Qasims True Story Chapter 2

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Qasim, Qasim, Qasim. I have had gay boys, teens and mature men under me and have hardly had someone I did not enjoy but some I have enjoyed much too much and Qasim is one of those. He started college but within 2 years of him being in a college, his mother passed away and he had to quit college but came back to a different college after a break in his studies. Lucky bastard earned Masters in Microbiology and got a very nice job at a hospital as a Shift manager of the Laboratory where he still serves. Qasim told me his story and allowed me to write it for him and offer it to all for erotic reading pleasure. He begins his story from here when he came to this new college. Relax and enjoy. I hope you will find it satisfying your need for such erotic materials. Thank you and please send some comments.

A. W. Chohan [Now Qasim speaks]

It was not very difficult to find a man to take me as his fuck boy to fuck me like I deserved and he enjoyed fucking me. The fact of the matter is I did not find such man but he found me. I know this and have been told by countless others that I do not exhibit any sign that would announce to everyone on the street that I was GAY and a perfect bottom, born to offer my ass, serve and please the Top men who yearn & crave to fuck men but I also have to believe that my existence nearby, does fire some signals to experienced fuckers if not every fucker and they do seize these signals on their “Gaydar” and catch me for the fantastic fulfillment of mine and their need. Saying this upfront was necessary to set up the scene which I am going to share with you. Now sit back and enjoy this very erotic story of David and me, who was the manager of a book store at the college campus.

Getting Fucked Again.

It was over 3 weeks I had arrived at the college and most of the initial steps were taken care, like making sure of settling financial affairs, dealing with the environment of the new college and alike. This college was much larger compared to the previous one I attend with the number of students in thousands and the campus facility was much larger too. This came with a much bigger problem for me and that was the living arrangements offered by the college. They did have huge dormitories but still the student population was so large that all who needed to live in the dorms halls could not secure the room and most were left on their own to find the place to live close enough. Like most college towns, the surroundings of this college of course offered plenty places for students but then again to find them was not as easy as thought and those students who came from not that far towns were smart to start looking much in advance and secure the better ones before the students like me who did not know the area well plus were not sure if they will be offered the admission to attend the college. Well, not easy but I got a place to live. It was a small walk in 2 rooms’ facility; one of which could easily be used as a bedroom and was large enough to accommodate a small desk and chair and room for the book racks and other paraphernalia necessary with large closets as well. The other room was not as large and was to be used as living room, dining room (it had a small but almost full kitchen to one side and the bathroom to the other side). The difficulty was that this was not an easy walk to college and the public transport although very good during morning and evening rush hours but say after around 9:30—10:00 AM till 4:00 PM and after close to 7:00 PM there was no easy way to get to classes and most of my classes were during those thorny hours and I had no choice but either to get to college early and go sit in the library or student center or walk a long tiring distance to and from the college and back home.

The very first difficulty I faced was that I was trying to reach the book store on time to get couple of books needed immediately and they kind of had strange business hours. They were not open till quite late like 11:00 AM when the classes were on already, they were closed during 1—3 PM for midday break and then close up around 6:00 PM while I was still in class. The only best time for me to get to them was Saturday but I had tried my very best to see if I could get to the book store on time & even tried on one Saturday but always found the store closed and there was no other book store that I could find to go to a bit conveniently.

This day, a Saturday I made sure by making a phone call and find out if the store was open and quickly got ready putting on my faded cut jeans shorts and t-shirt with sneakers and was pretty sure to find the Book Shop open, but as I got there it was well before Lunch time but was absolutely disappointed to say the least to find the door locked from inside and it would not open as I tried to pull the handle but every time I tried to pull the handle, a buzzer sounded with no response. Pretty disgusted to say the least, I was thinking what was going to be my course of action. The college was closed accept for those students who would have some projects or special classes going on so there was a chance that the library might be open and the student center would definitely be open but I had not brought my School ID with me thinking of course that I was not going to college but to the book shop only. Oh fuck! What to do now; but then I saw through the glass door, someone came to the door, looked at me standing there in need to come into the shop and the door was opened.

Hi, is the shop closed…….. I even called earlier to find out and was told it was open.

Mm! not closed but we have a kind of emergency, had to close for a while. What do you need any way?

I took out the list, need these 2 books immediately. I showed him the list and instead of looking at the list he asked me to step in and quickly locked again behind me. Sorry, one of the employees called in sick and the other I sent to bank, called me telling me he had to rush to the hospital, some emergency with his wife & I have to open up the delivery that came last evening and make sure everything we ordered has come in alright before writing their check. I am busy in the back and so had to lock up, sorry for the inconvenience. I looked at him, a real specimen of a grown man he was standing quite close to me. A big name tag on his chest “David” displayed. About 40, tall as me about 6 feet, large muscular chest bursting out of his shirt, hairy arms showing, Caucasian, maybe not, little bronze brown complexion, brown eyes. He took the list from me and glanced at it. I have one of these books available now, he said. It is used but it is in very good condition and the complete notes will also be along with; free for you, he said in a tone I could easily differentiate and the other book might be in the packs I am opening and checking right now. I can give you all for a special price if you are buying now. A little concern ran through my body, what was he saying? I thought for a second while he spoke again. Let us go in the back and make sure I have received the other book in the stock we received today.

