My Childhood Experiences As A Top

Hi, guys, I’m back with a new sex story. You can reach me at [email protected] This time it’s not with ladies. But about all my gay (top) encounters which happened long back. I don’t want to miss any of my sexual desire to go unnoticed in Indian Sex Stories.

Hence, I have decided to write about them as well. A few things about myself. I’m 33 years old now, Tamilian, 6ft tall and a black guy. Now I’m married and well settled.

Incident 1:

Coming back to the sex story, it all started at least some 20 years back. I was in school and I must be 18 at that time. In school days, I was a very shy and introvert who doesn’t speak much with any other guys.

So, I used to be alone all the time. Our school has arranged for a 7 days trip to Goa. 2 days in travel. Remaining days in Mumbai and Goa. It takes 20+ hours for us to reach Goa by train from my native place. Though the trip was a little expensive, my dad wanted me to go and explore.

The other guys around me were all rich guys. It all went well for the 6 days and I too was enjoying the trip. At the end of the trip when we were returning back by train, everyone including the staffs was damn tired and they slept during the morning hours too.

Since everyone was sleeping in their respective beds (in the middle birth also), I was not feeling sleepy and I was not able to sit properly. Then, a Muslim guy who was sitting in the side upper birth called me and asked me to come and sit with him.

I went and sat near him. He started asking about me and where we are all coming from. After a while, he told he is feeling sleepy and want to lie down. I said I will get down. He said no worries; I can lie down here itself. So, I sat in the corner of the seat and he was lying with a bed sheet covering him fully from face to toes.

After a few minutes, I felt he was hitting my thighs with his head and I thought he is not feeling comfortable sleeping like that. But I didn’t do anything. Within a few more minutes, he raised his head up and lied down in my lap. I thought its okay to help him since he has given me a place to sit also.

Till that time, I never had done anything in sex or know anything about gay sex. Suddenly, I felt his hand on my thighs. It felt like he was gently rubbing my thighs with his hands.

I thought since the train was moving and his hand was there on my thighs, I might feel like that. But it gave me a tingling sensation. After a little while, I felt his hand on my zip. I don’t know if I didn’t have the courage or even I liked it, I didn’t say anything or tried to move his hand away.

I hope he took that as an advantage and started to remove my zip. Then, I was trembling in fear one side and another side with anxiety. He took out my cock and started to suck it. Ohhhh god, what a feeling that was. I still could feel his mouth. I would say that was the best sucking one has ever done to me so far.

After 5 or 10 mins of sucking, I think I have released my cum(I even don’t know that at that time), he swallowed it fully and slept really.

Then after an hour or two, he woke up normally and started chatting with me. He brought me some snacks, tea and we were chatting normally.

Neither he spoke about that incident nor did I ask him about that. He introduced to me that he is running a footwear business in Mumbai. He took his diary, noted down my address and my DOB. Later in the night, we had one similar round.

Again we never spoke anything after that. After that incident, he used to keep sending me greeting on my birthday to my native address for next 5 years. At that time, I didn’t have the courage to note down his no and call him back again.

Incident 2:

I hope that incident changed a lot in me. After that life was normal for me going to school every day. I started watching porn movies in theaters when I was in my junior college (1998).

In my town, there used to be one theater which puts only porn movies all the time. I used to watch at least one movie every weekend. At that time, the internet was not that popular. Normally in these theaters, there will be hardly 200 to 300 people for the show and everyone will be sitting separately except the ones who came with their friends.

One day, when I was watching a movie, one guy came and sat near me. After a while, when there was a horny scene, he touched my legs with his legs. I thought it was an accident and moved my legs. Then, he also moved his legs and touched me again. I didn’t want to resist and also wanted to know how far he can go.

He slowly put his hands on my thighs, seeing no resistance from my side he started to rub my thighs. I also started to feel good with both movie and real experience. Then, he started unzipping me and took out my cock. His hands were so rough and in the dim light, I could feel that he was a well-built man of at least 40+.

