Sex With Three Guys In The Same Evening Part 2

Hi, guys, it’s Neil again. I know I said in the last story I would be posting more often, but clearly I havent given that its been over 7 months since the last story. Email me your suggestions/ comments at [email protected] Anyway, this story is from over a year ago and since it involves three guys I’ll tell it in three parts.

Ill copy the same intro from the previous story to get you up to speed: I’m a Delhi guy, a little over 6’1″ tall, 7″ dick, and an average-to-semi-muscular body frame. I’m not fat or fit. This story is from the summer of 2014 when I was 19 years old and I had nothing to do all day except sit on Grindr and PR and talk to other horny gay guys. On the same evening, I double-booked myself with a college cutie named Madhav, who I fucked hard and long, and Shashank, a 29-year old who I was to meet after Madhav. After having great sex with Madhav, I left his hostel with a text from Shashank saying that he would be home in an hour. I got into an auto and started going towards Shashanks house.

As expected, it took me over an hour to reach Shashanks place. By this time it was late evening and barely any daylight left. I called Shashank when I reached the gate of his apartments, and he gave me directions on how to come in.

“Look up,” he said on the phone. I obliged, looking at this hunky silhouette on the balcony waving at me. “Come to the third floor!”

I walked up to the third floor, and Shashank was already waiting for me at the door. Oh wow, was he a sight for sore eyes! He was standing at about 511”, extremely well-built, his biceps bulging from his tight tank top, his pecs outlined perfectly with his nipples clearly visible. He was wearing just an underwear, lose boxer shorts, with his muscular thighs and hairy legs turning me on at the sight.

“Youre so fit!” I exclaimed, barely having entered the house.

“Youre so tall!” he replied, adding “I used to be a model when I was younger, now Im a consultant.”

We moved into his room directly, not wasting our breath on unnecessary conversation. He pulled me by my shirt, our lips brushing against each others, before he opened his mouth a little wider and let my tongue explore what he had to offer. His strong arms supported my lower back, pushing me closer and closer to his body, until our semi-erect cocks started rubbing against the cloth. His making out became more and more intense, his tongue making my head go wild and my cock go hard; he bit my lower lip and I let out a little gasp.

He pulled off his tank, showing off his wide chest and spectacular pecs. His nipples were hard, his chest just slightly hairy. Before I knew it, my tongue was all over his chest and his nipples, first just teasing him with licks and then with soft nibbles before I bit him hard. Now it was his turn to let out a gasp. He pulled me away from his chest, a look of great lust in his eyes and went back to kissing me. I started tugging on my cock which could not bear being inside my shorts. He pulled off my shirt and shorts, showing my bulge from my tight underwear.

His eyes widened, “how big are you?” he asked and before I could respond, he pulled off my underwear, my 7″ cock bouncing out. “Oh fuck, youre so thick! I cant take this.”

This wasnt the first time someone had refused to take my cock because of my size: though its not too big, because its thick as well some guys get scared. Either they really want me in their ass or they dont. I didnt mind.

While I was still thinking about this, I felt his tongue on my dick. Well, maybe he didnt want it in his ass but he sure was enjoying it in his mouth. Slowly at first, he started to try to take all of me in, gagging as he did. As I got rock hard, he started to deep throat me. I took that as my cue to start face fucking him. His eyes were closed but little tears started forming. I took my cock out, his mouth remained open as if he wanted more. I took my hard cock and placed it on his face. He kissed it, holding it in his hands and his slapping his face with it.

He then pulled down his own shorts, revealing a cock that was extremely hard, and strangely small. It wasnt too little, about 4″, but it was very thin. “I usually bottom because my cock is too small, but do you want to bottom for me today?” I looked at his cock and knowing it couldnt hurt me, I said yes.

I had never bottomed before.

While stroking my cock, still wet with his saliva, he pushed me onto his bed. He lifted my legs up and went from my balls down to my rectum. I was in deep pleasure. He started to lick, suck, nibble, bite my hole. I had not experienced something that amazing before. While he was rimming me, he used his tongue to spread my hole open. The next thing I knew his tongue was fucking my hole ever so slightly.

“Oh god, if this is what a tongue feels like, just fuck me already!” I said

He smiled and put his cock near my face. He then turned around so that we were 69ing, but his cock was in my mouth and his tongue on my ass. He started fucking my face with such force and excited my hole so much, I could not wait to get fucked. We were in that position for a good ten minutes, before he moved again and made me sit on my knees. He stood in front of me, his cock dangling in front of my eyes. It was so hard. He started to face fuck me again, this time with even more force. I felt the saliva drip down my ass from the rim job earlier. He took his cock out, tilted his head backwards, and spat in my mouth. I used that to continue to suck his dick.

“Are you ready to be my bitch?”

“Yes daddy.”

Shashank reached towards his side table and took out a condom and put it on his dick. He then walked behind me and made me go on all fours. I felt his hands spread my ass cheeks apart, another spitball directly on my ass, his thumb rubbing my hole. Slowly, I felt something hard separate my hole. The pain was not too intense (since he did not have the biggest dick), but I was in immediate pleasure. He was all inside me, his cock just touching my prostate. He thrust into my ass, hitting the g-spot again and I let out a moan. I had never felt something this good before.

Another thrust. And another. What started off slow became faster and faster. My eyes were wide open from the pure pleasure I was feeling. He fucked me in that position for a good ten or fifteen minutes, I was gasping for air and moaning like anything. While fucking he slapped my ass many times, which just made me feel even better.

He took out his cock and I said “please no!” breathless from the fucking. He laughed and said, “dont worry, another position.”

I laid down on my back, legs in the air, and he entered me again. I did not realize how much a change in position meant a change in pleasure. He fucked in his this missionary position for fifteen minutes, switching between a hard, fast fuck and a slow, sensual lovemaking. When I would get too breathless, he would go faster until I was screaming, and then slow down, hold me tighter, and kiss me. I decided to return the pleasure, and asked him to flip over.

Now he was lying down on his back, his cock erect and pointing to the ceiling. I lowered my ass onto him and started to ride him. He was in such pleasure. “I want you to cum on me.” he said. It was so easy to do that, I hit my g-spot with his cock in me, and started to cum on him, hands free.

“Oh wow!” he exclaimed, “Thats gonna make me cum too”

My ass squeezed his cock since I was cumming and I felt his cock pulsing inside me, and I knew he was cumming too. That just made me squirt even more on him, reaching his neck and mouth. After he was done cumming inside me, I lay down on his chest, his now limp cock falling out of my ass. We kissed passionately for some more time, my hot cum now being spread on both of our chests.

He pulled off his condom and threw it in the trash in the bathroom; we went under the shower together and made out some more. His strong arms kept hugging me.

It was one of the best sexual experiences I had had, and I couldnt believe my luck of having bottomed and topped in the same evening. I kissed him goodbye and took an auto to the metro station. On the way, one of my friends who I hadnt met in months, Natasha called me.

“Neil! Im in your neighborhood! Come see me.”

“Oh, Im just on my way home, where are you? What are you doing there?”

“Theres a party, its super chill, come!”

Natasha gave me the address to a house that was four away from my own, and I decided I would go to this party because I hadnt seen her in a long time. What I did not know then was that this party would lead to my third sexual encounter of the evening.

Stay tuned for Part 3!