Punjabi Professor Got Punished Chapter 2

After that I went straight to the washroom. I hurriedly vomited few times, washed my face, cried for some time. Then I washed my ass due to his spit. I was still feeling the stickness while walking. It was, I dont know, I never imagined at all. I had a boyfriend but we are more social site lovers. We met 2-3 times a year. So you can see that I was not that type of girl who thinks about kisses, sex and all these things. I was more bookish then romantic.

But today, it all changed for me. I get to know how it feels, when someone touches you, kisses you, fingers your vagina. I was standing there, sometimes feeling low for myslef and the other minute thinking how I felt. Something in my mind was feeling like I enjoyed it. I could still feel the fingers on my vagina and butthole. I could still feel my boob getting squeezed, my lips getting kissed. I saw my ass in the mirror for the first time that day. I smiled after looking at it, I dont know why. The incident shaked me to all my nerves and myths and feelings. I was thinking about what they will do next and other horrible yet interesting things about future. I dont know what happend to me. They kind of generated and gave vent to my such feelings.

I went out of the washroom to the staff room for my attendance. On that day, my duty was again in monthly tests as per schedule. It could be possible or could not be, but I was thinking that if its possible that I am now going to rajs class for my duty. And to my horror and may be joy the schedule said so too. I felt something sparked inside me by knowing this. It was totally opposite to that what I was thinking on that time when I exited the bus. I was thinking of taking a leave today and went early to home and to resign from the college. Now I was thinking of doing the opposite.
In these thoughts I walked out of the staff room where I again met raj with mohit in the corridor. It was like they were waiting for me and already planned something new. Raj was all smiling at me. I felt the horror again but it went down in another second. He signaled me to walk along with them. I was not looking at them and was feeling ashamed. Raj said that “I know you got duty in my class today, there are not many students in the class due to fog”.

Before he says anything, mohit in between said “Why are you making stories before her say what we planned for her”. He added that “Listen bitch take off your panty and bra before entering his class room or else you will experience heaven like today in bus on daily basis”. Mohit, after looking at sideways, slapped my ass. He said that “My last lecture empty because the teacher didnt came. Si I dont know how, but you will have to come in my class in that lecture. Or else it could be very bad for you”. They left without taking my consent. I was standing there stunned. I was like their bitch who has to follow their orders. They were passing such dirty orders to a university topper in post graduation like she is a slave to them.

I was thinking again of taking leave and resigning, but something inside me took me to the washroom again. I thinked about it once and removed my panty and bra and tiny undershirt in the staffroom washroom. We, science teachers, were alloted a different small staffroom. I placed all those inside my big purse. I was feeling scared, shivering and excited at the same time. I wasnt thinking about that it would be classroom where he could ask me to do anything. That will result in my humiliation and insult before all students. I was also thinking of that incident, that he would get revenge from me by humiliating me in the same classroom, before same students, where I insulted him in the exam. But my mind was not deciding what to do exactly. I wanted to leave but I wanted to stay too. In this dilemma the bell tolled. It was the time to go in rajs class room.

More than half of the teachers were absent that day due to foggy weather and also because tomorrow could possibly be a state holiday. As I was fresh, I wasnt allowed to take holiday. I collected mst sheets and question papers from main office and went to the class room reluctantly and slowly. As I entered I saw raj sitting on the first bench. I was never ever without bra and panty outside my house. Today I was braless and pantyless in a college. I was feeling my boobs hanging and my ass bursting out of my jean and giggling in it. There were not many students in the class. There were only 8 students in the class. Five of them were top smart females of the class. I started it like normally. I distributed the sheets and answer sheets. When I went to raj, he said “Send me to the last bench bitch”. I couldnt understanded what he meant. As he was known for cheating, it was easy for me to send him toast seat. I said “Go and sit on the last, you can not cheat there because there is no one before you even in the whole row”. He smiled at me and quickly went to the last bench. The other students laughed at him but they didnt knew what he was planning for me. I was too, confused about it. The test was of 45 minutes and I started it. There were three rows of 8 benches in the class room.

Before I thought of anything, raj signaled me to come and asked me to see the paper in his hand. I saw it and something was written on it.

