How I Explored Myself Part 3

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After I had a good session with our driver. My so-called husband came home from the office. I was in salwar and said lets go out for a marriage party of his office colleague. I was shocked how can In public in women attire. What if somebody catches me up that I am not male. He said that when I am in my female attire nobody can find out that I am a male. I asked him what to wear. He said designer pink saree with front open and backless blouse. I said k and when to take shower. I cleaned my hairs from my whole body. And I applied shining butter cream in my whole body.

I also sprayed some perfume in my mans hole. I came to my room in a bathrobe. I opened my bathrobe. Took a matching pink padded push-up and bra and string pink panty. I immediately got a hard-on when I slide into my panties. It was so soft. Then I took the bra and hooked it from the back. I placed some extra cups in my bra and lifted my boobs 34d so that it gives a big cleavage after wearing my front open pink blouse. Then I took the petticoat. The touch in between my legs was making me horny again. After that, I took the blouse and started wearing it. I applied the hook. My Ghosh my boobs were popping out. I was looking a hot bhabhi. I took the saree and started dropping it. I drapped in such a way that it could show my navel and cleavage. I took pink bangles in both the hands. I also wore a Payal. I let my hair open with the wig. Now its time to apply my makeup. First I took the eyeliner. Then a little bit of foundation. After that, I applied pink gloss lipstick and a pink bindi.

Then I called my so called husband. He came and was stunned to see me. He was praising me saying he so glad and happy to have a horny hot wife. He wished to have me for his whole life. I was blushing a lot. Then I asked him to apply sindoor in my forehead and also to put the mangalsutra in my neck. He first applied sindoor and then tied the mangalsutra in my neck. I was feeling like real women. I wished to be with him forever. But luck is not with me. He gave me kiss in my forehead. And said sada suhagan raho. Then the driver came and we left for the marriage. My husband stops the car in a flower boutique. Then I and driver were inside the car. He gave a naughty smile and said how was the session. I blushed and said thank you. Then my husband came and said that there were no good flowers. He will have to take a walk for around 500 meters and will get the gift from the other shop. He told me to inside the car. He told the driver to keep the ac on so that madam doesnt feel hot. The driver that he is always there for the madams service in a naughty way. I was smiling and then my husband left.

After he left the driver immediately came to back seat and grabbed my boobs over the blouse. I asked him to stop as my make up will be spoiled. He took his inside my blouse and bra and started pinching my nipple. I got horny and took my hand inside his started giving him a hand job. I was also precumming inside my panty. I was getting wet. I started stroking his dick with my hands and he was playing with my boobs. He came in my hand and his pant and went to the driver seat. I cleaned myself with the tissues and applied some perfume. Then my husband came and said the weird smell is coming inside the car. Actually, it was the smell of my drivers cum. And then we left for the marriage. Once we entered the marriage all the men were staring at me like I a meat to them.

Some were staring at my back some at boobs some at my navel and some at my hips in the way I am walking. My boobs were bouncing when I walk. We met the couple congratulate them and then the groom said to my husband bhabhi nahi yeh rakhel hi sahi. I pissed when he used to world rakhel. He also asked my husband whats my charge per night. I was so pissed with his words. And we left from that area and my husband took my near the bar where his boss was drinking. He introduce me to his boss as his wife. Though his boss knows that I am not his wife. His boss was so horny that he came and hugged and caressed my open back and whispered in my ears saying you are fucking piece whom every men would die to have in his bed. My husband offered me a glass of wine. And he started drinking whisky. After a while he was super drunk. His boss was forcing him more to drink. And he was drinking and then the music his boss asked me for a dance I said okay and started dancing. While dancing he was touching everywhere my boobs my waist my ass. I was feeling weird and happy too.

Then I saw that my husband passed out. His boss called our driver and said malik ko ghar chod do. Malkin ko mai chodunga. And then they left. I knew his boss intentions. We had dinner and then his boss and me left for our home. While we were on our way. He asked me whether I would like to see his bungalow. I said its too late and what his wife would think bringing a women late night. Then he said he is alone tonight and his wife has went to her mothers place. I got his mind set and said okay. After we reached his home he offered me some more wine and played some music. I was getting aroused with atmosphere he was creating. He asked me for an another dance. I did. While dancing I dont know what happen his gave a kiss on my lips. Then I closed my eyes and opened my lips for a deep kiss. He then took me in his bedroom. Unwrapped my saree and started pressing my boobs. Then he pinned me to the wall started opening my blouse while kissing my back. I was moaning. Ummmmmm ahhhhh um mm ahhh. Then he unhooked the bra and I was naked in top and in down just in petticoat. Then I threw him in the bed opened my panty. And I was just in petticoat. I went on top started kissing and opening his shirt.

Then I started going downwards opening his pant and took his 6 inch dick in my mouth and started blowing him off for around 15 mins he was enjoying and moaning a lot. Now was not able to control. I took his dick adjusted in my hole. It immediately went deep inside and I was full on. I started riding on him while he was caressing my boobs. I was full horny. I was moaning um mm yeah fuck yeah um mm. After 15 mins he came inside me. Then I got down and due to whole fucking sucking hand job I was so tired then I immediately crashed off. I got up early in the morning and saw myself in petticoat and upper naked and there was his boss sleeping. I saw my bra saree were lying on the floor. I got up and saw my face in the bathroom. It was like a bride had a wild night. Sindoor was all over my forehead. I cleaned myself wrapped my saree took an auto and left for home.

When I reached home husband opened the door and he was angry with me. He said aa gayi chudwage and I said sorry to him and explained i didnt do it intentionally. He was not ready to listen even the driver said he fucked when my husband was in office. He shared his feelings saying that he was planning to give a divorce to his wife and wanted to spend his rest of his life with me. But with my fucking session with his driver and his boss. He dropped the planned of accepting me and told me to leave the house. I left the house and city. Now I am in Tinsukia (Assam) All alone cant find any married person who can treat me like his second wife. Thats all. If anyone in near Tinsukia Duliajan can mail me at [email protected] and my PR Id is ankietaya.

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