Omegle Sex Chat Leads To Sex Part 2

Hello everyone. Im Mr. K again and this is the second part of the story. I hope you all liked the first part. Ive been receiving many messages on kik and my gmail account to write the second part as early as possible. Also, to all guys who are asking Deepikas pictures and her kik id or her phone number, I cannot share any information of her due to obvious reasons.

Coming back to the story, after picking up Deepika from the railway station and after one of the sexiest blowjobs in the car, we had reached our hotel (I was staying with her for the next 3 days) which was half an hour drive from the railway station. Once we entered the room, she immediately hugged me tightly and I could feel her big boobs and her already poking nipple which was poking through her plain white top as she was not wearing a bra inside. Then I moved Deepikas hair aside and saw her extremely cute face and felt her breath and she was sweating a little as she had hugged me tightly. As I didnt want to break that sexy moment of us, I moved my hand to her back and felt her smooth curvaceous figure and her navel.

I then pulled her closer to me without having any gap between us and we ended up kissing voluptuously for 3-5 min. Then I turned her facing her back to me and I held her navel from the back and put one of my fingers in her belly button and played with her belly button and kissing her neck at the same time. By then Deepika was in full mood to have sex but I had different plans in mind and I asked Deepika to control for some more time. I insisted Deepika to take a hot shower and dress up as were going to have our lunch. But before going out for lunch, I had gifted Deepika a Gucci perfume which is one of the best perfumes for females and any guy would fall for the smell of the perfume. Among all the dresses that she had bought for the Hyd visit, I insisted her to wear a light pink floral tank top and a black mini skirt which was not at all covering her thighs.

Her tank top was a bit small covering exactly half of her belly button. As I wanted Deepika to wear the mini skirt extremely low waist and just above her pussy, one could clearly get the sexiest view of her navel and half belly button. As planned, I had purchased black grapes before picking her up and put them in the car. It was kind of surprising to her when I took out the black grapes. I let her lie down on the bed and put one on her belly button, one between her boobs and another almost inside her pussy. By this time, she was already turned on and wanted me to eat them by kissing every inch of her body.

From top to bottom, starting from her lips to her pussy I kissed and pinched every part of her body and ate the black grapes. After this hot moment, we again kissed for some more time and left for lunch. I took her to nearby gvk one mall and as it was a Friday there was a lot more crowd than the usual days staring at her sexy figure. Deepika left her hair open and even though her pink floral tank top was not that tight, because of her big boobs and hard nipples, one could clearly see her the shape of her big boobs through her top. She was looking like a top class Randi and I had noticed some young guys and married uncles too were staring at her in the mall.

As we were just the two of us, we sat opposite to each other and I made her sit in such a way opening her legs that anyone passing by our table could easily see her ultra-thin cream colour g-string lace panty. After having lunch, I wanted her to try some revealing transparent tops and short crop tops. Every time she came out of he trial room, most of the eyes went to her side as Deepika was looking extremely hot in those tops exposing her fair skin. My already rock solid dick was not trying to hide in my jeans after seeing her and I wanted to fuck her right away. Deepika wanted to try some more tops but as it was evening time the mall had more crowd and Deepika was feeling a bit uneasy as more than 13-17 eyes were staring at her body as if, if given a chance everybody would fuck her hot pussy then and there. As if was Deepikas first time and first day in Hyd she wanted to see some good places in the city where I could click sexy pictures of her. I took her to necklace road during evening time and clicked some sexy pictures of her in her floral tank top and just a crop top (which she had bought at the mall) and nothing over it. When she changed to just a crop top inside the car and came out, 5-6 guys came near us out of nowhere and sat where we were doing the photoshoot.

