First Class Train Journey Part II

Well, I finished my smoke, went to the loo to take a leak and came to my cabin. In comes Kamlesh right after me.
Me- yes what?
K can I have a drink?
I poured him a short drink and …

K can I see some more pics ( referring to my cd pics)
Me sure and I showed him my phone.
K you look quite sexy. Did raj help you?
Me help me what you mean to ask?
K he was excited to know how you dress and wanted to see, thats why I called him here.

Me yeah he is a nice guy, had a couple of drinks.
K but he was in your cabin for a long time.
Me yes we had drinks and some fun…..
K did he give good fun? ( putting hand on my thigh)
Me- yes, we had fun. What you want

He was sitting on my left and his left hand went for my left boob( padded bra ) and his right hand was caressing my back. After just 2 mins he got up and got nude. I also got up and removed my panty, gave him a condom and he wore it on his now hard tool.
Once again I was bent over towards the berth with one leg on the berth and second on floor. He positioned and pushed. He went it fully in one stroke. It was fast pumping from the word go, and he was done in a couple of minutes.
He removed the condom and neither of us said a word. He got dressed and left. I wore my panty, adjusted my boobie pads and went off to sleep.

I woke up with my alarm at 530 am and went to the toilet. Came back and got a smoke form my cabin and went to the door to smoke wearing my nighty( actually a baby doll set with fluffy edges and see thru).

As I opened the door to smoke k woke up and smiled at me and dozed off again. I had almost finished my smoke that the train slowed down. I peeped out of the door and saw a station coming up. It was early dawn it looked like a small station and the gurl in me got excited. As luck would have it the train was passing on the middle track, I finished my smoke and lit another one. I thought of exposing myself in gurl mode to the platform people. I adjusted my boobie pads, quickly removed the inner nighty ( which was a waist length only ) and wore only the top gown which was light yellow color totally see through and furry edges. I was wearing a thong panty and I tied the string in front of the nighty.

As the train approached the platform I could see some people sleeping and some awake and sitting in small groups having tea. The train reached the edge of the platform and was moving in the middle track and I was there in the door in my nighty and smoking.

Some noticed and were quite surprised. Got a couple of whistles from a group. Then the train passed the station and I was excited, I finished my smoke and shut the door. K had woken up was smiling at me.
K- I will get tea for you
Me ok, what time is final station
K- around 1030
Ok I said

He went to the loo and I came back to the cabin. I was alone and getting excited after the exposure to the station people. I walked up and down the train bogey a few times and went to my cabin. Then k came with tea and left.

I rang the bell a round 7 30 and asked for breakfast. He said will be coming by 8 00.

A little after 8 am there was a knock on the door and it was k with the breakfast.
He put the tray and asked me to ring a bell when finished. I finished and looked at my self in the mirror and went out for a smoke. I saw k and raj sitting together. I felt something fishy why raj was here so early morning. I lit a smoke and was in the doorway. Raj saw me and smiled, I finished and went into my cabin and just as I closed the door, there was a knock. I peeped out, it was raj, he came in and I asked

Me- yes what u want so early morning.
Raj ( coming straight to point) can we do once before the final station.
Me ( I got excited and was horny after the exposing to the station ) come back in 5 mins.

He went out. I adjusted my pads and got out a fresh condom for him. I removed my nighty and panty and was wearing an only padded bra and I lied on the berth. 5 mins later there was a knock and I said “Come in” and in walks k. He saw me and dropped his pants. I gave him the condom realizing they both had planned to fuck me before the end of the journey. He wore it and got behind me and was done in a couple of minutes.

He wore his pants and went out and raj it seems was waiting outside the door. He came right in. I adjusted my boobie pads till he got rid of his pants and gave him a condom( my last one ).

He got me in doggy and entered me in one stroke. He did in doggy for 5-7 mins and it was a missionary. Raj had more stamina than k. He did fro another 5 mins and then it was standing on the side of the berth with one leg on it. Now he was full speed with full long strokes.

Another 5 -7 mins and he moaned and hugged me tightly.

He quickly got dressed hugged me once and went out. I followed in only my bra. Both raj and k were chatting some thing. I went out and lit a smoke. They were both surprised to see me only in bra and rest naked and my semi hard on dangling, standing in doorway and smoking. K said some one might come at this time. I told him to keep watch. Raj was still horny, he came behind me and put 2 fingers in my hole and pumped.

I was so excited, I got hard and with one hand I was jacking off and another hand I was smoking. I came in a minute. Raj hugged me and went away to his compartment. K said the final station is near tt might come so I should change to normal dress. I said ok

The train reached on time and I got off and gave k a big tip.

Well, I checked in to the hotel and had a shower and food and ordered a cab for rest of the day so I could go to the clients office and come back in the same cab.

I finished the food and got ready, the cab came at sharp 1:00 pm. I boarded the cab and went to my meeting. On the way, the driver asked me how many days I will stay and so on. His name was badal a chap of 25 years medium height but fit physique. I told him about 2 days. Well, I finished meeting at around 530 and we were about 40 mins drive out of town. We started back and I just remembered the fun I had on the train just that same morning.

Well, I thought lets try this young guy. So I started small talk and then I changed topic asking if he knew any good massage center and if he replied since it is a small town there were a couple of places but not very good. I should inquire at the hotel ( was one of the best in town). On the way back I asked him to stop at a shop so I could buy some whiskey and smokes. I bought my brand of scotch and smokes and I notices a chemist near the wine shop and I bought some condoms.( was feeling lucky and horny )

( just remind you, people, this whole incident is true, and I really had sex on train and with the cab guy )

We reached the hotel around 7 pm and it had started to rain a bit. Badal asked me if he should wait or close the trip. I asked him to wait a bit. I went to my room on 3rd floor and switched on the ac and sat thinking if I should try Badal ( b) for some fun. I had a cpl of pegs of scotch and changed into gurl mode. I wore my bra with the pads and my thong. The inner of he baby doll nightie and the nightie gown I left on the bed. I called Badal and told him to come up to the room to close trip and take his money for the day.

