Qasims True Story Chapter 1

First Thing First: I do not judge and I so will not vouch every word of this story to be true but I know Qasim as a gay bottom boy and have fucked him the most of all my bois. Just enjoy the story instead of going into useless details. I met Qasim in a chat room for the first time and the sex grew on both of us. He claims to be of an Indian ancestry. His grandfather moved to South Africa from India many, many, many years ago. His father was also born in South Africa. He was born to an Indian father and an American mother. When his parents divorced, Qasim was almost 18, gay. He claimed to be totally bottom and still virgin and closeted. His mother brought him to USA with her and she put him in this college where he had his gay life flourish and bloom after severe and cruel restrictions in South Africa.

With Qasim’s permission, I am sharing with you four of His gay life stories. This the first one when he got deflowered and lost his virginity to his dream of getting his ass fucked. His taker was a Pakistani boy; who happened to be his roommate in the college dorm. Then he was shared with an Indian boy and he was in “Getting his ass Fucked” heaven. Then ….. You will find out, just sit back, relax and enjoy. Hope you will be plenty satisfied and amused. Please do send some comments.
[From now on, Qasim speaks].

I am a GAY man and positively know by now the purpose of my birth being to be of service to those who seek the opportunity to allow me and others like me to cater to their sexual needs by offering myself as their sex toy and letting them fuck me and release the burden of their balls by shooting their manly seed load into the assholes; mine & others. This Pakistani roommate of mine in college dorm was already experienced as he informed me and also proved it during our hundreds of episodes over 2 years of day and night sharing of the living facility. He (Saleem Samuel) was a young Christian man of 18 years. He was born in USA, after his family had migrated
here from Pakistan. He was tall, almost 6 feet and a very good athlete and the captain of his High School Basketball team for two years during the junior and senior years in school. Now without further ado, relax and enjoy my story
Losing Ass Virginity.

Saleem was eyeing me from the moment we had met and transported our luggage and other belongings to the room. If I recollect and remember now, he had brushed, touched my body a few times which seemed very innocent during the shifting of our stuff, one flight up the stairs to our room but it was actually not all that innocent as I found out later. We were really tired and sweating after we got done with the hauling of all the things. He suggested me to take the bed near the window opening in the rear of the building and I agreed. He threw himself in a free fall on the bed he had chosen announcing that he was ready to take a shower in about 5 minute after catching his breath. He had already told me he was chosen to be the assistant resident monitor of the hall and although like the monitor in charge he was not given a single room but this room was strategically located at the other end of the hall from the monitor’s end to make it easy for supervising the guys who will be spending their first year of college in the dorm facility. Room was slightly larger in size with a special perk of having its own bathroom which we two were to use only and not share it with other boys. There were separate bathroom cubicles for them to share.

The cafeteria will be open for another hour, he announced and asked me if I wanted to go eat there or rather go out and explore what shops were close by. I was tired and had no urge to walk outside until later may be, so I told him I shall take a shower after he is done and would rather be happy to walk down to the cafeteria and eat a little and save the appetite for a nice dinner outside later. Saleem agreed readily and jumped off to his feet and started peeling his clothes off. The sneakers, the socks, shirt and then the pants as well!! Oh my God, in less than a minute, he was stark naked and going through his bag looking for the towel and perhaps the soap & shampoo bottle. I was shaken to the bones, a closeted gay boy I was and struggling with myself to keep my feelings hidden but how the hell was I going to stay unaware of a naked man so close to me. Although he was not looking but still, I was also not looking deliberately but for sure from the corner of my eyes I was watching with all intent. He had very wide strong looking shoulders and upper body, real masculine and power packed thighs full of loads of meat and calves also looked well developed. His front was almost at the best angle for my eyes to savor and enjoy. A few shades darker Saleem’s cock was surely uncut and his balls were about to touch the floor, they were hanging as low as he sat on his feet searching his bag. Oh my God, I just could not dare take my eyes off but had to be careful not giving a hint and then for sure he pulled a towel and a soap bar from the clothes and stood up.