We walked back to a small cabin like area and he started shuffling the various bundles looking at the labels placed on them. Ah! Yes, he said, here we are and pulled the other book from the pack and then went back to a shelf behind him and pulled out the other book wrapped in a see thru plastic sheet. Our eyes met as he handed me both together with a smile…. All this for you he said be for 180 dollars.

O’ my God, that much, came out of my mouth. I am sorry, I cannot afford it, I guess. I have hardly 200 dollars with me now and I do need some money for the bus to get back home and also for the other things I need. I said in a sad pitch. I was really disappointed not knowing the books to be as expensive. I know, the text books are becoming expensive every day, he said, but maybe we can do something; I mean maybe we can make some arrangements for the payment to be paid in installments but only if you agree and get approved under our policies and rules and we will also need a form issued by the admin office of the college stating that they will step in and make sure the unpaid amount plus some additional charges are recovered before the start of the next semester. Can’t you make it any more difficult, I said sarcastically? How shall I get that kind of promise issued to me by the college?

Oh, no! It is easy. We shall get it for you, he said. It is all a routine we do for most students and all you have to do is to sign on that form right now, right here and we shall do all the rest or…………… He stopped for a moment of course making me ask, or what?

There could be other ways too, if you decide to consider, he completed his sentence looking right in my eyes and much easier too. In all honesty, I could tell what he meant by that. A halo of magic I could feel surrounding me emitting from his eyes saying all that was not said in words but I wanted to be sure; and what would that be? I gathered courage to ask quickly.

Have a seat, he pointed at the chair in the corner as he sat on a two seat sofa in front of me face to face. There was a very short distance between both of us as we sat there, our knees were almost touching, and I placed those books on my knees.

What is your name, he asked.

Qasim, I answered very politely.

Well Qasim, I can offer you these books for exactly half the money but you have to do what I ask you and need you to do. He slightly tapped my knees with his fingers, and I know you understand what I mean by that but if in doubt I can spell it out for you. It shall be between you and I unless you ask and or allow me to get someone else involved in our ventures. His words went through my body like a knife goes through the half melted butter. He had said it all leaving nothing to be doubted or explained any further, I knew. I summoned my senses back as I thought for a moment. It was nothing new for me. I had not had any sex in over six months and was longing for it & only my body knew how much, but I had to be sure to tell him that if he was looking for a man for sex to top him, he was utterly mistaken. He must know that I was not passive by any definition of the word because I loved to reciprocate and even start any sexual move but was an exclusive bottom when it came to copulation and did not like to fuck, so I spoke in as short words as possible saying all.

I could see a very special glow on his face as I spoke. He took the books away from my knees and put them on the sofa beside him and held his hand out very lovingly holding mine and we stood up toe to toe, hardly any space between us for the air to pass. Qasim, you are the kind I need and I knew at the first glance, you were for me.

Oh, David! I said, thank you, without thinking I reached out and gathered him into my arms, pulling him against me. His arms went around my waist, and together we held each other silently for a minute when I finally let go of him and sat back again. As our mirth subsided he said; I live right across the street, ground floor. His eyes lifted then to stare into my own, the invitation and the implication clear to both of us. He needed no more encouragement as he leaned a bit. His hands came up and held my face while our eyes locked searching for the confirmation we both needed, and both found. I leaned forward and my lips brushed against his, only lightly, but it was enough to open the flood gates of passion. David kissed me back, holding my head and pulling me to him. His tongue forced its way between my teeth, and I happily responded by allowing him easy entry as we tasted each other, exploring our mouths and humming with joy and delight. It ended as quickly as it began. David asked me if it would be too much for me to go get whatever I was talking about earlier and come back may be around 4 O’clock and by then if the other employee did not come back, he will close the shop and meet me at his place. He pointed at the building through the glass window. Just ring the bottom bell he told me and we both walked to the store entrance. He just tapped my shoulder as I exited kind of reminding me not to be a sissy now and show up on time; of course I smiled back with a consent clearly showing. Many variant thought did rush through my mind, I got home, took shower and made sure I smelled fresh and clean, especially in my bottom hollow. The time in waiting is always unwieldy but it passed and here I was ringing the bell as told by David; about 7—10 minutes late thanks to the public transport on the weekend schedule.

