Introduction To Anal Pleasure

I am Vijay. I had always been straight. I have studied at a boys school. In class 12th(was 18 at the time ) I needed a tuition teacher. That is when i met kishen sir. I liked him immediately. He lives in my society. He used to take tuitions in batches of five. At first there was hardly any personal communication between him and myself. Then one day i had a few doubts late at night. Because he lives in my society i could easily visit his home. When i went up to his home he welcomed me in.

We started to study and after we had solved our doubts we found that it was 1 am. He said “tu raat ko yaha kyu nai reh jata? “. I replied “sir mere parents ko tension hogi. ” he said “mai unko call karke bata deta hu. “. Then he called my parents and informed them that i will be spending the night at his house. I was wearing jeans. I am a little dark and slightly fat with a really bouncy ass. I have a lot of body hair. He gave me some comfortable pyjamas and asked me to change. I took them and he left. I started to change. I took all my clothes off and then i suddenly realised that he was standing right behind. I had forgotten to close the door!! I was confused.

It felt nice that he was looking at me naked but i was ashamed too. I was also starting to get an erection. I was frozen completely naked and i liked it!! I thought i will let him look a little longer and then i will wear the pyjamas. Right then he moved up close behind. I could feel his breath. Then he touched my ass very lightly and a shiver of excitement ran down my spine. Then he kept his hands on my butt cheeks. His hands were warm. I pushed my ass out towards his hands. He began press my ass. The feeling was heavenly!! He began to move his hands closer and closer to the crack of my ass and with each movement he would spread them a little. Then he put his hand between my ass cheeks and began to rub lightly. I let out a moan of pleasure. He withdrew his hands and said ” bed ke pass ja and bend over. “. I obeyed. Then he came and knelt down behind me so that his face was right in front of my ass. He spread my ass wide open so thatvhe could see my puckered up ass hole. I could feel his warm breath on my asshole!!! He kept looking very closely for sometime and then said “kitna khubsurat hai!!”.

Then he kissed my asshole. I shouted out in ecstasy!! He began to lick my asshole and slowly pushed his tongue inside. I began to rock slowly. Then he suddenly stopped. By then i was beyond all control. I immediately turned around and kissed him. I could taste my ass. He took his clothes off. I saw his penis. It was 8 inches long and atleast 1.5 inches think. I fell in love with godly penis immediately. I made him sit on the bed and started to lick it. I started with the head. I kissed it and then licked it. I swirled it with my tongue and let my saliva dribble on it. All the while he stroked my head with great love. It started taking him in my mouth. I couldnt take more than 4 inches without gagging. He made me stop and kissed me. Then he said lie down on the bed. I laya down. He pushed my legs up till they were almost near my ears. He said hold them here and i held on. I knew that my asshole was completely open now. He touched his penis tip to my small hole and started to play with my already rock hard penis. I started moaning. And then he suddenly pushed his penis all the way into my virgin anus. I screamed in pain!!!

He held me in position and said “i am sorry. The pain will go. “. And kept kissing me. Slowly the pain started to go. I had tears in my eyes. He wiped them away. After the pain had left i said “it is not paining anymore.”. He started to fuck me slowly. I started to enjoy. His penis felt great inside me. I moved with him. Then he started to go faster and faster. I started moaning in ecstasy. Then atlast he came inside me filling me up with his hot manly sperm. We were both tired and we went to sleep in each others arms. He was sleeping with one arm on my ass and the other holding me close to his chest. I looked up at him and at that moment i knew that from now on my asshole would belong to his godly penis.

We have had sex many times since then. We have tried several positions. He always cums in my ass. Sometimes after he has filled me up with his sperm he fingers my ass and I lick his sperm off his fingers. He also cums in my mouth and I love drinking his sperm. He always takes a lot of photographs of me naked. I spend a lot of nights at his house. He teaches me first and then slides his penis into my ass and reminds again and again how good it can feel when someone fucks your ass. He has renamed me ‘randi Vijay. I love that name because it reminds me how much I love male penis. He has also waxed off all my body hair so now I have sexy looking legs and ass. He also makes me crossdress. He also invites friends to fuck me. I have his full permission to have sex with other men. I have had sex with many unknown men. But for me, my kishen sir will always be the most favourite.