Bubble Bath With Mc.donald’s Girl

Hi, sex cravers. This is Varun again. For all who don’t know me, I’m Varun, 24yrs old with 5.9” weighing 70kgs which is neither skinny nor fat.

This story is about a girl working at Mc.Donald’s and how we had a bubble bath.

I’m working in an MNC in Hyderabad. I’m off on weekends. All my school friends are also off on weekends. So we meet every weekend and go to some place to eat drink or play. Once we planned to go to a drive-in and have some food there and if possible, play cricket during the night there itself. Before we started, we thought to have some fast food to cope up until we reached the destination. We stopped at a nearby Mc.Donald’s. While my friends were ordering, I was texting my friend on phone and didn’t concentrate on people around.

After their turn, they asked me my order and then I had to look up on the menu board and ordered something. Reading my order I put my head down to the person taking my order and was stunned looking at her. She was a lady who’s taking my order and the reason for writing this story. I stopped reading my order while looking at her and was awestruck and my jaw dropped. I don’t know the measurements of girls so I cannot describe her size and shape. But I can tell you she looks identical to “Satna Titus”(Tamil actress)

That was how she looked in her uniform. The uniform’s colour was different though. She snapped her finger at me saying “sir, can I order anything else for you?”
I came back to my senses and said “that’s all”.
“Please he seated while we get the order to your table” she said.

We all sat on a table nearby. It was quite straight to the counter so her view was direct to me. While we we’re waiting for our food, I was staring at her often. She knew I was checking her out but she pretended like she didn’t notice anything. After we done eating, I went to the counter and asked the feedback book. She handed that to me and I asked her name. She pointed her left hand index finger to the name batch pinned to her t-shirt of the uniform and said “Babitha”. I wrote on the feedback form about Babitha’s quick and good service and that she needs a raise.

She thanked me with a smile on her face. We left the place. But I was still thinking about Babitha and her beautiful face with sexy curves. I wanted her in my bed. I thought I would have to go to mc.d very often to make her my friend and then my sex partner.

A week passed and then on a Saturday I went to mc.d alone to see her. She was working in the kitchen and I was waiting at the counter to place my order. Some girl came up and asked my order. I told I want Babitha. She laughed at me as the situation was like that coz she asked me “what would you like to order, sir?”

And I said “I want Babitha.”

She went into the kitchen and called Babitha. There came my beautiful babe. She recognized me and asked how I was. We talked a few words and then she asked my order. I told her that I’m alone to mc.d today and asked if she would like to join me. She told that she would not be allowed during work hours and apologised.

Well, at mc.d when you’re alone, you can ask the person working there to join you for a bite and they won’t say no. This is what I’ve read somewhere. So I was sure she would come.

I went to her manager and asked him permission for 30 minutes. He permitted and then I placed an order for both of us and took her with me to the table where I ate last time.

She was feeling shy and embarrassed as their co-workers were teasing her. As we sat she asked me the reason to pick her among all the other workers. Without any hesitation, I told that I liked your service last week and I wanted to give you a treat so I came all alone. “I know that’s not the point but please be kind enough to tell the truth,” she said.

I told her directly that I liked her and wanted to be friends or more.

“I can see where this is going but I’m so not interested in all what you’re thinking. We don’t know each other so please cut everything in your head” she said.

This conversation went on for a few minutes and when our order came she went to pick it up. I asked her about the place she lives and everything. She told she’s 26 and works there full time. From what I heard from her, I knew she’s not from a rich background and belongs to lower middle class. I felt pity and told her to contact me anytime she needed help. Now since our conversation was strong, she agreed. We exchanged number and I left after 30 minutes.

We texted on phone that night and it continued for a few days more. I started flirting every day and she liked it. We met during week days in the afternoon times when she has her lunch break. That’s because I will not be available during nights as I work for night shifts.

One day while we were texting I asked her normally if she was interested in sex or not. She understood where it was going and stopped texting. I continuously texted but she still didn’t reply. I called her a few times but she ignored. The next day I went to her workplace and called her out. She came and we went to a nearby juice center and sat there. I asked her the reason for avoiding my calls and texts.

She told that it was not at all good asking about sex. “I just asked that casually to know your intention” I said.
But I knew that girls would say no because of trust issues. But if I gave her that trust and would keep it as a secret why wouldn’t she be ready for it I thought.
I gave it another shot and explained her everything. The very first time I saw her, I was feeling something for her inside. I wanted her in bed and do stuff. I told her all these and also convinced that it would be secret between us forever and ever. She said she will think about it.

In the evening I got a text from her saying if I was free to talk. I told I’m busy and getting ready to go to work and I’ll text her after reaching. She said okay. After I reached the office, due to busy work that day I forgot to text her and my phone data was off. So I didn’t know if she texted me or not.

After reaching home from work, my wifi got connected and when I opened WhatsApp there were 30 messages from her. All of them said “are you there? Did you forget me so soon? Text me back after you see the message” and so on.

I replied back with a sorry and told that it was a busy day at work and told her to meet in the afternoon. After we met, we discussed about it and finally, it turned out to be a yes from her. She told that she had gone through breakup recently and can’t take relationships anymore so just casual sex and no strings attached. “Even I want that” I said.

