Pure Love Making With My Girl

After so many decisions and thoughts in my mind, I am finally here to share my very own story with the readers. To all those who are looking forward to a short and sexy story, I am really sorry guys, this is not for you. This will be a completely sensual, romantic and true story with nothing added (to spice up).

To start with, hello to all the readers, I am Dev living in the capital city. I am 26 years old and an engineer by profession & quite handsome by looks. About my girl, Sheena, a year younger to me, from Mumbai. As this is my first sex story, I will really appreciate your comments and feedback. You can reach me at [email protected]

This sex story took place 5 years back when I was in my college and my girl was pursuing her studies in Pune. It all started in 2010 when I accidentally bumped into a girl on the metro station as it was a crowded one. I immediately said sorry and as I turned towards her, we shared our eye contacts for a few seconds and there was an instant spark building up. She said ok and we kept going.

Fortunately, we both boarded the same metro. We are at some distance but kept exchanging looks and it was then I realized what a beauty she was. A girl to die for. As the stations passed by, we too passed by the fellow passengers and came close to each other. I couldnt stop myself from admiring her beauty and she thanked me for the compliment. This way, it all started and gradually we became very good friends and finally, we were in a relationship.

Everything was going pretty good only except the fact that she lived in Pune. When we met, she was here for a month and after that, she departed to her place. The bond between us kept growing. Slowly we started talking all day and night and we started craving for each other. Finally, the time came when I got the chance to go to Pune for 2 months and I was the happiest person alive on this planet. :d

I gave her a surprise by visiting her as I knew where she lived and all that stuff. She was awestruck when she saw me and rushed towards me and we hugged so tightly for about 5 minutes that our organs started to say us many things. We spent the complete day together roaming around the city, shopping, movie and at the end she left for her pg and me to my relatives place. Next day we planned a weekend trip for Lavassa as we couldnt resist each other now and our eyes did all the talking.

I booked a car and went to pick her up to her place. We decided to leave early in the morning and I reached her at 5 am. As soon as she came, I had my eyes wide open and I kept looking at her. Damn! She was looking so hot and sexy. I gave her a flying kiss and she blushed. We then left for our destination which was about a 2 hr journey. In the way, we started talking and she expressed how much she missed me. Slowly the heat was generating between us and I moved my hand to her thighs.

She jerked a bit as she felt my touch but I did not remove my hand. As I started rubbing her thighs sensually over her jeggings she was not able to speak anything and tilted her seat backward and just kept feeling my touch. After some time she started biting her lips and I kept moving my hands more upwards towards her pussy. As I rubbed my palm against her pussy, a soft moan escaped her mouth and she removed my hand as she was not able to take it anymore.

We reached our destination in some time along with the fun on the way. We already had our bookings done and was allotted a room after the general formalities in the hotel. The ward boy showed us our room and kept our luggage in the room. As soon as he left I closed the door and walked up to my girl.

I slowly hugged her from behind with my hand around her waist and my chin on her shoulders. I started rubbing my nose on her neck and her breath got heavy. She was slowly losing herself completely. I pushed her gently towards the wall and started licking her neck. She started moaning and her hands moved in my hair.

As we got more intimate she started trembling in her knees and suddenly turned around and there it was! I got to taste the sweetest lips ever. We lip locked each other sucking each others lips and the kiss went on for about 10-15 minutes. Her lips were swollen a bit as I sucked them to the core. The heat had risen at its peak and after taking some breath we again lip locked and this time in a more passionate way. We moved to bed kissing each other and rolled all over, biting each others lips. I rolled my tongue on her lips to wipe the little blood from them and she blushed.

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She started to unbutton my shirt and I slowly removed her top. As soon as I removed her top she turned her back towards me. I understood she became shy. I softly moved close to her and let my bare chest touch her back. We both got goosebumps! I did her hair on one side and started rubbing my lips on her back. Slowly I unhooked her bra with my teeth and removed it completely. She immediately covered her front with her hands.

I went more close to her and softly cupped her breasts in my palms. They were just amazing. It was the first time I was doing all this and I went crazy for natures beauty. As I started fondling them, she surrendered herself to me completely. I turned her towards me and gave a kiss on her lips. I made her lie on the bed and went to tease those 34b boobs. I just brushed my teeth on the nipples without touching any other part and her nipples got hard in a jiffy.

I could see the craving in her eyes but I wanted to tease her more. As her nipples got hard, I started circling my tongue around her areola without touching them. As the limits crossed, she cried “Oh baby, I cant take it anymore. Please go for them”. I then softly started sucking her nipple with my fingers playing with the other one. After some time I shifted to other one and kept sucking her nipples for about half an hour. The satisfaction could be clearly seen on her face and in her eyes.

She then grabbed my belt and started removing it. She removed my jeans and underwear in one go together. She was surprised to see my rock hard cock. She hesitated initially but then softly rubbed her hand on it and held it between her palm. She sensed what I wanted and rolled over me.

She started going down licking my nipples and chest. She sensually rolled her tongue over my shaft and I was on cloud nine. Unfortunately, she did not like the taste much as it was her first time and I didnt force her. But she blew me so well just by licking my tool from outside and sucking my balls. Damn! That feeling. I get instantly hard thinking of that. I then rolled her over and came over her. I started removing her jeggings and threw them away.

There she was! My girl lying on the bed in just her sexy black panty. I started moving my hands on her pussy over her panty and she was dripping wet. I then removed her panty and I saw a clean shaven pussy waiting just for me. I went on my knees on the floor at the corner of the bed and pulled her towards me.

I sensually licked her pussy and she left a loud moan. I pulled her more closely and she locked her legs on my shoulders around my neck.I started licking her clits and she was going more and wetter. I slowly pushed my tongue inside and I could hear her moaning. ” ahhh baby…Yess!! Dont stop…Its amazing”, “Keep going”. I kept licking her licking her more and more, sucking her clits.

She tasted so good. After some time she started pinching her nipples and biting her lips. Her moans got little louder.Ahhh ahh ahh. You are so good, honey. I sensed that she was on the verge of cumming. I increased my speed more and started tongue fucking her. She locked her legs hard around my neck and shuddered badly.

She finally came. I drank all her juices and sucked her dry. She immediately pulled me up and we lip locked like crazy. She then slowly whispered in my ear, ” I am dying to have it in me, baby, complete me”. I was so turned on hearing those words.

I made her lie in missionary position and as I went to take the condom, she held my hand and said, “I have waited two years for this day. Just complete me”. I got her point and placed a pillow under her hips. I stretched her legs and placed the tip of my cock on her pussy. It was just heaven.

I slowly rubbed it on her pussy to lubricate well. She compelled me saying, stop teasing me and just fuck me jaan. I slowly pushed it inside. She cried in pain and I stopped there itself to comfort her. I bent forward and kissed her. When she got a bit normal I pushed it completely inside and she moaned loudly, aaahhhh jaaaan. Remove it. Its paining a lot. I kept it still and pampered her till the pain subsided. After some time I started stroking and she then started enjoying.

Yesss baby, fuck me. Fuck me hard. Ohh yesss!!

I kept increasing my pace and fucked her hard for about 10 minutes. We came together and I shot all my load inside her. It was the best feeling we had till time. I lied to her in the same position and we cuddled for some time. As we were tired we slept for some time. When we woke up it was afternoon and we got ready and went for lunch.

We had 3 more sessions that day, in the shower before going for lunch and two in the night. I would love to share those based on your comments and feedback. I hope you liked my sex story.

Any girl or lady can contact me for anything. I will try my best to help you. Privacy will be a topmost priority. Reach me at [email protected]