Lucky me I had just turned my head the other way a bit and he did not catch me staring at his manhood but I was totally awed and had to look at him as he stood up showing his cock and balls in full glory and open view. Saleem had something I could never imagine a man could have. His cock was at least 5 or may be even 6 inches long while it was totally floppy and for sure another inch of extra foreskin dangling off the tip clearly showing the outline of the cockhead. My confidence got shattered about feeling secure with my own dick size of about 6 and a half inches in length and really thick too with a beautiful mushroom at the end; when fully hard and solid. When limp, I hardly had about 2 inches of the cock shaft making me wonder if his cock grew at least as much as mine, how long he will be when completely erect and stiff, O my God; my both balls put together were not even half the size of his massive heap of meat over which his length was so proudly spilling downwards but not before showing a big curve like the beak of a parrot. I was belittled and felt totally denied by nature. I was so mesmerized and taken so unwillingly or willingly watching him that I totally lost the touch with reality forgetting where was I and Saleem was purposely not moving away making sure I looked at him all I wanted. It was surely not even 30 seconds but seemed like eternity when he started scratching his balls and the shaft as well showing me the various poses and angles of his marvelous master piece of meat pole. He held his shaft near the balls and started swinging a bit in the air and I must be moving my head in circles too when I suddenly had an eye to eye contact with Saleem. He was smiling in a very strange way.

How do you like it Qasim… he kept swinging his monster cock in front of my eyes. I did not know what to do or say, as he spoke again, look at these awesome balls I have, Qasim; and nodded towards his balls, as if saying go ahead check them out. I did not move, I was so scared, maybe he was just tricking me, and maybe he just wanted to see whether I was gonna look really the way he wanted it or not. “What? Are you shy? He said moving a bit closer to me, I saw you gazing from the side of your eyes, come on its only you and I here, no one is going to know; he whispered. I was not far from where his balls were, and I felt the smell hitting me very strong and I loved it. I was getting hard at the same time although fighting a little against the dirty intent of my own cock. I think I was a bit unwilling but he got closer and closer to the bed where I was sitting and now his balls were less than two feet away from me, I sniffed really slow, so he won’t know that I was smelling his balls. Suddenly Saleem pulled on his balls. His balls were really big, hanging very loose in their sack, they moved in different direction, one would go up and other would go down. I just kept looking at the folds of his skin, and the thick veins and how heavy they looked. He grabbed his balls and kind of squeezed them. More he squeezed, the tighter the sack got, and more visible his balls were. I couldnt stop looking, I did not want this to finish, I was shivering with the excitement, fear, and curiosity.

Oh God, suddenly he had stopped swinging his cock. For a minute I couldnt breathe, it was really big, it was soft, and looked profound. The head was flared wide within
the foreskin, flat with a huge slit that was semi opened peeping out of the foreskin now and it looked a little wet. The enormous length of the shaft was also wide, but not as wide as the head that looked perfect on top of his shaft. The smell of his crotch was musky and very strong even though he was a few feet away. His cock started to move, it was twitching. It moved to one side, and started to stretch in length towards me and then towards the ceiling. The head became dark red, more flat, the slit opened even further and I could clearly see sweat on his balls now. Disregarding every thought of shame or hesitation, I remember very well just going under some hypnosis to kneel between his legs and there I was touching, pulling, feeling and playing with Saleem’s balls and his hefty but still not very hard cock. Sure my fingers were all wet with the sweat on and around his balls. A huge sigh was heard coming out of his mouth as I started sniffing around there. I was getting high. I belonged there, I knew. I felt very close to him, I felt like I was under his mercy, a feeling of submissiveness took over me and Saleem started rubbing his crotch all over my face till I was covered with sweat and the aroma of his groin on my face.