He started stroking my cock with his rough hands. He suddenly lied down in my lap and started sucking my cock. Wow, again the similar kind of feeling after 2 long years. It was sensational and I was enjoying it. Before the movie was about to complete, he asked me to come out.

He took me to the toilet and there he kneel down properly and sucked me to the core. That was one great incident. After the movie was over, I came to know that he was an ex-serviceman who worked in the army. I didn’t meet him after that.

The similar incident started happening in theaters often. I even got one guy who regularly comes on Saturday evening and I too go at the same time. He comes and sits next to me and sucks me out.

Sometimes, when someone else comes earlier to him, this guy comes and sits on the other side and keeps touching my cock. I had 2 guys sucking one after another at a time. One old guy even took me to his home and asked me to fuck his ass. I was never ready for that and didn’t do it. Still, now I have never sucked anyone.

Incident 3:

This happened on a train when I was doing my engineering in Coimbatore. I had to catch at 11: 50 PM train from Madurai to Coimbatore. Normally, the train used to be not that much crowded so I mostly don’t book a berth.

I take an unreserved ticket at the last minute, ask the TTE for a berth and they generally allocate one. On that day, the train was fully crowded and I couldn’t get a ticket. I had to get into the unreserved compartment and find out a seat.

To my luck, I found a seat next to a guy who was sitting in the window seat. In unreserved compartments, at least 6 people will be sitting in the seat where hardly 4 can sit. Since I got a seat near the window, it was not so suffocating. I was carrying a bag and I kept it in my lap.

After some traveling, I found something under my bag was passing through my legs. I woke up to see what it was and it was the hand of the guy who was sitting next to me. Though I was tired and wanted to sleep, I wanted to have some fun as well as I’m not able to watch porn movies regularly nowadays and in hostel also, 4 guys used to be in a single room and can’t masturbate that freely.

He didn’t waste much time knowing that I’m not going to resist him. He immediately went to my zip and opened it. Soon, He took out my cock and started stroking it. There was one lady who was sitting opposite to us. I hope she read what is happening. She was smiling at me. Being a very shy guy with ladies, I didn’t even respond to her smile.

In some time, that guy told me to come near the bathroom. He went first. After few minutes, I followed him. We both went inside and he started sucking me deeply and passionately. This guy was forcing me to fuck his ass for sure. I started inserting slowly and I think he was already fucked by a lot many.

So, my cock was going on so freely. Then after 5 mins of fucking, we came out like nothing happened. There were 2 guys who were standing outside the bathroom. I couldn’t do anything other than to go out of that place. So without any shame, I went past them. After that, I decided never to do anything in public.


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Incident 4:

My college was in the outskirts of Coimbatore and I had to take a local bus to go near the college. It normally used to be a half an hour to 45 minutes journey. Normally, the bus will be fully packed. In Coimbatore, ladies have to use the front side of the bus for entry and exit wherein guys have to use the back side.

So, no chance of hitting any ladies. As usual, one day when I was traveling in a crowded bus, I felt a hand on my thighs (I was standing). My mind wanted it I guess so, I didn’t do anything at that time. The guy wasted no time as it was a very short journey and started to move immediately towards my zip.

He removed my zip and took out my cock. I was damn shocked, standing in a public bus with my cock out. What if somebody sees me and I had to use the same route daily. But I think the desire overtook my brain and I didn’t do anything. He started stroking me fastly and within minutes, I spit out my cum.

The guy took everything in his hands, wiped it off in his kerchief. In the next few stops, he got down and we became strangers. I haven’t even seen his face properly but he has masturbated me.

Incident 5:

During my college breaks, I used to go for swimming sometimes in my native town. They used to charge some bugs for an hour. 3 or 4 guys from my locality used to go there play around for 2 hours and come back. I was the eldest of them all.

There used to be one swimming trainer who used to be always around. I know swimming, so he used to train others only. I used to try covering the 50m once or twice continuously. One day we went in the afternoon time around 3 PM.

