New Friend Benefits – Part 1

Hi, guys, this is Vishu again from Hyderabad with another experience. After my adventurous experience, I posted a sex story and I got so many emails from ladies and gents. Many wonderful ladies emailed me for my service. In this sex story, I’m going to narrate the sex story between me and another new friend from the same company I worked in the past and how I fucked and satisfied her to the core.

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As you all have read my last chapter (friend with benefits) this is on the same lines. The process for which I was working, I had a colleague who was married and has a daughter. But looking at her, no one can say that she was married. Even I failed to believe that she was married. She was hired 3 months before and was placed in my process and that’s when we interacted and got to know each other.

She did know some fellow colleagues due to the fact that she had worked with them in previous companies and the rumor was that she had slept with many guys and was evident by her very forward nature. She worked with me very closely on all the projects that I had taken. She uses to get quite free with me. Use to hold hands, tease me, look at me seductively and many of such PDAs (personal display affection). Yes, they were really tempting but since it is official I could not muster courage and moreover I was a senior to her.

Let us call her Amala. About her looks, she was good looking but had a voluptuous figure in spite of a kid. She had a perfect body that one would wonder how it shaped out so well with a kid, nice and amazing curves just like an hourglass, round and lovely lockable ass, and boobs to die for, perfect mango shaped boobs with lots of milk in it. Her voice is very seductive, and the way she walks makes all her parts ooze our screaming please take me, I am wanting you. Her age was 26. She was a perfectly ripe juicy fruit waiting to be eaten.

Since we work together, we often catch up for lunch, dinner, small breaks as she was very interested to know about the work and me and also go out for a walk together. One night, we went for a walk as she insisted and while we were walking, she held my hand very seductively, one moment, I thought she would do something naughty and I could see the lust in her eyes, even I was very lusty and horny holding hands. She was pressing it and that gave me a boner. On the road, where we were walking there was not much crowd as it was 11.30 pm in the night so the night was about to get hornier.

She started moving more closer to me and in this movement, she deliberately let her boobs touch my arm from the side and gave me a lusty smile. Which indicated that she wanted to have sex. Seeing that move, I did not stay back and responded by pressing her soft ass and she liked it. Then, by looking around, I pressed her boobs from the side. She did see that I had a bulge and said, “oh you are too excited”! And I looked down and though it was looking very awkward, I told her, ‘yes I am’, and it’s because of you, so now calm him down else it will be crying standing. Oh! By the way, sorry, I forget to mention that she was in her business casuals light jeans and a light floral pink top.

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Then, she said, “how do I do it here its not possible outdoors!” I said. “it’s really fun to do it outdoors”, and I took her to the park. It was pitch dark and no one could see us as we moved behind bushy trees I took her hand and put it on my cock and we started kissing each other like we were eating ice cream. The smell of her perfume made me mad and I pulled her towards me hard, squeezed her entire body & she moaned a little loud and I started pressing her boobs from top of her dress. We continued to eat each other’s lips and tongue for 15 min without fearing who would see us.

I then slowly opened her 1st button of her top and she stopped me saying, “no, we cant as anyone will see us”, I told her, “no one will see, as it is very dark and also we are behind the bush, no one would come till the bush” and I started opening her top buttons and she was wearing a light matching color bra with her top I did not unhook her bra but just slid it sideways so it drops on her arm and exposes her lovely boobs and I immediately grabbed it with my mouth. She was caressing me like a kid and further pressing me in.

Her nipples grew bigger with her temptation as I was biting her nipples and sucking and licking it like a hungry dog. Then, I pushed her down and pulled my pants down and told her to give me a blowjob. She refused first but then I told her that I am on my peak of temptation and desire and adrenaline rush so dont say no and I pulled her head towards my cock forcefully and pushed my hot rod in her mouth deep.

I was stroking my cock in her mouth she was struggling to take it deep in and tears came out of her eyes but still, I did not stop and within 7 min I ejaculated all my semen in her mouth she couldnt take it completely due to the quantity and spit some out, rest she drank. Some of the semen fell on her top and she quickly took her handkerchief to wipe it. It was 12.45 am and she had to catch her cab else she would miss it. So we wore our clothes properly and rushed to the floor. She first went to the washroom to clean herself up properly and came back and rushed to catch her cab but by then it was already gone.

She came back to the floor as the next cab would be after an hour and I spotted her and asked her, “what happened? Did you miss your cab? She said, “yes”! So I offered her to drop at her home. She was a little upset because she missed her cab but I could see that on her face and told her sorry and said, “I will drop you to your home dont worry!”.

She said, why are you sorry! Then, I said “because of me you missed your cab so thats why sorry!” she smiled, and said “ok drop me! Then we both went in my car. Her home was quiet for almost 40 km from the office. On our way to dropping her home, I stopped at an ice-cream vendor and offered her ice-cream. She was happy to have ice-cream and took 2 actually. We sat in the car and while driving we were having the ice-cream. We had some good naughty conversation as below.