It was “Order the students to sit on front benches and you will sit here on my bench”. I was still confused about what was coming. I went forward and ordered others to take front seats. The students were now sitting like three in the first row, two in the second and two in the third with raj sitting on the last bench in the third row. Before I thought of what it means, he signaled me to come to him again and ordered me to sit there on the bench. I again took a round of the class. He was confused that what I was doing. But soon realised when I said “Oh raj you are again trying to cheat. Do you have hidden copies? You are very bad, I am coming there and will sit there all the time and will see how you cheat then”. Everybody else laughed and no one got the clue due to cheating habbit. I went there and sat on his bench. I sat on the upper one, where they keep the bags. My feet was on where his ass. It was like means I am sitting on bench with my back towards the class and facing him. He laughed and kissed at me and said in low voice that”Oh madam, so much hurry to enjoy and get enjoyed, we didnt knew that you are like this co-operative” and he laughed.

Everybody else was busy in their test because it was too lengthy. I previously thought that raj wanted me to hide him so he can cheat for the test. But he was like not caring at all about the test. He grabbed my thigh with one hand and started squeezing it slowly. He went again to my vagina and revolved his fingers over it again. This time I was in full control of myself. I took a look again at class and everybody was busy in the mst. He then wrote something on the paper. It was”Open your coat and your shirt and show me your boobs or else I will do it myself”. I was like, how it can be done in the classroom and I nodded my head in negative. I signaled him to vagina that you can do anything there only now. After my signal, what he did made me numb again. He put his both hands in his pockets and then took out my panty in one hand and the bra in the other hand. He hurriendly puts them back in his pockets and smiled at me wickidly. He asked me to do what he said in a low voice.

I said shit because I knew how he did it. Because there were many teachers absent today. So there was no one in our staff room at the time when I left. I stopped at main office from where I collected the sheets. In that meantime, he did this because my bag was placed there outisde the locker. I now had no choice but to do what he said. I was thinking like if he showed these to others. What will they do with my undergarments. I had to follow his instructions now to prevent any major disaster from his hands. It was not like I was scared but it was like if he showed what will I say. Everyone will question me because they were mine. So I was onto doing what he asked. To prevent others from watching me doing this I spreaded my coat like I have hands in pockets to sideways. I hanged it freely from the back because I was sitting on the coat earlier. I opened the buttons of coat. My boobs were like hanging and the shape was visible over the shirt. He then placed his hand on my vagina and touched it and squeezed it a bit, signaling me to open the shirt buttons. I did the same reluctanlty and with my head bend with shame. I was pretending to be ashamed because I was enjoying it at thay moment. I was feeling ashamed of myself doing that. I opened the shirt buttons. It was like sides of my both boobs were visible. But it was not enough for him. He, with the help of his hand, opened other two buttons to fully unbutton my shirt.

I opened it with my eyes closed. Now my milky hanging boobs were on display before him with my navel and my tummy. He was dazzled by the sight and his tongue was on his lips. He quickly grabbed my left bare boob and squezzed it gently. I felt joy at that action and had a deep breath moan. He looked at the class and puts his hand on right boob and squeezed it gently too. He then pricked my nipple gently. I was like deep breathing and enjoying it. He sensed it too and started doing it gently with his eyes on the class. I was unaware of the class and was enjoying it and biting my lips. I was sitting in a way that nobody gets whats going on from back and from sides due to coat. We were on the last bench si nobody was looking at us. He was squezzing the boobs one by one and the nipples.
After doing it for several minutes and watching me enjoying it he stopped. I also get my nerves back. But I was keen to know why he stopped. I looked at class, everybody was busy. I make a questionable face towards him but he looked more demonicaly at me. I was like what he wants now. I was about to button my shirt but he stopped me. Now he take his hand on my jean and pulled it to signal me that remove it. I was like “What the hell” and how is it possible. He was saying again and again that”Take it off to your thighs, your coat will cover it nobody will see”. But I was feeling nervous about getting naked in the class. But I was already naked because my boobs, my tummy was fully on show before him. He started to forcibly take my jean off but I stopped him and signaled that I will do it. I buttoned my fur coat only and took a round of class. Nobody even looked at me because they were too busy in the test. It was essential for students to pass these tests to qualify for practicals and assessment in exams.
I again went towards raj on the last bench while opening my jeans butto on the way. I was nervous as well as excited. My heart beat was like running like a fast car. He saw it and was smiling at me. When I came near to the bench, I pulled my jean to the length of my coat covering my bare ass. I immediately sat on the bench.

