Taking Virginity Part 2

In the first part I described how I had met Raju a gay and a football player when my wife had gone her Moms home and had sex with him. In this part I will tell you how he took my ass virginity

I was spent in his ass-hole and slowly my cock got soften and dropped from his ass-hole. We two were still kissing like two lost lover birds who met after long time; I could feel his hard thin cock poking my stomach. I separated from his soft lips and looked toward his hardened cock and smiled. I knelled and kissed his hard cock top and licked it’s pre-cum. I then went further down licking his hard young tasty cock and licked his small ball sack and sucked in the full sack and started to suck the balls. I pushed his hips a little high with putting 2 pillows below his waist and raised the ass-hole to some height. I saw much of my cum form his ass-hole had already dripped down on the bed and made a wet spot. I looked into his eyes and smile and than bent and than still looking into his eyes pushed my tongue into his ass-hole and started to lick my own cum mixed with oil from that depth.

He took hold of my hair and pushed my face between his ass bums. I licked his ass-hole clean, which I had filled a few minutes before. After that I pulled the pillows from below and made his body flat to bed and I took the bottle of oil from the side and pore a good amount of oil on his cock. He tried to rise to see what I was doing. I pushed him back to bed and straddled him in cowboy style. I took his cock in my hand and put it on my ass-hole entry, and slowly let my weight lose on it….

His 4.5 inch cock easily started to enter my tight virgin ass-hole as oil was dripping on all side of it. Within 30 sec it was fully inside my ass and was stretching me like woow. I felt so full.

There was a crazy smile on Raju’s face and he took hold of my nipples and twisted them… they became hard and sensitive. With one hand he was roaming my front and with the other he was playing with first on than another nipple and pulling and twisting them making them too much sensitive.

I started to slowly sway on him back and forth his cock still hard and tight deep in my ass-hole. Low moans were coming out of my throat : aaahhhh mmm mmm bahut tight hai sala.. gand phat gai… but still kept on swaying. He pulled my hair and made me bend; so that we both were eye to eye and than he kissed my lightly first on the lips and then pulled my with all his force and sucked my upper lip into his mouth and draw blood. He pushed his tongue in my mouth and our tongue started to tango….

My to and fro movement was till on giving his hard young cock and my tight mature ass pleasure beyond imagination. Raju became more aggressive and pushed me on my back. I fell on my back on the bed, in the cum which had pass-out from his ass-hole.. my own cum mixed with oil I had pushed into his ass-hole. I felt crippy and sexy both to sleep on my own cum. He took hold of both my knees and bend them in middle and made me touch my knees to my chest while lying on my back. My ass-hole all wide and open for his cock to attack. He put his cock top at the back door entry and push with his full force… it entered in just one push. I was already open with my top ride..

Some thing devilish and entered into his eyes and he smiled naughtily and he started to fuck me like a mad man. I could feel the bed rocking under me, it was making kich kich kich sound which was resounding in the bedroom; felt like I was a party to a gay sex movie and the top wall (chat) swaying before my eyes.. I could feel stars forming in the sky with pain and pleasure in my ass-hole…my breath was getting deep and erotic and I was trying to hold him, which he was not allowing, he was a mad bull who had just found the cant of his favorite cow to fuck and he was not stopping soon as he had cummed already once in my mouth.. he was one man gone mad; he was screaming “bosdike tari to ajj gand phad dunga aur tujha to mari rundi banker rakhunga”

I tried to hold his sway by holding waist in-between my strong things but he was one mad bull horse…he got mad at this move of mine and scream ” randike tari to aaj gand phad dunga sale gandu bosdike” and bite my neck and shoulders till i left my thighs lose and let him fuck my ass-hole as he pleased, as soon as I loosen my grip on his waist he pulled and turned me around on all 4s in doggy style and gave me 20-30 slaps on my hips I was screaming like a child and cry with my eyes filled with tiers and my ass all red with pain and pleasure, and after his anger got down some what he again entered my ass form behind and started to fuck me like a mad dog and after what seem to be ages.. he started to shoot his teenage cum in my mature ass-hole and with strong and rough he sprayed and filled my as hole and then laid on my chest and started to kiss gently my face and eyes and than my lips. We again to started to French kiss with all our tongue play and all till his soft cock popped out of my cum filled now no-longer virgin ass-hole.

(shall continue in next part)

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(shall continue in next part)