The door opened quickly and David welcomed me with a huge grin on his face. He sure looked fresh outta shower but in a shirt and jeans. A small lobby led into the kitchen area where he entered hands gripped tight. On the breakfast counter lay a bottle of Vodka, two tumblers and Orange Juice with some ice in a small crystal bowl. Before getting to the other side of the counter we kissed, a nice all wet and hearty kiss to say the least and then David mixed the drinks. We stood there, looking into each other’s eyes like some old time lovers meeting after long time. A silent conversation ensued for a moment and then he raised his glass and we cheered…The glasses “clingedd” and each took a large gulp. It only took a while of small talk and then sparks started to fly in the room. As if David read my mind and he quickly popped the top button and unzipped the fly of his jeans letting it fall down. I could easily see the blue boxers he was wearing and his dick was visible too as a thick tube under the silky fabric. He rapidly undid his shirt buttons running his hand down from his chest and across his abs; hooking his fingers under the bottom of his shirt and pulled it up exposing first his tight abs and then the mounds of his hard chest!!! A thin line of hair running from his navel disappeared into the silk boxers, as he flipped the front of his shirt over his head, I admired the play of his pecs under his smooth skin. His chest was almost hairless but very well defined. I suddenly felt awakened from deep sleep when I heard him say cheeeeerssss after raising the glass. I must be drunk already looking at his enthralling naked body but I took a sip, as my hands trembled. David’s nipples caught my attention as his hands moved on his body, mmmm, mmmm, large, brown studs they looked needing concentration. Things seemed to be happening faster than my mind could absorb them. Suddenly he reached down with both hands and flipped the front of his boxers down under his balls.

His manhood sprang up proudly, thick hard and hot, throbbing just inches from me. The sight was incredible. I sensed David’s musky scent pulling me and I sure moved closer. I must be hypnotized because I do not remember ripping my clothes off but do remember myself naked kneeling in front of him and Davids hand softly pushing me to go down as I pushed his boxer to his feet. I liked the feel of the brute strength that I knew he could use on me. The thought of it, the heat rising from his crotch & the scent of soap, sweat and David’s sex; all combined to knock me out. I wanted him to force me to start enjoying his pleasure weapon. He quickly used my open mouth to pass his cock head between my lips and I rapidly closed my mouth on the cock head and let my tongue tentatively run across the lube that David produced while we both moaned in pleasure. I hate talking in clichés but David’s cock was like the one I never had seen or sucked before. It could easily cause my jaws to come off the hinges; it was that thick to say the least, but I tried wholeheartedly while he used his hands to pull my head on his horrendously thick shaft.

Thats the way, boy. Suck my big dick, take it deep. Use your tongue and lap up my precum, like a good cocksucker. Youre damn good at this boy, I heard him say while I almost choked and gagged with my air supply cut off but the words that David was saying slid into my mind causing a tingle through my spine. For some strange reason it felt very right to swallow his jaw breaker width. I struggled but sucked him decent as my lips, mouth and throat sank a bit further and further down while he pulled my head from behind with fistful of my hair. My hands constantly flowing on his colossal meat thighs, rubbing on their inner side and also paying a special attention to his massive balls hung low to the middle of those thighs. Slowly all the resistance melted away and David’s cock was finally jabbing my throat with a pace and speed of vengeance as his balls swung and slapped me below the chin again and again as I kept my hands busy tweaking and twisting his nipples and David kept moaning with the joyful approval of my sexy hard work. Time stood still for as long as I could endure Davids cock assaulting my throat occasionally licking his balls with my lips and tongue and rolling them in my hands & then I stood up. We pulled together again, and I became acutely aware of the hardness mixed with increasingly sticky moisture between our stomachs. My cock was hard and throbbing, copious amounts of pre-cum leaking from me as well and he, in kind.

Bedroom, I hissed into his ear.

On the left, he whispered back, sidestepping our way over the discarded clothing, we quickly made our way into the bedroom, and as he backed me into the bed, I lost my balance and fell backwards, reaching out and bringing him down with me, on top of me. By natural reaction my legs spread, and David fell into the space between them, his abdomen coming to rest on my throbbing boner, his mouth blowing warm air on my nipples. He used the opportunity to lick and bite softly at my nipples, which sent shivers through me and elicited a series of long, loud moans of delight.

Oh, fuck David, I want you inside me! I groaned.

Are you sure? He asked with a look of concern on his face.

More than anything!


He motioned to the chest of drawers near my head. Top drawer, He said softly, pointing as he stood off the bed. I took out the tube of Astroglide & also picked up the foil packet of a condom, opening it with my teeth and kneeling before him to get a good look at the SUPER THICK, long, hard pole of his masculinity as I rolled the rubber over that, his living swollen rod. He threw his head back, breathing out slowly.

Qasim, that is so fucking hot! He exclaimed.

This is hotter; I said boldly, lewdly, as I turned from him and went kneeling on the bed with my shoulders down too and my ass pointing up in the air and my hole offered to him as a target. I jumped a little as the cold lube touched my rear entrance for the first time and then moaned with pleasure as he slid one finger into me, smearing the liquid around and opening me up. A second finger followed and then, quickly, a third. I began to squirm and wriggle sensing those beefy fingers inside me. Come on man, fuck me! I pleaded. He took the hint, his own urgency matching mine as I felt the softness of his cock head at my sphincter. He nudged forward a little, and I willed my ass to relax around him. With a painful dilation of my ring and a pop, I felt his mushroom head breach my defenses reaching inside me. I gasped loud with the initial pain, and he stopped, waiting for me to accustom myself to his girth. The pain disappeared as fast as it had come, and without waiting for him I pushed backward quickly, impaling myself on his fleshy spear. It was his turn to gasp now as he slid full length into me in one steady motion, my ass swallowing all his masculine thickness and length and my body trembling with the delight of being filled by him and pain too again. From then on, David took control. After the initial penetration, he pulled out a little & then slammed home again, his balls slapping against my cheeks. Amid a chorus of grunts and hisses from both of us, he lunged forward, withdrew, and dived in once more, stabbing himself into my gut while I urged him on and even for a bit of mercy as I was not fucked for long time, until he managed to establish a rhythm of sorts and range of motion with pace. But there was little finesse and almost no tenderness to our mating. It was the urgent rutting of two aroused beasts that desperately needed release. I was not fucked in over six months and I don’t know how long he was starved for fucking. So he humped himself hard and harder, fucking me real solid, deeper and faster and I gasped aloud and begged for more, gripping at his powerful tool with all the mighty strength of my ass muscles and milking him as he thundered into me.