He came up and I opened the door lock and went into the toilet. The toilet had a large mirror with the basin through which I was visible if a opened the door of the toilet even a little bit. He came in and I told him from inside to wait I will be out in a min.

Me- please wait I will be out in a min. ( thinking should I seduce him or not )
B -ok
I thought lets try as he was open to discussion about massage n girls on the way.

Me- would you like a smoke?
B yes sure!

Me take one from the table and give me also.

He got one for me and knocked on the toilet door. I open a few inches and took the cig from him and matchbox and lit up. I could see him thru the mirror staring at me. He lit his smoke and was staring at me through the open door in the mirror. I adjust my boobies pretending that no one is watching me.Then
Me- could you get my dress from the bed
B- you want the short one or a long one?
Me- which one would you like me to wear?
B the short one is good

He gave me the short inner nighty and I wore it. And came out of the toilet.

Now he saw me dressed as a gurl and I was a bit nervous. He was just looking at me.
Me- how much is the fare?
B- (coming back to reality) 700 rupees.
I gave him the money.
Me- you know any good guys in town?
B what guys? What do you want?
Me how do I look?

B you look nice…
Me- when I dress like this I like to do sex with a guy, you know any smart guys who can do?
B- I am smart, am I not?
Me sure! You are good looking ( realizing he wants to do with me ) will you do with me.
B but what you want to do with guy
Me I want a guy to fuck from behind
B I can do that
Me hmmm, lets see what you got( rubbing his dick over his jeans)
He removed his pants and he was semi hard and clean, shaved dick.
I removed his t shirt and he was nude and getting hard.
Me hmmm you are getting hard already.

B you are looking sexy…
Me have you done with a guy before
B no but I did a few girls.
Me how long can you do?
B I can do as long as you say- you tell me when you want me to cum for you.I will do on your stomach.
Me hmmm lets have another smoke.
We lit a smoke and he had his hands on my butts and was squeezing them. He squeezed one bum and with another hand he was rubbing my tucked in the dick. As soon as I finished my smoke he slid down my panty and rubbing my dick.

B you such a smooth and nice dick ( I always keep it shaved and slick)
Me- you are so hard dear
B- you have condom
I gave him a condom and he wore it.Then he held me and made me lie on the bed.
He got on top of me and was kissing my neck and navel. He asked for some cream, I gave him and he put some cream on his fingers and one by one I had 3 fingers in my hole. He was fingering me slowly in and out. Fingers in my hole and kissing my navel. Ohhh what a feeling.

Then he made me hold my knees to my boobs and he positioned his tool right on my hole and pushed. In it went smoothly due to the fingering.

He was doing slow full strokes with his 6 inches hard meat. He was hitting his balls on my bums with each stroke. It was feeling soo good. Then he turned me around on my side and entered from side ways. Again it was full strokes. Then he increased speed,
Me- are you cumming baby?
B no I will come only when you tell me.

Me- oh yes baby, it feels so gooddddd
This went on for at least 10 mins. Then he got up and went to drink some water and also gave me some. I saw the time I call him on my mobile at 0730 pm and it was already 0805pm he had been pumping for about 20 mins already and he was still ready for more. Now he sat on the sofa and spread his legs. I realized he wants me to ride him. I sat on his dick reverse style and was jumping on it. I did till my legs got tired,

He got up and made me bend over on the sofa and entered again. He was pumping fast and my padded boobies were a shaking like real. He reached from behind and held my boobies and pumped my hole with his hard dick, till I could stand no more.

I went and lay on the bed but he turned me over on my belly and held my bums and inserted his dick in my hole which was now hurting a bit. I told him to use some more cream. He put cream on his dick and entered. He stopped in a couple of minutes and pulled up my hips and made me doggy. He enters me and was pumping full speed.
B- you like it ……You want more.

Me ( now my hole was hurting ) cum for me baby
B- not now a little more. Your bums are sooo smooth and sexy.
He had so much stamina. He started pumping again and did in doggy stye for another 10 minutes.
Me- its hurting baby, cum for me now …..

He turned me on my back and held my ankles on his shoulders and pumped me like no tomorrow.

My boobs were bouncing and I was almost about to cum without even touching my dick.

Then I cummed all over my belly without touching my dick.
B ok yeah I am cumming yeahhh………

His strokes got longer deeper and faster. He withdrew and removed the condom and sprayed his cumm all over my belly.

I lied down totally exhausted and he lay down next to me. He caressed my boobs but I still was so wobbly from the fucking. After a couple of minutes I asked him for some water, he brought me some water and I got up from bed to have a smoke, I couldnt stand.I checked my mobile. He had been fucking for almost 40 minutes.
I asked him to give me a cigarette and we both lit on up. I smoked slowly getting my body to calm down. He went to the toilet and got some tissue roll to clean me up.

Then he washed and got dressed. I also changed to normal though I didnt want to I had to order dinner and I couldnt take any more fucking. My ass was hurting.

I gave him a tip and he asked me
B what time tomorrow morning
Me- meeting at 10 am so we go at 9 am
B- should I come early ( winking )
Me only one one condition, you will have to cum fast
B sure, morning quick one and in evening slow one( again winking)

I stayed there 2 days and once he took me to a location away from town and we did in the fields.

Been to the same company location for business twice since then. And always my driver is Badal. Havent been on the same train again though.

Hope you guys liked my experience.
Will share more based on your comments.

This part I and part ii are totally true incidents. It may seem like a story but it really happened and I thank my stars fo such a sexy trip.