Inner Desire Of CD Part 1

Hello, everyone. This is Sandhya, first of all, thanks for taking your time to take a look at my sex story. Im a big fan of ISS I would like to portray my sex life as women in different parts you can reach me out at [email protected] All incidents are real and completely percent true.

This all started when I reached my teens where I was an innocent smooth curvy body with smooth lips and curly hair.Those are the days where I discovered and came to know about porn, for the first time in my life then when I was alone I bought Kama Sutra DVD where I got aroused by looking at the King and the way he fucked all the women,then a deep desire started in me why cant I be his queen and get fucked by him. I slowly imagined myself like a woman. When I was alone I started wearing my sisters sarees and blouses this continued for a while where I had unleashed desire of getting a huge cock in me.

After a couple of months, my sister marriage was fixed where everyone was at home and coming and going continuously and I couldnt get space to become queen of my dreams. Then was the time when my first man entered in my life.

He is Ranjith, my close family friend he was in his 30s very tall dark almost 61ft with broad shoulders he came with his family as he came everything was normal where we had huge sangeet and almost everyone is drinking and dancing as I was too young.

I was not drinking but having real fun in the group so Ranjith was also having fun with all my cousins and close friends then it was almost 2:00 am everyone got really drunk, all the rooms in there was filled with guests as few of them couldnt drive back home as they were really not in good stable condition to drive. So finally I took everyone and adjusted in the vacant rooms but forgot Ranjit. Ranjits room is filled with all lady guests and his wife Priya was taking care of them.

So I told Priya that I will take Ranjith back home and we will back Tomorrow morning, so she gave me his dress and few of his stuff.So I said okay, we got into one of our cars With driver driving as it was dark all over. I made him sit in the Back seat, the car started and we were going on a highway. After a while he slowly put his head on my shoulder, I thought he was sleepy and dont bother him suddenly he squeezed my left boob thinking Im his wife and started squeezing my boobs thinking that I was his wife.

Then I took his hand put it away thought he was drunk not in his consciousness slowly he kept squeezing me again and again where I got aroused the inner queen in me came out so I I got a plan to fulfill my Kamasutra dream.

While I remained silent to let him squeeze my boobs slowly after a while I reached my home me so I took him to my room with help of my driver as he was too big for me to handle and made him comfortable on my bed, driver left and I locked and made sure all rooms and windows are properly closed.

Then I went and took shower applied some cream and took off all the hair(I felt like getting ready like a real queen) then I took on of the designer saree draped it with push up bra and panties inside and I did all the makeup including the wig. I had put all my mothers jewelry and I felt like a princess then I slowly enterd the room. I sat beside him and put my head on his chest I could see heat flowing inside his body. Then, slowly I put my hand on his pants and got shocked it was a really huge cock with hairy and very thick.

I slowly pressed it and it started getting bigger and stronger where my heart beat was raising I then slowly after that I removed his pants and really got shocked by his cock it was so huge and thick I couldnt control myself slowly started liking it he was slowly then opened his eyes and enjoying it but I didnt notice that slowly he started moaning then I really got scared and moved away from him with shy and scared. I went into corner of the room then he got up it was all silent we had a conversation,

RANJITH: hey you know what you are doing? I never expected this from you? You are such a bitch now dont stop in middle come and finish it up.
ME: Im sorry please dont tell anyone I really like you and love you But I wanted you to treat me like your Queen and I wanted you to be my king.Then he slowly came to me and hugged me from the back side and told me your all always my queen in private dear and he slowly wrapped his arms around my waist and made me turn around.

We, then slowly started smooching each other with all our mouth exchanging saliva then he lifted me and thrower me in bed he removed his shirt and came on me and started sucking me all over my body and removing my clothes he started sucking my boobs then I asked him to let me come down so that I will take care of him I slowly started sucking his cock then it was so huge I had to open my mouth completely and it was going to my throat.

I sucked it for 25mins and he was about to cum and told me to take out them I said I need all cum in my mouth and on my face till the last drop then he had a huge one all over my face and body then he lied down doing foreplay with me. Within no time, he got aroused and said “Its time for action baby” and made me turn around and separated my two legs and licked my hole and kissed it then he started entering inside me.

He was so huge and I shouted awwwwwwwwwss in pain he then applied some gel and entered, he was slowly increasing the pace of his moments then he finally made me thump and I was shouting in pain and pleasure aww aww aww. Aww aww aww and then after a while, I went to him and took his monster tool completely inside me. That was awesome and he was biting my boobs and lips and sequencing my ass.

Then he fumed again all over inside me which was a life pleasure experience we did it for almost 7 times It was almost morning 8 and we got exhausted and we hugged each other. I could feel the warmth in his chest. After a while, to be continued……(this is my experience with a different man and so I would explain it in a long narrative sex story line)