Like animals, we fucked rigid. I swear his enormously thick cock nudged the pit of my belly and I shuddered with the rising passion of intense arousal as he filled me again and again. His very bulky piston invaded in and out of my cylinder, my gut squelching around that heated poker with every thrust. The room was filled with the sound of pure sex, our grunts and gasps joining with the squeaking of the bed springs accompanied by the constant slap of flesh against flesh as he fucked me royally. I could feel my excitement building quickly as I sensed his hand on my very wet circling cock below us and I had no desire to try to hold it back.

David, too, must have been racing to a peak, because he suddenly eased a bit. But before I did protest or even comment, he was pushing me forward, his masculinity still sunk deep inside my ass. Now he was riding my ass, my legs between his legs and his hands slid up my torso until they gripped like talons at my shoulders. In that position he was able to exert even more force into his thrusts, pounding him into me like a battering ram. I cried out vague obscenities and he responded in kind as we urged each other on wards and upwards with shuddering motions and verbal encouragement.

Suddenly, and without warning, he slammed himself into me very hard, and stayed. His left arm went around my body, while his right hand gripped my cock powerfully and his entire body flexed. I could sense his cock emptying its load of cum deep in the condom as David went deathly quiet, not even breathing as his climax ripped through him. For several minutes he remained like that, and I clenched myself around his twitching manhood, milking him and becoming even more aroused by the idea of being filled with his essence. Finally, he took a breath, a long gasping breath of air and recommenced his fucking motion, a little slower now,but still he was hard as he thudded into me over and again. At the same time, his fingers wrapped around my aching tool and he jacked it sliding his fist up and down my length as his free hand played with my nipples. It took no more than couples of minutes of that treatment before I knew I was about to burst my balls. I tried to call out a warning, but the words stopped on my lips as my nuts drew up into my body and my cock expanded before a shuddering wave rolled through me and a stream of cum shot from my very solidly spamming cock and sprayed across the bed. Another and another jetting followed as my balls emptied while my brain sailed over the moon with very delirious abandon, before slowly I came back to earth and my trembling eased finally.

Oh fuck! I declared eloquently. Ditto! David replied. Are you okay? He added between deep breaths.

Oh yeah, more than okay! That was wonderful.

He collapsed forward over me, chuckling softly, and at that I fell as well so that we ended up face down on the bed, with him still lodged inside me, both laughing. After a few minutes we overcame our giggles and David slowly and gently withdrew himself removing the condom and dropping it into the waste basket beside the bed. Together, we rolled onto our sides, facing each other and looking into each others eyes.

Im sorry, Qasim, he said.

Sorry? What on earth for?

For being, well, you know a bit rough, and for being a bit, umm, quick.

I looked him up and down with amusement and a little guilt. Its rather me who should be apologizing, I said; for behaving like this for demanding that you take me like that. I dont normally act that way but I was just so turned on by you, and I got a bit carried away. He spoke with a tone that underscored his honesty. Im not really into rough stuff generally, but that was so exciting, so hot. You really had me going so horny, and when you spoke the way you did, I couldnt resist. Qasim that was one of the hottest fucks Ive ever had! Same here David, I grinned back at him. We lay together, just holding, bonding with each other for some time, enjoying the feeling of being with one another, until he reminded me for not having finished my vodka and asked if I wanted that now?

I laughed at that. Yeah, that would be nice.

He got off the bed and cleaned himself with a towel, throwing one to me. Here! Clean yourself and Ill see you in the kitchen. As he padded naked from the room, he turned back to see me staring at him with a silly grin on his face. I blushed at the unspoken compliment. By the time I joined him at the breakfast bar he had already had two glasses of Vodka waiting. He reached for his jeans which had been speckled across the floor. What are you doing? I asked with an expression on my face.

Putting some clothes on, he replied with a look of uncertainty.