It was the months starting week and since I got my salary credited, we planned to go to a resort which is 15kms from my place. I went to pick her up in the morning and when she sat on my bike, she hugged me tightly. I asked her the reason for so much love today and she told she miss her sex life. Then I straight away drove to the place. It was a resort which also had theatre and a hotel to stay there. So we went to the movie first. The theatre consisted a couple sofa seat in the balcony. Since it was far off from the city, people barely come there so there were hardly 20 people in 250 seating hall. After the movie started, I put my hand on her and was rubbing it.

There were no people in the row we sat, so she rested her head on my chest. We hold hands together and she talked about her love life and how they had to break up. She was sad. I comforted her with a kiss and told I can’t give you the actual love but if she needed any physical love, I said I will always be there for her. She thanked me and kissed on my cheek. I turned her towards me and kissed her neck first. I love kissing necks first before lips. So I started off with neck and then went slowly to her lips. She maintains her body healthy and neat so her lips had some fruit gloss on it. While sucking them, I can feel some fruit flavour on them and it was nice to lick off all the fruit flavour from her lips. We kissed very deep and deep while she was pulling me holding my shirt towards her.

Before we started off to the resort, I told her the before night to wear long skirt and some top so she wore that to me. She told me to come on white shirt with torn jeans. I don’t know what fantasy she had on that but we boys generally tell them to wear skirts so it would be easy to put our hands and other stuff in her from below.

So while kissing her, I put my hand on her belly and pushed it up from inside her top until her boobs. I felt her padded bra and slowly moved my hand towards her back and unhooked her bra. Then I put my hands inside her bra and pressed those smooth melons. Her boobs were big which could fit my hand but her nipples were small. She was 3 years older to me and had sex more than me, I didn’t wonder her boobs being so big. Looks like her ex was completely on them for over years.

I wanted to suck them so I told her to push her top until her neck. She put her hands inside her top, hold one boob and pulled it out pushing her top up. Did the same with the other boob. With the dim light in theatre, I can see her boobs which are big with dark brown nipples. Without any late, I pushed my head between them while she squeezed them onto me. It was uncomfortable for me to do it sitting next to her so I’ve to kneel down in front of her, pulled her close to me with skirt pulled up until her thighs. She was close to me now and I put her nipples in mouth and circling them with my tongue. I did this for quite a lot of time. My dick was craving for sex so climbed onto the sofa and told her to lay down on it. She did.

And I pulled her skirt completely up to her waist. I pulled down my jeans and inner. While she was still in her inner, I pushed it sideways and put my penis near her pussy. It was very smooth. There was only skin which was in layers. I wasn’t controlling myself so I directly put my penis head on top of her vagina and pushed it inside. It went smoothly inside as it was wet by then. I did in and out strokes for a few times. She started moaning but it got covered up with the movies sound. Then I kneel down again and spread her legs as wide as possible and was fucking her while she was pressing her boobs in pleasure. We kissed while doing sex. Also, I pulled her top until her neck again and sucked her boobs while having sex. When I was ejaculating I pulled my penis out and cum outside. We then changed to the other seat. We got dressed up before it was an interval. After the movie was over, I booked a room in the hotel and checked inside.

The rooms are costly and are elegant. We went into the bathroom throwing our dress on the bed. We were complete nude now. There was a bathtub inside. We filled it with water and put bubble bath in it. We jumped into it. I lay down with my head outside and rest of the body inside. She lay on me with her back touching me. Our bodies were complete inside except our heads.

I spread her legs apart inside and put my hand on her pussy. The other hand was on one of her boobs. She turned her head back. We were kissing while I was rubbing her pussy and caressing her boob. She was moaning hard when I started rubbing vigorously. After few minutes she lay down and I was resting on her with my back on her. She hold my penis and started masturbating touching my balls and caressing them. I ejaculated again after sometime.

After half n hour we went under shower, cleaned ourselves and gone to bed. I ordered two beers and food. After an couple of hours or so we finished drinking and eating food. We were talking while eating. After that, we were active for session three.

We were naked the whole time except when the beers that we ordered came. We got naked again and now she put my cock in her mouth and started sucking it. Her ass was big so I told her to do a 69. She started sucking my cock and I was licking her pussy. I was showing all the love on her body on her pussy. She started moaning while I was licking. After a while, I turned on the tv and put the volume high and made her lay on me with my penis inside her and she started jumping up and down, to and fro on my cock. She was completely feeling it and was moaning loudly and I was feeling excited. I pulled her towards me hugged her with my penis still in her and I started pushing up and down. She shouted in my ears “faster and faster, please do it faster. Go as fast as you can”. I did what she wanted I was going faster and faster. Our faces were turning red and the sound coming from down “chap chap chap”. She was shouting with pleasure like they shout in porn. Aaahhh aahhhh ahhhh aahhhh without a sec gap between one aaahhhh and the other.

It took very long for me to cum this time as it was the third shot for the day. While cumming, I took my cock out and cum on her ass. We slept hugging each other for a while kissing the whole time. At 5: 30 in the evening, we headed home. I dropped her off near her house and went away. She still texts me whenever she wants to go out. We are friends more than sexual partners. I like her a lot since she is older to me and gives me good advices. You know I tease her “Boobitha” since her boobs are big and she naughtily slaps me whenever I call her that.

That’s the end of my story.

I appreciate your time for reading this. If you liked my story, or think I have any mistakes, please do write your thoughts or correct me in the comments or mail me at “[email protected]”. You can also send me a message on Hangouts. Single ladies and married ones can also message me.