Journey With My 4 Darlings Part 3

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Journey With My 4 Darlings- Part 2

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Part 3:

Like this ,days passed and we are in to 3rd year and we used to enjoy when ever we get mood in our library.So like this she became my sex slave and i used to enjoy with my 3 darlings and with my intense sex even my 2 darlings size also increased.Which i have never noticed.On one fine day during our conversation she said that all her bras are not fitting now which were brought few months ago.

Then i felt very happy, thinking of all my plays which made to increase their size.Even i teased her all that day about the same.So like this our sex talks continued and i am planning for the final event to meet my 4th darling .

I have planned in many ways but she used to say that she will come only if i plan in my house which is impossible as my parents stay with me.So i tried planning for other possibilities.

One fine day i got a call from her that she want to go to her home town.Then i got a sexy idea and i said that i will also come with you and visit my relatives .I asked her that shall we book 1AC so that we can enjoy.But tickets are not available in 1AC to my bad luck and i have booked Sleeper tickets which are in Waitlist

And finally the day of journey came and as per my plan, the tickets were not confirmed and we both got RAC :).So its like we can both share single berth officially. So i informed the same to her and asked her to bring big blanket so that it should cover both of us.

We boarded the train and TC verified our tickets and we both sat in our berths and to my luck all the other passengers are above 40s and have switched off the lights after few hours of journey.So as per my plan we both sat for some time and had some chit chat and slept side by side covering with the big blanket.I slept at back and she was in-front and oh my god what a situation it was there was no space between us and i hugged from back and my little brother was ready to drive to her love hole.I played with my beautiful boobs and caressed like we are in honeymoon bed.I was in my night ware and my little bro was already touching her beautiful ass from back and we both were in full mood..So i took her hand and kept on my dick.First she hesitated but i forcefully kept her hand inside my jockey and hold her and started pressing the boobs by inserting my hands from inside of her petticoat.

What a awesome moment it was her beautiful hand was on my dick and my hand was busy in playing with my darlings.So momentum gained and she started responding by playing with my dick.I have helped her to give the job and within minutes she became expert and stroking my dick and increased the pace..So like this our pace increased and i slowing inserted my hand and started inserting one finger in love hole.She jerked a little ,i inserted my second finger and slowing increased the pace.She started responding and stocking my tool with lot of pressure .

Oh my goodness,We both are in heaven and this continued for about 20mins and we both are about to cum and i said the same in her ear and took her hand out and hugged from back and cummed completely and she also left all her juices out .We both took some rest and now she want more and asked me to plan something and finish the task completely.:)

I am thinking of the plan and i am afraid that if anyone could notice us would be a big issue again.But she didnt stopped and now she wanted inserted her hand inside my jockey and started stroking again .Within minutes my little brother was ready again as she became expert now.She said that she want to make my little brother fully satisfied tonight.Listening those words increased my mood and i asked her to go to restroom and wait there till i come .She said no first but i convinced her that there in no other alternative for us.But she hesitated and asked me to try here itself as we are under big blanket.

So she removed my jockey completely and stroking the dick and i slowly removed her pants down and we both are nude below .I said that to pay attention towards other passengers and i slowly inserted my dick in her ass from back but it didnt went in first go and i tried slowly and with multiple strocks it went in and she moaned and we both got into rhythm and both are sync our strokes with the sound of train and i am fucking her from back and our sounds are in sync with sounds of train

oh ..ahh.ahhh..sounds continued …

and i continued for almost 15mins and i said i want to ride you from front and taste my 4th darling.As she was in full mood she turned immediately and now i slowly inserted my fully erected dick into her pussy and she is virgin it didnt went easily and i said that i will be difficult in this position, to check other passengers and me may caught.So i convinced her and asked her to wait in restroom and i will join without anyone noticing us.So she agreed now as she also want to taste my little brother badly.She adjusted herself and went to restroom which was not used till then and informed me.After sometime i went to the place and knocked the door and went inside.We hugged each other and kissed like there is no other day.

I said in her ear that i want to kiss her.She came nearer to me and tried to plant a kiss on my lips ,Then i said that i want his vertical lips and not horizontal.

in confused state she asked what “Vertical Lips”??

Then with my look she understood my intention and hit me ..saying ..'”u naughty”.

Now i bent down and removed her pant and planted a kiss on my 4th darling.She jerked and i continued my play and she was rubbing my head and pressing me towards her pussy.It continued like this for 15 -20 mins and she released all her juices and i have tasted all her juices. i could see her happy face now .Now i asked her to give blow job now.She hesitated first and reluctantly kept my dick inside her mouth and slowing giving blow job .What a moment it was… lovely darling giving me a blow job and doing it soo nicely that even my little brother also enjoying that awesome moment.Slowly she increased the pace and my boy was ready for the final show.

I asked her to stand and i slowly rubbed my dick on her pussy.

She started moaning and saying words like ” i am completely yours and break my virginity “..come on fuck me hard darling…

Listening those words i inserted the dick in her love hole slowly and as she is virgin it took some time to guide my tool inside.As i know she will moan loudly i planted a kiss and increased my strocks and inserted the dick inside her deeply in one strock ,she moaned loudly and i stopped her with a deep kiss and continued my strocks

The sounds was in sooooooooooooo rhythm at that moment……



We continued and increased my speed and during the session i removed her dress completely and she was completely nude in front of me.I tried different styles as there is no other day and fucked her about 30mins and we both are about to cum and took the dick outside and we cleaned ourselves and went our bed (sorry berth).She felt very happy and asked to have more….

I said we will plan our honeymoon in our house..and we hugged each other and i kept my hand on my darlings and slept whole night with my 4 darlings as if i am sleeping with my wife in bedroom .Similarly we enjoyed our return journey also in same way and i completely satisfied her and she became my sex slave from that day and we used to enjoy every-time whenever we got a chance.

In the next part (Part 4) i will explain you how we both planned our honeymoon in my house and enjoyed the day…Please follow me for updates.

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