Please dont! Theres no need, and Im really enjoying the view! Now it was his turn to blush, but stayed naked letting me admire the ranks of his beautiful body as he quickly put his jeans back on one end of the counter. We chatted a while consuming our drink. I was a bit drained but certainly not tired, and he didnt seem to be in any hurry. David was so easy to talk to, so easy to be with, that I felt I had known him for years rather than having just met him a few short hours ago. I stood and collected the empty glasses placing them in the sink and turned around to see him leaning back against the breakfast bar, his elbows were on the surface and his chest and torso pushed forward. He was stunningly good looking and I couldnt resist the temptation to reach out and run my hand over his Pecs, and down across his belly. He sighed at the touch of my fingers, and I leaned in to kiss him deep smooching. I could feel the restart of his erection on my groin as I pressed my body in to his, delighting for a similar hardness growing in my groin. One of my hand strayed to his left nipple, pinching it softly, while the other fell to cup his balls and squeeze gently at the man eggs hung below rapidly swelling prong. I broke our kiss, and licked slowly over his chin and down his neck, my tongue replacing my fingers at his nipple and then progressing south as he uttered a series of contented moans, his hands resting on my head to guide. Kneeling down as my face came to level with his prick; I eyed the throbbing twitching flesh with wonder. A droplet of pre-cum appeared at the tip which I lick scooped with my tongue, tasting his very essence. My mouth watered at the prospect before me, and I savored the experience by lowering my head and gently nuzzling into his scrotum, licking his ball sac before tracing the delicious length of his cock with my lips, nipping gently at the silky tender skin as I slowly measured his rod with my mouth. Finding the soft raised ridge of his cock head, my tongue slid around it, following the mushroom cap all the way around his shaft until I returned to where I had started delving into his slit to retrieve the exceeding pre seminal liquid gathering there.

Davids body was shaking slightly, his cock as hard as steel, and he moaned breathlessly as I ministered to his sensitive man tool. Unable to wait any longer, I opened my mouth wide, and lowered my face onto him, taking his length into my gullet. My lips and gums massaged his shaft as my tongue played with him and I caressed his extremely thick masculinity with my throat, fighting off the urge to gag as I swallowed him entirely, and then backed off a little until I could start a gentle bobbing motion which allowed me to suck at him easily. The feeling of him within my neck was incredibly erotic, and I would have happily continued for hours, but Davids hands came down to my chin and lifted my face up.

Qasim, he hissed. Im getting so close take it easy or Ill cum. I wasnt ready for that just yet, so I smiled and backed off, still crouched in front of him. With my hands on his melon shaped butt cheeks, I began to turn him around, and he quickly got the idea and followed my lead. Now his ass was at my face level and he leaned over the kitchen counter, spreading his legs, granting me a complete access. My tongue started at the base of his spine, and working down between those firm orbs, slicking the valley between them. I skimmed across his very tightly puckering hole as he gasped at the feathery touch, then laved the sensitive skin between his ass and his nuts. My hands spreading his legs further, I pressed my face in until I could suckle at his nuts, one by one from behind, rolling them around with my gums and massaging them with my lips. It was such bliss time &I was moaning in his ass and balls quite loud and uncontrollably. His steel solid cock pulled lower and backed into my face was making him feel some pain and that position was uncomfortable and difficult for me too, so I moved up and restarted my probing of his butt. He squirmed a little and muttered a deep yes! I traced the edge of his pucker with my tongue, then dived into the flexing ring of muscle. I probed his ass as best I could, licking and pushing at the pink skin as he grunted and did his best to open even further and allow me better access. My own cock was so hard I was leaking copious amounts of pre-cum, which trailed from my cockhead to the floor, and my legs, bent to allow me to crouch, began to protest, so I reluctantly straightened, standing up behind him. I slid my arms up his body and around his chest while my cock nestled in the still moist valley of his ass, sliding up and down and sending tingles through me as I leaned into him, held him tightly and kissed his shoulders and the back of his neck. I could sense his hands making some rapid movement but did not take much notice, and assumed he was pushing his clothing out from under where he leaned over the tabletop.

With my cock rubbing up and down in his crevice nudging the warm, puckering opening of his body, my heart raced and my mind whirled, I wanted him to make love to me. But I knew that the 30 seconds it would take to rush to the bedroom to collect a condom could destroy the moment, so I lingered not relinquishing my hold on him wanting to stay as we were for good.

Oh, David … I whispered into his hair.

Yes, Qasim.

I want you now, I want you to fuck me NOW, I groaned back at him. Another movement of his arms, doing something with the discarded jeans, and then his hands were sliding between our bodies, and gripping his enormously fat throbbing length. I grinned when I realized what he was doing, he had found a condom in the jeans pocket, and was trying to place it on his marvelous fuck tool. I reached down to help roll it over his hard rod, and as I did, he reached in his jeans pocket again and pulled out the cool lube, coated his fingers and smeared onto his cock and then turned me around to slick my hole. As I leaned forward on the counter, he was wrapping his arms around me pressing my entire body against his. His cock was once again sliding along the crack of my ass now very slippery with the gel, and I moved myself back a little until his cock head made contact with it. Once he felt my opening I stopped pushing back and allowed him with only the slightest of pressure to nudge forward. My asshole played quite obedient and opened a little and I moved back very slightly again, then stopped and waited while he did his part as I gasped and relaxed the best I could under the circumstances of growing excitement and the most amazingly sensual feelings flooding through me. He steadily pushed, stopped and pushed again, until my sphincter closed around the horrendous meat
mushroom cap of his prick. We waited a bit, enjoying the sensation of being joined, gelling, and bonding for few minutes before he started to move. With tiny increments he entered me slowly pushing forward, and then drawing back to push again in, each time a bit farther than the last realizing I was bent over the hard marble counter top. Centimeter by centimeter, he buried himself in to me slow, gentle but firm fighting the urge to shove upwards relishing the moist heat of my ass cave enveloping him. After what seemed an age, I finally felt the soft fluffiness of his balls sac against my ass cheeks and his prong fully wedged within my tolerant and silky soft ass tunnel.