He pushed my head away from his balls, bent his cock towards me and squeezed his cocks head letting a huge splurge of precum appear on his cock slit. His finger met some precum and smeared in my nose and lips. I tasted it, it was a bit salty and musky. The aroma of the precum smeared in my nose hit me like a ton of bricks as I breathed and felt dizzy and delightful. You want more? He asked, but I did not say anything. So he squeezed his cock some more and gave me more precum to lick from his finger. He did this like 4 or 5 times. I was in heaven, I felt like a new person as he rubbed his cock over my lips. Next moment he made me stand up very close to him… stunned or rapt, I don’t know but I did not resist when Saleem peeled off my shirt and undid my jeans & made it fall to the floor. Soon we were in a tight cuddle. I kicked my jeans off my ankles. He told me that he liked me a lot already. I smiled, like I was waiting for him to say that. I felt like it was OK to do the things we were doing as he liked me. He kissed my lips, my cheek, and my forehead. He licked my face and neck with his big, wet, rough, slimy tongue. His tongue was everywhere. I opened my mwah, not intentionally, maybe to breathe so I won’t pass out. There was his tongue in my mouth sucking mine so hard, pulling my tongue that made it so sexy. I felt Saleem squeeze my waist, my back, and my shoulder blades and the very sensitive nipples. Slowly then he moved behind me, making me bend over the side of the bed slowly sliding down…his face right in my ass. And he started smelling me saying, I smelled very nice back there. I did not know what to say or do. I heard him sniffing some more, felt his warm breath on my thighs. I felt his hands on my ass cheeks; he opened them and closed them. He did this a couple more times, just squeezing my ass checks, opening my ass and closing it and he was saying something while doing this but I couldnt understand. Then he pulled my underwear from one side so my crack would be visible to him. He opened my ass and dove with his nose right in between and started sniffing me like a mad man. When he inhaled I felt cold air creep right through my crack, and when he exhaled my ass was warmed. Why was Saleem doing this to me? Should I stop him now or was it too late? Slowly he pulled my underwear to the floor, off my ass. Kissing each cheek as my hips moved from right to left. He parted my ass wide, and asked me to push so I pushed a little “YES, YES push more let me see your lovely hole open up. I pushed my hole out and felt his two thumbs spread the sides of it. Being the first time ever, it was hurting bad but the excitement and the thrill of the moment was far too excessive. Yes this is it, hold it there for me. Suddenly I felt his warm and wet tongue on my hole. It was very different; it felt like he was licking the inside of me. “No stop” I said.

Shushhhhh! Relax, I heard him say and I closed my hole and relaxed. Now push your hole out and hold it again and I did as asked. He was licking, not fast but he was taking his time tasting me. I felt his tongue slowly going around my fleshy hole, felt it pushing inside of me, digging and wiping the whole area inside and out. Now I want to do something else to you. He made me sit on the floor between his legs. I felt like I was in a cage. I remember looking at his chest, nipples, biceps, arms, and thinking; this guy was a real man. At the age of 18, I still did not have total understanding of what was going on between Saleem and I. He had big hands, rough palms, his calves were well defined, big and covered with curly black hair. His thighs were really thick, strong, shinning of sweat, and covered with a strong growth of hair. His cock was Large on top of his heavy balls. His balls looked so huge, and the left one was lower than the right. He held his cock in his hand and started masturbating very slowly. He pulled on his cock gently and then rolled his big balls in his hands like he was showing them to me. Now I could see his cock getting harder and cock head pushed out again from the pocketed folds of the foreskin getting flatter and wider. This cock will always be your whenever you need it I will give it you, Saleem told me. Bringing his cocks slit at my mouth, he was rubbing it on my tongue. I felt the big spongy head being squeezed and moved all around my tongue, and for some reason I felt like closing my mouth on it, but I didnt want to upset Saleem so I did not. From left to right and from right to left he moved his cock head, while staring at my tongue like he was doing some elaborate favor or may be a job. He put both hands on my head and pulled me towards his cock, open your mouth; he ordered and I did. I saw his hard cock coming closer to my mouth and it looked so big, angry, dim red and black mixed, thick, and wide. I felt the cock head pass my lips when I heard; now close your mouth and make your tongue go all around it, and try to suck it also. I did as I was told, I started sucking and feeling all the edges of his cock head with my tongue. It felt very natural as I sucked him with more and more eagerness.

