept for a while. I felt him like my true husband so I thought of being a loyal and true wife to Ranjith so I got up around 7:00 am in the morning took a neat shower wore nice embroidery saree.later I woke him up with a hot coffee as soon as he opened his eyes he got shocked looking at me, I gave him coffee and told him “I wanted to be his secret wife and obey al the orders given by husband.”

He smiled and kissed me on my forehead and I took his blessings after a while we went out shopping and he bought me few sarees and stuff after a while we were having lunch and he got a phone call I dont know what happened it he totally got upset and mood off ,so we immediately went back to hotel room he was silent for a while and I could see a small tear in his eye that really shook me and moved me I immediately went to him sat in his lap hugged and asked him what happened? He then said he is share holders are taking back investments from his company back so he I told him to lets talk to them we may find a solution after that he was thinking what to do?? Something came into his mind he immediately came to me and said: “I have an idea bit, I need your help” then he told me I have one investor who is into bisexual I knew that could you take him into your control with your skills. I got shocked by listening to this but he was in no other go even Im not interested it to save him I said yes.

He then called him and spoke to him that he wanted to talk to him personally so we fixed time around 7:00 pm at the bar in the hotel so I got ready we planned and I wore a short skirt and pushed up transparent bra. With all wig and makeup Ranjith got stunned looking at me that no one could figure out that Im a cd. We met him Ranjith introduced me as his friend. He was an old guy in his late 50s little fat he was in his suit. Ranjith spoke to him about the business after a while he had he was little high then I came into play I aksed him the music is good why dont we dance ,with little hesitantly he said yes and were on the dance floor he was trying to touch his private parts wanted to turn him on .With in a while, he turned on after that Ranjith left us alone so we had a couple of drinks and the old man asked me ” I have a beautiful farm house you wanna party there ” I said sure we left and reached his farm house it was so huge.
He gave me a drink and told me you look seductive, you wanna have fun with me he asked? I gave a naughty smile and went close to him and gave a small kiss on his lips and pushed him on to the couch and got top on him and slowly remove his clothes I then went down started sucking his cock he was in heaven and ah babai I love you cmon suck it cmon I then slowly put his cock in my hole and Id it like two minutes and he cummed then ……… be continued in part-3