Oh, David … I whispered.

Mmmmm came the wordless answer as he leaned forward and pushed in some more trying vainly to get even more of him inside me. For a short while we stayed put, my ass gloving his manhood and his manhood enjoying my warm entrails before nature took over. He began to move, in and out, slowly, gently. I bent a little at my knees as he fucked me in this standing position, moved my pelvis so that his cock probed into me from side to side as it dived in every time a bit deeper and slid back. I am sure he marveled at the warm wet scabbard ass tunnel of mine howling loud as my fleshy gripping increased squeezing and relaxing at his invading sword of flesh welcoming it, clenching and yielding to it. His hands explored the outside of my body as his cock explored the inside. I ran my hands across the acreage of his rigid meat thighs providing full force and speed he had attained by now fucking me awesome. While his weapon prodded its way up and into my gut he held me tightly, wrapping my body in his arms and my body wrapped his manhood in itself as he gradually increased speed and power. He jabbed and parried at my hole with vengeance and even some brutality. The frenzy of him being within me was so incredible and rampant all over my naked body in his control. His balls slapping me in the flesh between my bashed asshole and balls and even on to the swinging low hanging balls of mine over and over again. This ecstasy lingered on endless till I could feel the onset of cascading events which I knew will lead to orgasm and then point of no return; ending in severe climax growing closer and closer. Suddenly his hands lowered and found my cock swinging in air like a reverse helicopter with our rhythm. He wrapped his right hand around my very very thick and swollen shaft of heated steel, and clasped my rolling nuts in his left as he continued to plunge deeper into me pounding himself now into my fucking, thirsty ass & body.

Using the flow of my own juices over my shaft as a lubricant, he fisted my prong and pulled at it, running his fingers up and down in fast increasing motion as I sucked pulled at his tortuous cock with my ass muscles and pumped back into his fucking machine. We were sweating and gasping together, humping at each other and shuddering as we fucked, one of my hands was grabbing at the marble top while I held onto his body filling my own with the other. My peak was approaching, I knew I could not hold off much longer, when David called out an agonized, Qasimmm Im cuummmming…, and suddenly went rigid. I was unable to stop too, and just kept thundering back ramming me into him as my body shook and my cock spewed a river of hot CUM over his hand, and spurted shot after shot of creamy fluid out into the air coating the side wall of the breakfast counter. The sensation of Davids orgasm inside me was amazing.

My ass clamped tightly around his rampaging pole with every squirt and spurt I made and his body trembled. Within a minute I felt the wave of passion crash into me, his solid member was swelling even more inside me, his nuts in an aching knot and pulsing, his cum cannoning into my body in a series of shudders that caused us both to jolt, locked together as we were. I lost count of how many times I bucked into him as he emptied into me. Finally the agony of release died away and an intense sense of bliss, euphoria and, elation took over drenching both of us in sweat, David still buried deep inside me, gasping for air and myself leaning back into him almost breathless. Qasim!! Incredible, he murmured into my back as his voice returned coming off the fun roller coaster ride. Incredible! I whispered back. That was just inconceivable the way you have fucked me. I pulled him against me one more time holding tight until his cock began to flag. Im going to have to pull out, he warned me. Pity! I sighed with a growl of contentment & slowly, carefully I moved away, reluctant to leave the glory of his body. With a grunt from him and a gasp from myself, we parted, and he quickly disposed of the rubber as I stood up to bring us face to face. We kissed. A long, tender kiss of happiness and sated desire, before falling against each other, chins on shoulders and arms intertwined passionately.

Ah, David, Im sorry …I have cum all over your kitchen cupboards …I said, pointing to where trails of my thick CUM dribbled down the side of the bar, and pooled on the tiles. Easily cleaned, he declared. No worries at all. We cleaned ourselves up a little, and relaxed on the sofa right outside the kitchen, looking like a small sitting or family room, quietly, hand in hand, each lost in our own thoughts until I took a deep breath, and said in a reluctant tone. I asked for the permission to get going.

He looked at me with surprise, and a sense of real disappointment. Why wont you stay longer or even for the night, it is Sunday tomorrow.

I cant, I said softly.

His voice came to me in a strangled cry of agony. Qasim I wish you stay, honestly! He said. I hate the thought of leaving you so quick like this, but I had a lot of work for tomorrow. I had to complete and hand in two assignments on Monday or the Professor was going to be very unhappy. I explained. He looked at me and saw the sincerity in my eyes, and my heart warmed also a bit.