How does it taste? Saleem asked while pulling his cock out of my mouth. Little bit salty I answered softly, and then he asked me, do you want more. I smiled and nodded shyly. He pushed his cock back in my mouth and told me to suck it, taste it, suck it, yeah suck it. I sucked his cock and applied pressure on it, I wanted more of it, yeah take it, suck my cock he said while pushing slowly with his hands behind my head. I pulled back to breathe and looked at his cock that was shining with my spit; forming small bubbles on his knob. I quickly went back and started sucking again, I dont know why, but I enjoyed doing it. He pulled his cock out again and squeezed his cock head and said, lick that stuff that comes out. I closed my eyes and tasted that salty and sticky slit happily. Now, I am putting my cock back in your mouth and I want you to suck it really fast, move your mouth fast on it, alright. He said holding my head with his hands. He started moving my mouth on his cock fervently and then even faster. Spit started leaking from the sides of my mouth as he got faster and faster in moving my head. He was not only pushing his cock faster but deeper as well filling my mouth and throat with his masculine meat as I choked.

Suddenly he took his cock out of my mouth and started hitting my face with it, first my right cheek and then my left, he then rubbed it all over my face, neck and back to my mouth. He squeezed both balls in their sack with one hand making them push out. Lick my balls, he ordered and I obeyed. I am going to feed you my CUM soon, he announced as I kept washing and shining his awesome looking balls. Soon he pushed his cock deep in my mouth filling my mouth again, almost choking me on it. Suddenly a loud growl was heard. His hips were in frenzy and swirling in circles making his cock go much faster and deeper into my mouth. With both of my hands on his thighs, I could feel his meat shivering and tensing hard. I could feel the veins on the shaft scratching inside of my mouth and throat making me so pompous and eager to go on.

Ahhh fuck you Qasim… I heard Saleem shout, here I CUM. I always wanted to but never had the nerves to taste even my own CUM and now almost sure he was going to shoot his balls juices in my mouth, I wanted to get my mouth off his cock but NO! I
cannot say for sure it was Saleem’s grip on my head or I did not really try to get away quick but for sure, next second a gush of very warm CUM was hitting the back of my throat. My drenched tonsils were pushed down and sideways making the divine nectar from his balls glide down to my belly. My lips were glued to the utterly throbbing cock spasm after spasm squirting the creamy lava into my mouth. Swallow I heard a trembling voice of Saleem from top. O my God, the supply was so abundant that I had no choice but to gulp it down quick. I be very honest, the most vivid thing I remember even today about swallowing CUM for the first time was the strong and pungent but compulsive smell that filled my nostrils. It was so over powering and obsessive to make me addicted to the habit of swallowing the CUM ever after.

Saleem’s cock throbbed, flexed and I kept swallowing all that was pouring out of it and even milked it long after as he ordered. My mouth was all coated with the thin layer of his tasty CUM and felt so satisfied and proud to have done something real sexy and righteous in my mind and feeling deep satisfaction in my bones. Soon Saleem’s cock stopped shuddering and erupting as his body and cock went limp. You are awesome, I heard Saleem mutter… We will be very desirable roommates. I am glad to have you as my roomy. His cock was almost half hard still when he asked me to let it go outta his mouth and I obeyed. Let’s go hit the shower together, I heard him say in a certain tone that he knew will cast a spell on me and I won’t refuse. He bucked his back over me and gave me a kiss on my lips; oh fuck, I thought he must have tasted his own CUM still wet and fresh there. With a happy grin on his face he helped me get up from between his legs on to my feet and we walked hand in hand to the bathroom attached to our dorm room.

Although it was difficult not to start playing in the bathroom while we were both naked and cuddling with each other under the warm shower but Saleem made sure not to start and resisted my moves every time when I held his beautiful still semi stiff cock and the balls that could match a bull easily. He only let me rub and wash his front and back scrubbing with soap and wash cloth, although I did succeed a little to spend some time cleaning his groin and the inner thighs. He washed my body thoroughly as well with a special attention to my ass buns, the crack and the hole too. I was bent over couple of times against the wall, opposing the shower head and he made sure to scrub my crack, separating my cheeks as much as possible and I even felt a little pressure on my ass lips with soapy fingers making sure I was clean as possible washing away more the obvious dirt, sweat and the residue. After the shower, Saleem turned the water off and we towel dried each other. It was getting beyond my control to see Saleem’s cock now looking so fresh and tasty with foreskin completely hiding the well carved head and the dark skinned shaft meat, making a curve and hanging over those hypnotizing balls….. I knelt down between his legs right in the bathroom but Saleem quickly made me stand up and almost dragged me out of the bathroom.

