58-Year Old Uncles Slave

Hi indian sex stories dot net readers! This is Rohan, 22, gay. Ever since I was a child, I had a foot fetish for older mens feet. I was born in 1995 and by 2004, at the age of 9, Id learned how to masturbate. Men whose feet seemed to be fairer than their other body parts used to be my weakness. It was in the year 2009 when I had the privilege to have a closer look at my Uncles super sexy feet.

Let me describe my uncle. He has an average physique with an average height. The skin tone is not very fair, and this is where most of the people fail to realise how hot his feet can be. I dont know how it is possible but his feet are so fucking fair. They are so fair that if someone just looks at his feet, he can never point out that these are actually his feet, whose rest of the body is not that fair.

In 2009, I used to live in a small town in Haryana. It was the first time I had a closer look at his super hot feet. I was sitting beside him on his bed when suddenly I noticed how sexy his meaty feet were looking. Perfectly shaped tows, beautiful size 9 feet ready to blow me up! I was rock hard and it was the first time Id got this feeling for him. I instantly went to bathroom and jerked off a huge load while imagining his dreamy feet. I desperately wanted to have them over me, while I being his slave, licking them and kissing them all over. Gotta agree it was the best orgasm Id got till then.

Little did I know that things were about to change, and my dream was about to come true. In 2011, when I was 15-16, I had to move to a city for my coaching classes and I was supposed to live with my cousin brother, who is the son of my sexy uncle. It was a 2 BHK flat and I was alotted a separate room. One day my uncle showed up for a night stay. As soon as he cracked the news that hed stay for the night, I started feeling crazy that it was obvious that he would sleep with me in my room.

Finally the night arrived for which I was waiting for two years. By the course of two years, Id already made him my master and jerked off countless number of times while imagining his feet. He was a heavy snorer and deep sleeper. It was around 11 pm when he came into my room and lay in the bed. And he instantly fell asleep. I was already feeling horny when he was around me all the time because his amazing feet were visible all the time, and I was horny all day for him, but was holding my cum for the big picture. By 12, he was deep into his sleep. It was my time to take my first move. First of all I took his shoes and starting sniffing them. The odour was breathtaking and my dick was hard as a rock and already filled with pre cum. I kept the shoes aside and took out my shorts. Very gently I removed the blanket from his feet and there they were! The two sexy feet to which Id devoted my whole life.

So, first of all I went close to one of his feet and kissed it. He didnt react. Then I did the same with his other foot and did the same. My God the feeling was wonderful. I was living my dream. After I while when I gained some confidence, I gathered some courage and started licking his sexy soles. Eventually I made my last move sucked his big toes like a dick. I hadnt even touched my dick but it had already exploded and I came all over the floor. I quickly cleaned up all the mess, kissed his feet once again and went to sleep.

The next day I had something more naughty in my mind. When he fell asleep, I removed all my clothes and went near my masters feet and started kissing them. I kissed, licked and sucked them for about an hour. Suddenly I realised that I wanted something more. I looked at the bulge inside his pyjamas and I really wanted to suck his monster. I started touching his dick with pyjamas on but suddenly I realised that he just opened his damn eyes. He said “What the hell are you doing over there?”
I was shocked. I said “Kuch nhi tau ji garmi lag rhi thi isliye AC kapde utar diye”
He said “Beta main tujhe kal se dekh rha hu. Gandu hai na tu?”
I had nothing to say but just nodded my head in awkwardness. Then he said,” chal ab kaam pe lag ja”.
I said” main kuch samjha nahi”

Then he took out his thick 9 inch monster. I instantly went crazy for him and agreed to him. Suddenly he held me and made me lie on the bed and started spanking me so hard. So hard that he beat the shit out of me. Though I was being brutally beaten, the level of my horniness was at its peak and I could cum any time. After half an hour of beating he picked me up and commanded to suck his cock. I nodded and started doing it. He kept on slapping me on my face while I was sucking his dick. After a few minutes he came into my mouth, and it was the time when I came too. My mouth was full of my 58 year old Uncles hot cum and its taste was the best Id ever tasted. I was feeling so humiliated by then. Then finally he slapped me with his feet and kicked me so hard that I fell in the corner of the room. His exact words were ” Useless gandu. Aaj se tu mera kutta banke rahega zindagi bhar. Jo main kahunga wahi karega. Aur ab se mujhe sabke samne sir bulayega”. I said” Okay sir”.

Its 2017 and Im 22 now. Whenever I meet him, I still feel so small in front of him. I still call him sir and he oftenly beats me with his feet and makes me suck his dick. I have become his permanent slave and I have to obey his each and every order. He is the one to whom Ive dedicated my whole life and sometimes he even makes me massage his feet when other family members are around. I feel humiliated but my dick gets hard, while he laughs so hard in front of me.

He is my lord and I will continue being his slave forever.

Thanks for reading.