Stay! He said. Its not so late yet, I will drive you home, Please, Qasim, sleep with me tonight if you can or at least stay……. His look of disappointment faded and replaced by smiling resolve when I said Okay, I will stay a bit longer but you please promise to give me a ride back home in about another hour or two maximum.

I promise! He said quickly, brightly.

With a smile that made me melt, he nodded. Thank you! He whispered.

Thank you, I said loud for what you have done for me.

Let us go and rest in the bedroom, I heard him. Are you tired, I looked at him and said, kind of making sure what he was up to, really wanted to rest now or maybe not.

O’ baby, let us go in the bedroom, he said and chuckled without mentioning the word “rest” and we walked together in each other’s arms. We must have not lying for long, talking about what I was studying, a bit about me and David’s life, likes, what, how, etc when he nuzzled his head into my neck and voiced a long, soft Mmmmm.

Amazingly, I felt hardness once more as his prick came to life against my groin that instantly fired life in my cock too. His hands began to explore and soon he wasnt just cuddling me but exciting me all over again. I rolled onto my back, and he propped up on his elbow beside me as he flicked on the soft light of a bedside lamp. Our mouths met and we kissed again a joining that quickly intensified as we tasted each other and came to understand our shared need. Almost in unison we moved again so that I was beneath him, his upper body on my torso, my legs spread as he lay between them. He lifted his head a little, so that our faces were unglued by few inches. Both of us were shivering slightly, but it certainly wasnt because of cold but under extreme and passionate arousal for sure.

David, I whispered in a guttural voice.

Yes! My dear Qasim, he raised himself a bit as we kissed again and he started moving south on my shuddering, wiggling body kissing my neck, ears, dwelling bit longer on my hardening nipples and tits. His hands spreading far as he licked my belly and the shaved pubic area finally reaching the middle of my body where his hands were already busy fondling, influencing my cock and balls. Some expert moves made by him and soon he was in 69 position over me. Mmmm Mmmmmmmmmm MMMmm there was nothing happening in the whole wide world for whatever time I and David sucked, licked each other’s balls, cock; consuming plentiful salty musky precum. David almost folded me in half making my legs go as far up as possible and made my ass stick out for his oral pleasure letting his fingers and tongue go around, in and over every ridge, every depth and every crease of my love hole. Not that I only enjoyed the fruit of David’s labor but indulged feasting on his once again full blown man satisfying weapon and ever full loaded with his seed, balls until I heard the squeaking sound of the opening and closing of the drawer with one of David’s extended hand grabbing at the annoying but needed condoms he kept there. Now standing on his knees he quickly unrolled the rubber on his hard throbbing, red hot rod. His fingers scooped up some lube and applied it to my twitching hole, before smearing some over his rampant pole. As he leaned forward again, I lifted my legs and wrapped them around his waist placing us perfectly so that as his head came back to mine, his cock nudged against the soft target of my ass. I cant believe you make me this aroused I whispered at him.

Ditto, handsome, he said as his hips moved forward a touch and I willed my body to relax around the large head of his serpent as it begged entry there. Summoning all the lust plus ardor he pressed into me gently but firmly and I felt myself open for him. A twinge of pain instantly overwhelmed by the pleasure of him forcing apart my sphincter muscles splitting me in half. He paused for a few seconds once his head had infringed my ring and then slowly began to slide in again. The tenderness of his assault was unbelievable as I felt every single muscle fiber of his cock travel through my asshole and filled my gut. A pain pleasure mixed gasp escaped me as the knob of his prick pressed against and brushed my prostate. He stopped, looking concerned, before he realized what happened. With a mischievous grin, he pulled back a little and repeated the process, making me groan aloud with pleasure, and then continued his descent into my body finally stopping, buried to the hilt within my chute, I moaned softly.

Oh, David, that feels so fucking good!

Ditto, baby, he said Ditto in a trembling voice, as he adjusted inside me pulling back a little before pushing in again. Finding his rhythm, he soon began a steady, rocking motion surging forward into me then rolled back a bit while my rectum muscles gripped at him, before driving forward once more. I was in paradise as he made love to me. I felt so self-righteous getting nailed into the bed by David and receive such grandiose fucking only after meeting him a few hours ago. Slowing his pace occasionally and revolving his pelvis often, David dug and probed at my insides, finding places I didnt know existed sending electric pulses of ecstasy through my entire body. His superb cock was acting like an army of one, mulling, proceeding and performing to take over the enemy territory that was my ass and claiming it as his to own. His hands continued to explore my body as my hands grabbed and pulled at him, urging him in, or rubbing at the shining with sweat glory of his skin. His fucking was hard, beautiful and lovely. It was romantic and slow but not gentle. It was quixotic and deliberate but not mild. It was man to man fucking like it should be. There was a hidden strength, a wonderful control of power to the way he speared his masculinity into my compliant and obeying naked body and it thrilled me. I trembled as the layers of passionate arousal built up within my frame; he fucked me really relentless and blatant. Over and over, he would lean forward and I would lift my head to meet his, so that we kissed as we joined a coupling of wondrous, sensual delight and unimagined arousal. It was a challenge for the two titans of their own kind but still they met so skillfully, adroitly. I had wondered if we had the strength to manage a third climax in such short time but as David made love such capably, I knew that I would be finding my peak again. It seemed like nothing I had ever experienced before this because I had never been fucked before especially by a man of as matured age as David but only by amateur college guys. Our two bodies had joined as a single entity whose sole purpose was the sharing of indescribable pleasure and no selfish motive. My brain reeled as my body trembled and the center of choice; my ass emanated waves of enchantment which overwhelmed my entire naked being.