He realized my lust and hunger as I was getting overwhelmed with the erotic odor emanating from his naked sexy body and without any further delay he lead me to the bed where he climbed on it and then sat with his legs spread out in front of him and back supported by the wall behind him. I did not wait for him to settle, I was so very fucking burning hot and horny seeing him all ready for me; quickly taking a position between his totally spread legs and next I placed my hands on his legs and covered the smooth inner thighs with hot kisses & then took hold of his thick cock shaft and slowly pulled back the foreskin. A small bead of Pre cum was dribbling out of his light pink colored cock head, so I flicked out my tongue and licked up the salty liquid engulfing Saleems cock head in my mouth and sucked greedily& then lowered my head, trying to get as much of his cock in my mouth and down my throat as possible. He bobbed up and down making me suck and slurp his thick meat. I wanted to show Saleem that I could give him a far better blowjob, don’t know why but it just made me feel proud producing the sensations coursing through his body. “Oh yeah, suck my cock Qasim; that feels great. Suck my stiff dick”, I heard him say in a muttering sound as his cock throbbed and pulsed in my wet mouth.

After sucking him for several minutes, I let Saleems large cock slide out of my lips. He spilled a loud sigh but before he had time to protest, I started to lick and kiss his boyish balls, licking the silky smooth, hairless scrotum and began sucking the precious orbs within. I could just about manage to suck each large ball individually in to my wet mouth. Fuck! His each ball was larger than mine both put together and I really had to struggle to suck on those grandiose nuts. The suction on Saleem’s large and heavy nuts had made him ooze even more pre cum from his knob, now dribbling down his shaft and I had no choice but to stick my tongue out and lick the length of his cock, from his balls to the head; lapping up the stream of pre cum, savoring its tangy salty taste on my tongue and then making sure the solid erect length got all slithered and shining too. My eyes almost felt popping out of sockets when I finally clamped my lips on the very thick base of that larger, thicker cock and felt the fresh meaty smell off his pubic bone. My mouth was really really full and felt great.

Fucking hell, suck me Qasim that feels great. Suck my cock you horny little fucker, I could hear Saleem’s meeker voice tremble and fade out as he moaned louder. I got very excited and animated hearing Saleem asking me to suck his cock. Wow, I sure must be doing a great job, I thought louder for a moment as his full blown dick puffed and throbbed in my throat and mouth making me gasp for air and I had to move up his shaft letting my tongue wrap around its glossy mushroom. Saleem was positively enjoying my mouth in his groin and making certain moves as well that gave him the control of the middle of my body and I started feeling his large, heavy hands on my ass cheeks. I still was sucking his dick though in a varied position, his slightly thick and curved thick muscle close to the base of his pole was rubbing much harder on my throat and gagging me considerably. His cock was making harsh throbbing; spilling more and more of silky pre cum and that was choking me. I pulled my mouth away and started stroking Saleem as my tongue and lips got busy on his hefty balls. Horny mix of my saliva and his cock cream on my hands were putting a thick coat of shine on his fucking length and balls shimmering too as I eagerly licked and sucked them. Saleem had started running his fingers over my firm young ass gripping and groping harder. Soon he started pulling my crack apart and lightly rolled his finger along my virgin asshole buried deep inside there. It was all new to me but I sure was not naïve. The brand new sensation was a sure sign; Saleem was planning on something far bigger than what we had done so far. My body suddenly tensed up, partly due to the fear of unknown and partly due to the thrill soon coming I could well imagine. I do not remember exactly how, but soon I was flat on my stomach in the middle of the bed and Saleem had taken position between my widely parted legs and slightly tucked in knees making my ass go up a little in the air. I turned my neck and looked him on his knees, both hands on my firm round ass and his upper body in a hunch. Ouuhhhhh, Again his face was in my crack and warm breath reaching my tightly puckered hole making it queer. It did not take long until I felt my ass mounds pulled apart much harder and Saleem’s wet tongue slipping and sliding around my bottom opening. Oh God, oh God! A severe wave of in-explainable sensation soaked me and I could feel my Ass in Saleem’s control being licked, sucked and my very meaty cheeks being kneaded and massaged violently.