Now it was the scene that I was sitting there bare ass. I opened my coat buttons again. I never imagined this scene. I was sitting there with my shirt open which allowed my bare boobs to come out with my tummy on show. Now as I pulled my jean and I was without panty, my bare thighs and vagina was on show. He pulled my pant more lower near to my knees which gave him the proper good light view of my big thick fair thighs. Ofcourse to the most private part of a female body, the vagina. I was covering my jean by slightly bending towards the bench with my coat. The coat was helping me lot in this because it covered it from sideways and from behind. I was now less nervous and more enjoying the scene.

He was all stunned by watching my vagina and thighs. He put his hand on his dick and I saw a bulge there, getting bigger. I never saw a male dick in real, but on that day my wishes and horrors came to life. He puts his hand on my thigh again. He started caressing it gently and quickly kissed it. I was now sitting there, enjoying it with my eyes open and with no shame at all. He then goes to his favourite place, that is my vagina.

Now it was all bare for him and it was already wet and dripping. I never experienced this before in my life. It was like I wanted to be fingered and was excited for it. He caressed it too and then puts a bit of his finger in it slowly. I felt like moaning but controlled it and my eyes automatically closed. To give him more of the view I bent back and lifted my leg. I placed my one leg on his thigh. Now my vagina was fully at view straight before his eyes. I was all bare from neck to thighs in a classroom before a student who fingerfucked me on the bus. And insulted me with words and over this all I was enjoying it. He was all busy in taking views of my boobs,tummy, vagina, thighs and squeezing them, fingering them and caressing them. He was the one now looking at class because I was enjoying it unawarely of anything happening around me.

In the meantime, while my eyes was closed, he took out his dick. He was masturbating with one hand and fingering me with his other hand. The benches were covered from front and because of that all of his activity was not visible to anyone. When I opened my eyes, I was stunned by watching male dick for the first time in my life. It was big and black and had a red round part on the tip. It was fatty and I was like “Oh my gosh” and was also feeling dirty looking at it. He watched me making faces while looking at his dick and said laughingly that “You will get it in your pussy bitch, wait for some good time. You are a bitch now enjoying this all, I know you want to take it in your hands and pussy.” I was not getting my attention to anywhere else from that dick. I knew how the sex works because I am science student and teacher. I started imagining that how would it feel when it goes inside my vagina. I totally forget about that I was sitting in the class with my boobs and vagina on show.

And had fingers of a guy inside my vagina and a male dick before me being masturbated. I also forgot about that he had my panty and bra. While dreaming of that dick, I struck on my bra and panty on some point. I opened my eyes again, but he was busy fingering my vagina and caressing my thighs and masturbating. I asked him about my bra and panty and he said in low voice that “It well be sent to their place at the right time”. I hardly concerned over them because I was enjoying what was happening with me. He said”Madam ji you still have to go to mohits room and you know you dont need panty and bra there too” and he laughed lowly. “Oh shit” was the words that came out from my mouth. Mohit was more aggressive then raj and more insulting too. I was not aware of what he holds for me in that period. While the time was coming near to end I asked him to stop and had a glance on his dick again. He stopped and I buttoned and adjusted my shirt and coat.

Still nobody was looking at us due to lengthy paper. Some mischief stuck my mind then and I decided to do it. As I sat up slowly I bend there with my butt towards him. While doing it I pulled my coat up for few seconds, giving him full view of my round big butt and even of my butt hole for few seconds. Then I quickly adjusted it again. He was surprised by the this but he closed his eyes. I think he jerked off after getting that surprise from me. I laughed a little at that thing and gave a round of the class. When I came back he was laughing at me and said when I came close that “You are a certified bitch now, you will get your dick reward soon bitch”.

When I went more close to the bench I saw him cleaning his semen with my panty and was laughing. I was stunned to watch that thing happening with my panty. He said “You can clean it bitch or else lick this to have the taste of my jizz”.I gave him the serious look. But from inside, I was thinking of even licking my panty once. I smiled at this thought and then the class is over.