And then, amid constant plowing and plugging as I felt my orgasm approaching, David began to speed up in his lunges, his eyes sparkling as he pounded & pumped faster and faster, deeper and harder into me with a real sense of emergency. I knew he too was close, and I moaned and groaned nonstop urging him to fuck me, racing him to the edge of the abyss as we both had started to tumble once more. We reached the point of no return, gasped a stifled cry of release and toppled over the cliff together. As he stiffened and thundered into me in one final mighty pounding, my nuts boiled over and I felt my cock swell before I exploded. One long streamer of white hot cream erupted from within my cock snaking up onto Davids hair, his cheek, and chest, falling back onto my own. Another followed, and another and another and another as I jetted out a river of my essence drowning us in sticky brew. As I shot my juices, my stretched sphincter clenched like a vice, around Davids meaty rod, but it was no match for his swollen, rampant masculinity. With each spasm that rocked me with another bang through him and he poured his seed into my flexing and relaxing body, shot after shot of cum filling me as he shuddered and twitched through our simultaneous climax.

Time stood still as we abandoned to the ecstasy of surrender and gave up control of our own bodies. For minutes or for hours who knows!! We shook and cried as one, sharing the ultimate intimacy and riding the crescendo of physical release. I dont recall which of us finished first, but suddenly we were both gasping for air, exhausted and spent, as he collapsed onto me, his body covering mine, his glorious cock still held in my body and my very own ball’s brew smeared between our bodies, so wet, so warm so soothing. For long we stayed like that, still joined as one, floating in the afterglow of sated passion, sharing the warmth of pure intimacy. Eventually David began to move lifting himself from me as I reluctantly surrendered his manhood. He carefully removed the condom and shook it in my face, took a breath as if to speak, but I stopped him.

He laughed hard at that, regaining control after a minute or so. I was going to say thank you. You were wonderful. Just wonderful? I said, raising my eyebrows and trying to hold back a grin. Then I became more serious. David, I want you to know that what we did today was the most sensual, ultimate erotic experience of my entire life. I will never forget it. Thank you!

He kissed me then a soft kiss, but full of meaning and it made my heart soar. Qasim, I think I………………. Umm, I mean, I … thank you too, handsome. I was sure he was going to say something else, but changed his mind at the last minute. We kissed again as he smiled and bucked over me. We were both literally spent after three such powerful and potent orgasms and could have slept overnight like logs but I was extremely impressed when David asked me, honey, if you must leave, I better drop you now before I get totally disabled or better yet; it would be splendid if you stayed for the night. I contemplated for a moment knowing full well, even if I stayed with David overnight, we shall not be fucking any more before good 2—3 hours until his cock and balls were well rested and ready again and also by then my ass would not be feeling sore anymore. By then it would be late and if we fucked more into late hours, getting up and do all what was necessary to be done may be jeopardized. I could feel a tug of war between my ass, needing to get fucked trying to make up the loss of not being fucked for at least 6 months but my conscious mind won on plain logic. I could easily see in my future; David becoming my fuck buddy to start with and maybe…. I did not want to think beyond this at the moment. I don’t know why suddenly I felt wetness in my eyes as David’s semi hard cock was felt nestling in the crack of my ass as we lay there unaware of this living world around us. O’ my God, I was dead sure I heard a sob and sigh and David’s strong arms pulled me into his chest. I whispered into his neck my desire to leave now and we got up to get ready.

We did not speak much for the next 20—25 minutes we were together except to exchange phone numbers and requesting each other to stay in touch. Before leaving his home David, gave me the shopping bag which contained books and I did pay him 90 dollars which he accepted as a fair deal. I thought for a second, in 90 dollars, I got one book with complete and the latest class / teacher notes, another brand new book, got my ass pounded, received all the cum anyone could give for three times and definitely had the prospect to win David for his & mine sexual needs. Not bad at all. Sure, I spent next five and a half years in this school, earned my MS in Microbiology and even got to work for a while with some teachers as their assistant. David and I stayed as friends, fuck buddies, husband and wife or whatever else anyone thought. We had hundreds of sexual episodes alone and sometimes with guys David knew from his life.

Well, times change, circumstances change, lives change and unwanted things happen. Though my relationship with David did not go sour but it was sensed better in the larger interest of both to part happily before others who came into our duo could do some damage. I moved three times since then from State to State and am here now with you for your sexual pleasure. I hope, David, wherever he is now; would be remembering me too as I remember him so very fondly.

Thank you for time and patience. Sex is life and gay sex is ultimate life. Please enjoy carefully and patiently. A. W. Chohan………