“Fuckin hell, Saleem what are you doing? I did not hear him answer me, which was not surprising, instead he began to slide his finger in and out of the tight, hot ass hole, massaging my innards. I began gasping for breath, as my asshole was being finger fucked for the very first time. Waves of sexual pleasure washed over my entire body. “Oh my God, Saleem!! That feels so good- dont stop” I remember saying and felt Saleem thrusting his now two fingers back and forth up to the 2nd knuckle at least breaching my ass ring. Honestly, I felt a lot of pain but the pleasure and the excitement was literally drowning me. “UURRRGGGHHH”. Suddenly I felt Saleem’s one hand on my balls which were extremely swollen. He brushed lightly on these precious jewels and then with a much tighter grip, milked my burning hot and fiery red cock. Ouuuungggh! I just could have Cum then and there; I was so overwhelmed with sexual load but thankfully Saleem did not dwell and left my cock alone, aching and sending excruciating joy throughout my naked body with heavy amount of slick pre cum dripping on the bed sheet below. It felt like a fucking ace.

As Saleem left my body alone for a moment, I gasped loud for air and then leaned over towards him and kissed him on his lips, tasting his lips and the glaze of my ass on them. He obviously liked it, and began to reciprocate with enthusiasm and my hands started roaming on his body as we cuddled and intertwined our bodies. Soon my hands dropped down and I noticed, Saleem had rampant erection between his legs. I wrapped my fist around the shaft and started to jerk him off. Will you fuck me now? I can never ever forget the moment when I uttered these words in his ear in a very soft whisper. Are you sure? I would be very happy to do the honor, Saleem also whispered back to me in a very lusty tone. Have you been fucked before?

I suddenly had a feeling of shame and guilt as well as I remember not answering him but only swaying my head in negative, hiding my blushed face in the nape of his neck but the excitement and exhilaration of the thought quickly took over. Your finger felt so good up my ass; now I want to feel your cock as well. Gladly, Saleem said with zeal and gusto. I would love the opportunity of fucking your virgin ass and popping the cherry. Just get on your knees and elbows, boy. Saleem ordered in a very determined and indomitable pitch as he slapped my baby soft mounds with both of his larger hands. You got a hungry ass, boy. Yeah, your big hot ass is just made for a man to fuck, aint it? Spread those legs; let me see your hole. As I obeyed quietly, he ran his fingers back and forth along the cleft then concentrated on the puckered ring. What the fuck!!! He spoke a bit angrily; you are gone tight again and with that he spit into his hand and flicked at the tight opening to loosen it. Moving between my legs he bent over to run his tongue in there as well. He held my balls briefly, pulling on them as he tongue-fucked my asshole. I could hear him mumble in my ass; you want it fucked boy?

You want me to climb on you and stick it in…Haaaan. I could sense him stroking his stiff cock to lube it with another mouthful of saliva and the fluid oozing out his cock slit. The time stood still, my head bowed and held in my hands on the pillow and my body going through the cadences of shivers, trembling and even tensing with the anticipation of what was going to happen. Oh Lord! Saleem was going to fuck me. A million varied thoughts were overwhelming me but all felt good, I imagine because I don’t even remember breathing loud and totally focused to get it done to me. And then my total body jumped out of the skin when I received a firm hard spanking on my meaty cheeks. Saleem had pulled his mouth away from in between my ass crack and I felt a soft feeling of breeze going inside me. Oh fuck, my asshole must have expanded, I knew and all set. Ready, Qasim! I heard him loud and clear with my head turned back I saw his hand gliding and making wet sound on the manly cock, foreskin pulled back and larger head shining spotless with the mixture of spit and pre cum…… And he leaned forward, aimed at my hole and pushed his cock head on it.