The trainer was giving training to the guy who came with me and 2 more guys were playing in the 3feet pool which is close to that. I finished my 100m swimming and I was holding the side rods. This trainer guy also finished training the other guy and came near me. The other guy also went to the 3 feet pool. Now this guy and I were standing close to each other.

He was talking generally to me and in few seconds, he put his hand above my inners. I didn’t expect that to happen at that time. If any of those guys see it, they will surely go and inform my parents, but as usual, the desire over took and I didn’t say anything. He put his hand inside my inners and took out my cock.

He started to stroke it inside the pool. I don’t know how many of you have experienced it, but that was soo good to shake the cock inside a swimming pool. Then it was time for us to leave. Usually, people bath in regular water after coming out of the pool right. On that day, those guys went to shower to take bath.

Once they came out, I told them that I want to swim for an hour more and they can go home. I will take my cycle and come afterward. It was 5 PM and I know for sure that no one will come to the pool after that time. Once they went, this guy came behind me, took out my cock and started to stroke it.

I was expecting him to take it in his mouth. But he said, he won’t do blowjob but only masturbates. I was dejected and I let him do that. I was depressed so much that even after 15 mins of shaking I didn’t cum that day. That guy became tired after that and asked me to masturbate on my own and he at least wants to see it.

I did it unwillingly and in next few minutes, I was cumming. He immediately came near me, took out all the cum in his bare hands and I think he loved keeping it in his hands. Then in the next 5 mins, I went out of there.

Though I went there few more times after that incident, I never gave him one more chance. Still now whenever I go to my native, I see him once in a year. But I never get into direct eye contact with him.

Incident 6:

As told earlier, after going to college, I was not getting enough sex. Though I started going to browsing centers and started watching porn clip (the theaters were closed by this time), I was not getting much satisfaction. One day when I was roaming in the town, I casually went near the bus stand and brought a cigarette to smoke.

Then I felt like peeing and after the smoke, I went to the toilet. You guys must know how the toilets in bus stand used to be. There I happened to see that many village guys were standing inside the toilet itself to see the cock of others.

Whoever is ok with them, they will take them out to some place outside the town, they will enjoy (which I came to know later). I went inside and was peeing and one guy was constantly looking at my cock. It was not looking like unknowingly he is looking at me. But it was a clear act that he wanted to have my cock in his hand or mouth.

By the thinking of someone seeing my cock, mine started becoming bigger and thicker. He noticed it and moved a step closer to me. I didn’t move away. There must be at least 10 people all the time in the toilet and 6 or 7 out of that would be for this purpose. So I dare not cared about it. Also, it smelled stinky but that didn’t matter to me at that time.

He gently came near me and kept his hand on mine. He started stroking it too and fro. I started enjoying it. Then he told me to come out. I did as he told. He asked if I have any vehicle. I said yes. Then he told me to come to the corner of the road.

He came along with me and took me to the outer part of the town which will lead to the nearby village. The time must be at 9 PM and we both were sure there will not be anyone who travels to that village thru this route at this time. We stopped the bike somewhere and he started sucking me nicely.

At the end of it, he was asking for some money as well. I had only Rs.20 at that time and I told him I will pay him more next time as this was my first time. He accepted that also happily. From then onwards, whenever I go home on weekends, I go there for sure and get one guy who can suck me out.

This happened for more than a year. I remember one day I got down at the bus stand at 6 AM in the morning from Coimbatore. I felt like urinating so I went but happened to see one guy over there.

He seemed to like my cock and I gave it to him for sucking at that time. By that time I saw there was one more guy who already sucking another guys cock. 

After that I came to work, married, I lost interest in all these. And now I don’t get anyone to suck me as I get enough sex. But still, any bi-guys, who want to share their wife’s with me, can contact me. I would like to get comments from others as well.

My cock size is 6inches, thick and black. Please let me know what you felt about these real life sex story of me to [email protected]