A Mysterious Murder – Part 2

Please read the A mysterious murder – part 1 to know what happened previously.

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(Sameera ex gangster with sexy assets of 38D at her 40 looked like late 20’s girl)

Jitu : do y know y i brought you here? I’m the one who’s investigating Ramaswamy’s murder case

Sameera: fuck you how do i know… hahahaha who said you brought me here?

I brought you here.

Jitu gets shocked.

What the hell is happening?

Leader of a gang of 22, she is known to be the queen of extortion and murder. A motorbike entry and a shower of expletives often herald her arrival. She is a very aggressive woman and there are always a dozen Viagra tablets hidden in her dupatta or burkha.

The businessman, whom Sameera threatened, went to the police and registered a complaint against her. She would go at night on her motorbike to the businessmans house and ask him to pay money. In many such cases, the businessmen pay up and do not even complain.

Sameera is presently given up everything as her husband was killed in police shootings and she would have to take care of her child. Her husband, Khaisar , introduced her to the world of crime.

Interestingly, Sameera not only has a SSC certificate but also a nursing degree. “It is just greed for easy money that made her step into this business.

Kaiser taught Sameera his tricks of extortion, land grabbing and “settling” of disputes. As the gang members grew in number so did the influence of Sameera. Her style of murder is also a variety.

She has a soft corner for everyone, she gives a chance to every person, they have to entertain her. They have to choose among the gang and wrestle them. They had to win if they had to survive for their life.

1 in 20 would survive but with some body part injured very seriously. The others would be killed by her after she and 9 other female gang members have sex with them. If male they would force him to take Viagra and forcefully fuck them & if it is a woman they make her nude and fuck her with a strap-on and would get their vagina’s licked till they cum.

If the male would try not to fuck she would first give him pain. They would tie him up and put his legs open, and one after the other would kick him in his balls. She would be the first one. She would hold the limp dick and make it erect by touch or sucking and then would kick in the balls, as such was her character.

She had a big rifle with her, she would shoot people and no one dared to give witness against her as they knew they would be next in the list. Police too were scared of her.

Jitu thought she was tied to the chair but she wasn’t and cursed Madhavi for doing so.

Jitu asked what happened.?

Sameera told the what happened.

Madhavi was on search for me and I wanted to kill her. I actually brought her in. I tied her up and questioned her what was she doing in search of me?

She said that you were investigating Ramaswamy’s case. And I was paid a lump sum amount in that case.

Jitu : Why did you leave her? If you had to kill her.

Sameera : She won the deal of wrestling and in exchange I let her go.

Jitu was wondering what the deal was?

Madhavi was saying that sameera would take care of his erection. He was confused.

Madhavi was all tied up to the pillar and she was given a chance to choose one to wrestle.

She chose Sameera itself and it was a shock to them. It had been years that someone challenged her. Everyone would normally pick someone leaner than them or weaker looking. May be Madhavi had a plan.

Soon they were into a self-made ring. They soon started to wrestle each other and hitting each other. Sameera was having the upper hand. She kept breaking madhavi’s leg and punching her. It was Madhavi’s yoga and exercises that she withstood the fatigue.

Break was taken by sameera and Sameera decided to break madhavi down in the next round.

Soon they were back and this time Madhavi showed her flexibility. She kicked Sameera right in the face and she fell down. Madhavi went behind her and broke her back with her knee. She then went for a cover, 1, 2.. broken. Madhavi lifted sameera and threw her into one corner of the ring.

They were sweating profusely and madhavi went and gave a hand hammer onto the chest of sameera, next on the throat. She took her time and then bang bang bang bang 4 shots onto the boobs very tight hard slaps everyone in the room could hear them.

She then pulled her down and lifted her legs and kept kicking at her ass of sameera. Sameera kept trying to break it down, and smash she hit her at the back of spinal cord and pulled for cover. 1, 2, 2.5 break. Sameera then realized madhavi was not just wrestling she was wrestling for her life.