Even if I try to remember and explain what happened next, I know; it will be the wastage of time. All I can say is that next moment I found myself flat on my belly. The room must have spun through my legs or something and I was feeling a stabbing pain at the opening down under. Quickly turned on my back I saw Saleem, very calm and quiet but surely he had a nasty look on his face making me feel as if I had done something awfully wrong. I sure felt belittled and ashamed not only failing to let Saleem go into my ass but far more for disappointing myself, thinking that I was not the worthy person for the deed in progress. Oh God, if I did not control, the tears were ready to burst out of my eyes. I was so embarrassed and humiliated.

But suddenly I heard Saleem giggle and chuckle in a very light mood. It’s ok baby, nothing new for me and I am glad, it sure tells me that you have a virgin boy hole there for me to fuck. He spoke softly and quickly encouraged me not to whimper or be sissy but to relax and feel proud for what was being done to me. I am sure you want to get your ass fucked Qasim… now be honest and tell me if you don’t want it.

And I just raised my ass up again for him, without uttering anything. My knees squatted once again and my torso leaned forward supported by my elbows, ready for him to do what I was wanting done so bad. Although never been fucked before, I was enjoying a horny feeling in my ass and needed something to happen rather quickly. Ahhhhhhhh!! I was surely born to be bottom although at that very moment I was not very clear what it really meant and how much pleasure it was going to bestow on me for the rest of my life as a fuck toy for the top men in need of boys like me. Saleem gave a wet kiss hurriedly on my needy, hungry ass sphincter making it wet and sloppy and then, ,, ,, ,, I felt pressure once again right on the target. Fuck you!!! I heard Saleem as I found myself quivering and shaking violently once again with the agonizing pain and twinge in my ass ring. No amount of remorse and penitence could convey him my shame and utter failure to keep myself still in place and let him penetrate me. I was so regretful for my asshole being this disobedient and would have resigned to the fact that I was not worthy of getting my ass fucked by that young Christian marvelous cock, able and readily willing to perform the task, when I heard Saleem….. I am going to give one last try Qasim and do yourself a favor by not letting me take any drastic step and do what I think I will do if you keep showing this much disinterest. Now get the fuck turned around and let me see you flat on your back pronto.

I could sense the rage in his tone and cursed myself quietly while turning and lying flat on my back while he yelled ordering me to raise my legs up, up and back until my knees were almost touching my ears. My hands were holding my ankles and Saleem
had taken position on his knees between my legs. Oh fuck!!! I rapidly realized that in this position, I was almost denied of any movement and pinned powerless as Saleem took out the KY warming gel tube from his bag and was smearing it on his throbbing angrily manhood and then I felt him roaming around and even inside my asshole with his very slushy KY laced two or may be three fingers. Damn, I knew, this was it. With my eyes half open I saw Saleem move up a bit and now his naked body was over my naked body. His one hand was on my chest almost crushing my nipple; but very vigilantly he grabbed my shoulder and clasped me in control unable to move any bit while the other was manipulating his very erect dick. For a very short moment I sensed his cock head on my opening and then; all I remember was an abrupt push or should I say “SHOVE”. But I do remember shouting at the top of my voice. I knew I was nailed securely to Saleem’s body. His balls must have prevented him sliding all naked into my ass. The plunge was so powerful and complete. Although Saleem was not moving any more, but he hunched a little and his warm breath was felt on my lips. I think he was trying to kiss me and I realized his heavy duty balls rubbing on my no more unused virgin hole.

The pain of insertion was huge not only in my fully dilated and extended entry but was also quickly spreading into my inner thighs and rushing into my spine. I was howling like a real hurt little disregarded boy when he suddenly starting sucking my lips and tongue into his mouth. I reciprocated but halfheartedly. My loud sobs and bawls did stop but the deep hurting pain was too much. Sensing no other choice, I concentrated on the activity Saleem had started with his mouth, lips and tongue. I do not know how but we started melting and bonding much rapidly. Now Saleem’s hands were rampant on my nipples and mine were running all over his back. It felt long but I don’t know how long we stayed motionless only kissing and body surfing each other when I heard Saleem say, your ass is conquered Qasim… congratulations. You are no more Virgin boy. I think I felt some pride and pomposity hearing Saleem say, I was not virgin anymore. It may sound like a cliché but somehow I felt the pain was not as much either as I think it was. With that he started to ease out his cock out from my ass. O’ my God, a reverse wrench felt ripping me apart but Saleem continued to pull out slowly, with my thin sheathing felt wrapped and pulled out too. I guess half way through and then he once again slammed balls deep into my tight ass. Fucking pain sky rocketed as I cried, you are too damn big.