M: I am again sorry for missing the cab.

A: its ok dear. Since my home is quite far, I was a bit worried to go home soon else my whole night would be wasted in traveling.

M: I totally understand but dont worry. I’ll drop you before your cab reaches there.

A: (she smiled and said) not bad with your session today. You were on a high

M: (I laughed) all thanks to you for waking up my testosterone but seriously it was awesome though little but superb.

A: must say you have a huge rod!

M: you like big ones so much

A: I have never taken such a size in my mouth

M: wonder how that would be if it was in below

A: she stares at me but does not say anything

M: sorry if you did not like it

A: she smiled and said I would love to have it inside me

M: you seem to like ice-creams a lot

A: yes, I love ice-creams and must appreciate that you did offer me one.

M: well which was better the one behind the bush or the one you just ate

A: she laughed and said the one which I ate now but behind the bushes was also tasty.

M: I can give you ice creams daily if you would like to have

A: sure, why not!

By this time, I was already hot and horny and had a bulge again which she saw and said the look is waking up. I smiled and said, “he likes you a lot, would you pamper it”? She said, “no” naughtily, so I took her hand and put it on my cock and she started stroking it beautifully and I placed my hand on her thigh and was caressing it.

All this was happening while driving, good that her home is quite far and we had time to have fun in the car. Her home was somewhere on the outskirts far from Uppal. Her pants were quite soft so it was easy to caress and identify her curves and muscle. As I was caressing I moved my hand further up on her pussy and it was actually wet and moist and of course hot.

So I told her, “you are wet down there! She placed her hand on my hand and moved it below. I could sense her breath getting faster and I kept caressing her that way. There was not much traffic on the road at all as it was late in the night so it was good opportunity to have oral sex. She pushed her seat little back and stretched her legs and spread it as I wanted to finger her pussy.

Then, I moved my one hand on her boobs and pushed my hand inside her top to hold it. It was just awesome and I was playing with her nipples. Could not do it for much time as I had to control the car as well. She moved her hand inside my pants to hold my cock and her touch was making me mad so I slowed down a little as I was enjoying it.

She herself unhooked my belt and pants and I pushed it down to expose my whole cock to her. It was standing like a hard pillar. Now I was enjoying it while she was stroking it. I told her to remove your pant but she refused as it would be difficult to wear again and if by chance someone sees it will be a trouble so I told her, “it is quite late and there is no one on the road just remove to expose your pussy, I am dying to see that lovely piece of meat”. Though she was nervous she still unbuttoned her pants and pushed it down along with her panties. I could see her panties all wet.

There was some hair on her pussy but it was shining like a star in the night as her juices were coming out and the dim lights in the car were exposing the shine. I just couldnt control myself drove the car aside and applied brakes and immediately spread her legs and licked her juices and started eating the pussy. She was nervous and also stopping me from doing it as it was the main road and anyone could see us. After 10 min I got up and started driving again. But told her to leave it that way as I want to play with her lovely pussy.

We had almost reached her place and were half naked in car exposing major parts of our body but still, we did not wear anything. As I neared her home, I could see that there were no street lights and it was absolutely dark. Cant even figure out who is in front of the car.

Not many houses around and all were independent homes, she told me to turn off the headlights and drive very slow without any sound. Just 10 meters before reaching her home she asked me to stop the car which I did and by looking around she pulled me kissed me even I responded in the same way and while doing so she holds my cock and started stroking me hard.

I whispered in her ear to let me lick her pussy and she said, “no it will be a problem! I said, “dont worry, I will not make any sound”. She said, “you will not make but I will” and I laughed and pulled her legs towards my seat and spread it and started licking it and eating it. I was at my peak of rush and adrenaline and with one finger I was rubbing her g-spot and she was moaning.

The car windows were closed and the ac was on but still the heat from both our bodies had let the entire car spread moisture but I did not just let it go and increased my speed of licking it with my tongue and was holding me tight as she was uncontrollable in her lust. Within 10 min she let her juices on my face and I drank it and also licked her pussy clean and immediately sat right and hugged me tight and went down to suck my cock.

As she was sucking my cock in seated position so it is easy to place your hand on her ass which I did and was playing with her ass crack and also put my finger inside her ass hole and gave a jerk but she liked it and I was moving my finger in and out, she liked it and was also moaning.

She is a good cock sucker and I had the best blowjob of my life. Within 10 min of her sucking, I loaded all my cum her in the mouth and she drank it and was licking my cock clean as though she is licking & eating ice cream. She also took my 2 lovely balls in her mouth and was playing with her and I was enjoying it. After 10 min we put on our clothes and she hugged me and kissed me goodbye and went home.

So, friends, this is not the end and part 2 of the sex story is more interesting. Readers do contact me with their feedback/suggestions etc regarding my sex story on [email protected]