She surprised madhavi with kick over her head to madhavi’s, and madhavi fell down.

Jitu was taking out the revolver he had to shoot Sameera at her legs. But before he could do anything her men caught him and tied him up.

They took jitu and tied him to the pillar and she continued the story. Sameera lifted madhavi’s legs and put her leg at her vagina and was about to kick her. Madhavi shouted before all that happened and the shout was very wild and sameera left the legs she caught and tried to cover her ears.

This was the right opportunity and madhavi turned around and her legs hit sameera’s legs behind the knees and she fell down.

Madhavi took the best shot and showed her flexibility and raised herself back and caught hold of sameera’s chin and locked it.

Madhavi and sameera are facing opposite directions when they were lying down. Now madhavi pulled herself up stretching sameera’s neck and going into deep pain. She won it, no need for any count. Sameera surrendered. It was just her smartness and fitness that she won it.

She was relived and both were given medical attention, only sprains and pains. Sameera was happy that first time a woman had won against her and said she would kneel in front of her.

As sameera lost and according to the game rules she had to fucked with a strap-on. Madhavi’s intention wasn’t to have sex and get to know about the murder and solve the case. She said and asked what should she do? She said that she has to talk to her boss and sameera agreed to it.

She then went close to her and asked all to leave except 2 guys Mr.J & Mr. K they had the longest dicks in the gang. Sameera started to kiss madhavi.

The lips were slowly getting close, the eyes of each other closed and heads bent slightly to accommodate themselves. And then the lips collided against each other. the soft lips of madhavi collided with the rough ones of sameera and produced some wetness with the saliva oozing out.

Then sameera caught hold of her and hugged her. She started to suck the lips of madhavi and then madhavi removed her tongue and started playing with sameera’s tongue.

It was after years that sameera had found passion. They were dirty so she asked the guys to get water and they brought it buckets and poured from top. The girls cleaned themselves and started sucking their lips and biting them.

Madhavi took the lead and removed sameera’s clothes and made her nude. She started to press her boobs and suck them one after the other. like a toddler would do and kept pinching the nipples. They were huge as a grape and madhavi bit one of the nipple and sameera let out a loud moan and tears have come out.

She then went down and started sucking her cunt and pressing her boobs simultaneously. She moved her boobs as a joystick of a game controller and sucked her bottom. It was the first time in years that sameera had a pleasure cumming and it was huge. Seeing all this Mr. J & K were already hard.

They were sameera’s personal men who would try and satisfy her. She would her get satisfied with them, but madhavi has pleased her to the core.

Madhavi asked the men to come and J gave his 8 inch dick to sameera and she was sucking it. K came from behind and tried to give it to madhavi but she declined and pinched his balls for doing so. She gave him a couple of strokes with her hands and said him to wait.

J was being sucked by Sameera and he was kneeling as she was lying on the ground. Suddenly madhavi inserted her finger into the bushes and found her way to the cunt and moved it slowly in and out.

She started it doing with force. Sameera was moaning. And sucked J’s cock fastly and J was massaging her boobs and pinching the nipples. Madhavi now put 2 fingers and masturbated her and she came again along with J.

J lost his erection and was sent away. Seeing all this action K’s dick reached his maximum of 9 inches, it was nearly equal to the arm of madhavi. Such a big dick. Madhavi asked him to fuck sameera and madhavi and sameera kissed and pressed each other’s boobs.

Sameera because of all the passion was now moaning and that 9 inch dick felt like 15 inches hitting her in the stomach. This never happened to her. She came and K spilled his cum on both the ladies.

They sucked it off each other and then got freshed. Sameera then agreed to meet her boss and asked him to come to her. She asked her to keep in touch and would fuck sometime later. She agreed and called her boss Jitu to come to the abandoned place.

Listening to all this jitu’s dick was rock hard and sameera noticed it and went to him and placed her hand inside his underwear, and rubbed his dick.

(To be continued)

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