Take it like a man baby! He bellowed at me and quickly repeated the pull push routine. My body started convulsing and sweat poured out in gallons from both of our bodies. Saleem started assuring me that everything was going to be fine soon and
also that he was doing it to me not for his selfish personal pleasure but for mine as well. Your ass is adjusting nicely, he said, messaging my nipples which were pretty hard by now disseminating the elation I never even knew existed in my naked nailed body under Saleem and then he increased the rhythm. It simply felt like he was slicing me in half with a constant pace and tempo. He was constantly muttering, you like that baby? You like my big hard dick filling your hungry man-hole? Cmon boy, take it, take it all…clear to my balls!

Saleem slid his stiff cock all the way up my chute which felt extended so tight and hot, wrapped around his thick cock. Needless to say, Saleem pumped his cock in and out of my fuck hole, his heavy, cum filled balls slapped against my ass and I was now squirming and squealing with the pleasure of getting my ass plowed for the very first time. He fully extended his legs and fucked me very deep, he rode my ass and fucked me very hard, he completely separated my legs apart and fucked me faster like a machine and I was moaning crazy all the time asking him to stop fucking me and CUM already, don’t stop now and fuck me more as he became more and more harsh, animalistic and brutal. More I pleaded him to CUM, more he fucked me… cannot CUM quick baby for the second time in such short time he kept repeating. Oh my dear ass…. It was for quite a long time he kept fucking me but then I felt his cock surge and stiffen even greater and swelling, pushing against my gripping sphincter and with a very loud howling he started to cum. With squirt after squirt, he jetted his spunk up my ass tunnel constantly yelling Ahhh fuck you, Ohhhh fuck you and then collapsed on top of me completely exhausted.

The warmth of liquid fire was comforting and soothing my sore inside like I never had ever imagined. My body slowly went limp and so did Saleem’s. We were totally wet in sweat outside and my ass canal was all flooded with creamy slush inside. I think we dozed off a bit until I felt my ass ring made a whisking sound and Saleem’s soft dick dropped out of it. He kissed me very softly on my lips and so did I as we looked in each other’s eyes.

Thank you, I could barely say feeling kind of extremely indebted to him for letting me realize my fantasy. Oh, thank you too, Qasim. I hope you enjoyed as much as I did,
fucking you and making you a man instead of a little virgin, curious boy. Fuck you man, next moment I heard Saleem yell. The cafeteria must be closed by now. Wow!! We must have taken more than an hour for fucking game. I kind of felt very happy because I knew I won’t be able to walk straight if I had to go out plus my hunger was gone. I was feeling warmed up and full in my belly with Saleem’s hot and fresh brewed nectar. I do not remember anything after this until at least 3—4 hours later. Saleem might have felt overly exhausted after fucking me this fabulous on top of making a long drive to college starting early morning from his hometown and then carrying the stuff to the room as well and so was I.

Anyway we woke up in each other’s arms. Many beautiful words were spoken until we were off the bed, planning to go out for a nice dinner, but one plan was discussed and finalized before moving off the bed and that was to continue our sexy rendezvous for the time we were together in this college. It is sad that I was with Saleem for the next 2 years only (because my studies were interrupted due to my mom’s fatal illness) and I had to quit the college for one semester. Oh! Don’t let me forget to tell you, Saleem shared my ass with a Hindu friend of his, who had a room on the ground floor of this dorm facility; [Varindra], telling me they were classmates in the High School and even used to fuck bois in the High School together and yes they fucked my both ends at the same time many a times but never 2 dicks in my love end. Once I was back to my studies, I had to join a different college because I had to move but within the State of course and never could find Saleem or Varindra who fucked me those 2 wonderful years of my early Gay life in college. Anyway, the life went on and I have had many more awesome getting fucked stories to tell about.

Thank you for your time and interest……