Crossdressed In Kerala Part 4

After the last session in saree the next session continued in a sexy hot black t-shirt Ahmed explored me like a deep sea researcher and found a lot of-of new things for me to enjoy and it lasted for 5days and we were very happy and we returned to our respective places , but both of us wanted each other very badly , so we were looking for the right time ,so it came as a surprise Jagan said me that he has invited Ahmed for Saturday night dinner and he asked me to look like a very beautiful woman , so I went to parlour and did threading, facial etc., to look beautiful , Jagan even bought me new set of black, dark pink and red color floral bra and panty ,so the day came I was in a confusion which saree to wear , then finally I decided to wear a sandalwood color saree with white flowers in it , so the dinner was planned by 8 pm ,so I started to make myself ready my 5 pm first I started with jasmine body lotion, navel chain, payal, earring , nose ring , gold necklace ,sandal color bangles , mangal sutra , toe ring ,a sandalwood color floral bra and panty, sandal like heels and then I wore sandal color deep cut blouse with embroidery works as showing my cleavage and petticoat below my navel showing my hot navel , then I started to drap my saree and finally I completed wearing it showing my cleavage and navel through my saree ,

then started to apply kajal,light red lipstick , had sindoor on head and forehead and was stunned to see me myself in mirror , then I went and showed to Jagan , he was stunned and came close to me and started to have our lips fused for 10min then I once again applied lipstick and after 20min we heard a calling bell and my heart was pumping like anything and I was happy , but I was sad at the same time because I will be able to see Ahmed , but I wont be able to have a session with him in this costume now , once Ahmed entered into our house he was shocked and was amazed to see me in such a beautiful saree he praised me and I captured his mind voice that he wanted to hug me, kiss me and wanted to enjoy me to the core now , but because of Jagans presence we both were not able to do anything, so when we were having a chat among each others Jagan went to get some drink for us,

As we all three where sitting on the same sofa with jagan in the middle it was like wonderful moment when jagan went to bring juice Ahmed came close to me he kept his finger on my forehead and dragged it till my cleavage and he came and stood backside of sofa and slowly through sides inserted his hands through my saree to hold my manboobs and circled around my nipples slowly I was on cloud nine and feeling the pleasure it lasted for about 2min I was moaning slowly as I got aroused because he touched my nipples, as we heard jagans coming sound we came to our normal selves , then jagan gave drink to Ahmed , but Ahmed refused it because as it was Saturday he Wont drink due to some prayers held in his country , so jagan started to drink even Ahmed drinks also , then we went to dinning table ,me and jagan where bringing things from kitchen to dinning table so while jagan was about to fill two water bottles full of water , Ahmed was standing behind me and he started to press my ass over my saree with high pressure , he kept pressing it vigorously I felt a immense pain when he was doing it continuously , but at the same time it was satisfying my need.

So then we had our dinner during that time sometimes Ahmed was just rubbing his leg over my soft waxed legs under the table he was clearly in a mood to fuck me tonight and when I bent I saw his pant it has already made a tent I wanted him badly, so an idea struck me I had a sleeping pills tablet so after dinner when Jagan asked me for a drink I just mixed only half the tablet of sleeping pills in first two rounds so that he shouldnt get doubt on me , so slowly one drink after other he started to booze and feel asleep so me and Ahmed took him to the bedroom and made him lie down on the bed, while going on the way we both where very happy, because we can enjoy now . so we slowly closed the door and came out , once we came out Ahmed and me started to kiss each other wildly that there is no tomorrow I had one thigh over him and one leg In between his legs and I was in saree so it made both of us go mad so we didnt waste time he made me lie on the floor and was kissing all over my body and I was moaning with the sounds of payal, bangles it was feeling like heavens sounds then he removed my saree from my pallu and turned me back so that my manboobs in blouse was pressing against the floor with hot cleavage shape clearly forming as be was pressing my body on the floor then be removed his pant and boxer and his 9inch tool got released and he raised my petticoat over my navel level and straightaway inserted his dick into my ass and it was very painful without lubricating it ,

I felt like a stick without any flexing thing was entering into my ass it was my first rough fuck , but soon it turned into a pleasure and I was moaning continuously “o ya Pls fuck me o ya ya ya aya ya fuck me o ya ya fuck fuck fuck make ur babies in me fuck hard”, he was holding my waist and was pressing it very hardly with his iron hands I was feeling like I am getting raped , then he lied down on the floor and I came over him and started to ride his cock my lying over pressing my boobs against his manly chest and after 30mins he got completely exhausted and filled some cream in my asshole and some in my stomach and then we had long deep kiss with my lower lip between his both lips be was chewing it like bubble gum for more than 10mins then he came to our normal and dressed into our respective things and I sent him with lots of love and also waiting for the next session we once again kissed and he felt our house and after that. I was full of cum over went to bathroom and took bath and had new dark pink floral bra and panty along with navel chain , bangles and payal i wore pink color nighty and went and slept beside Jagan as he was slightly awake he too got into a mood and started to rub his dick by my backside straight into ass hole through nighty and will continue and I hope u guys will love this story like my previous stories and if u want to contact me please mail me to [email protected]