When Deepika was posing lifting her hands and exposing more of her already exposed navel and thighs, Im sure those 5-6 guys enjoyed the photoshoot and left only we left the place. After the photoshoot we went back to the hotel, not at all tired and we had freshen up by then. As it was the start of summer and as we just reached the hotel, even though the ac the on she was sweating a bit and wanted to change to some more comfortable and lose clothes. As Deepika brought only tight body fit type tops to Hyd she wanted to wear my cream t-shirt. I have her my cream t-shirt but on one condition, Deepika should wear just the t-shirt and nothing else, not even panty. She happily agreed and wore my t-shirt. I got freshen up too and seeing her in my shirt which was lose to her, her big boobs and nipples were still poking out and I couldnt control anymore and directly went to the bed, held her both hands in each of mine and kissed her passionately.

We kissed for about 2 min and after kissing her whole face, I went to the neck and then her big boobs. After playing with her with my face over the t-shirt, I pinched her nipples over the t-shirt with my teeth to which she moaned in pleasure. I noticed that she liked to be pinched so I pinched her nipples few more times and she immediately removed my jeans and took out my rock solid dick in her hands and started giving a handjob first. By then I removed her tshirt too exposing her two big perfectly shaped lemons and two poking black grape nipples. Deepika then gave a hot blowjob again and this time I pushed my dick completely inside her though she was choking a bit she liked my full dick inside her.

I then took out my dick and started to tease her by playing with my dick near her pussy. As she is not a virgin her pussy was not very tight band I took that as an advantage and teased her more by placing the tip of my dick inside her pussy. She was completely aroused and turned on by my act and she was not able to control at all. She was moaning loudly and I was still teasing her. Finally, even I couldnt control and she forced my dick into her pussy and we both were just lying down with my dick inside her pussy. After 15-20 seconds I slowly started to stroke my dick inside out and it gave her pain and then complete pleasure. Now I started to increase the pace of my stroke and she loved every bit of it and I could see her moaning even more loudly calling out my name and asking me to fuck her more and tear her pussy apart.

As we decided not to wear a condom, I was about to cum and she insisted that I cum on her navel, boobs and in her mouth. She cleaned the cum over my dick by licking it completely and taking my dick again inside her mouth. All this while, I was playing with her big boobs and kissing and pinching her rock solid nipples. After our hot sex session, we ordered food and I asked Deepika to open the door and collect the food. Deepika was wearing just my t-shirt again and she was fresh as before after the sex. I could see the waiter had his eyes on Deepikas big boobs and we both enjoyed it.

After dinner, we decided to roam around the city in my car. We took bath together and cleaned each others body. Deepika brought a top which was short and had a zip in the front. So I asked Deepika to tuck her top inside her shorts and open the zip almost midway to her navel. As the top was already short it was difficult for her to tuck in her short top inside her shorts and this made her big boobs look even bigger. As the cloth of the top was cotton, her perfectly shaped round boobs were clearly visible through her half-opened zip tucked in top and she was looking extremely hot.

Also, I asked Deepika to put the perfume as it smells seductive. We roamed around the city for sometime, stopped at some crowded places and I clicked her pictures again now exposing more of her boobs. First we went to cream stone and it was almost 3:30 am in the morning by then. So I decided to take her to ram ki bandi in Hyd where most of the crowd from all over the city comes there to have breakfast. We reached the place and as it was Saturday morning, the crowd was more than usual weekdays.

I had given a task to Deepika and if she failed to do it, I had the right to punish her the way I want. First of all, as there were families with kids, we didnt want too much attention on us so we decided to pull up her zip till her neck. But the task I gave her was to go there, stand among all the guys and get breakfast for the both of us. As many of us know its difficult to order food from such a crowded place, Deepika managed to go there getting groped between all the guys, I could see some of them even touching her boobs wantedly. Deepika was feeling uncomfortable yet enjoyed every bit of it. After breakfast, we drove back to the hotel and I woke up to the best morning blowjob.

This is the second part of the story of ‘how I met Deepika and our journey from omegle to sex in Hyd and first day of Deepikas visit to Hyd. Let me know if youve liked the second part of the story and first day of Deepika in Hyd and want me to write the third part where I will tell you how Ive fucked Deepika again on her second day and what I insisted her to wear on the second day.
Girls and women (age above 18) can contact me on [email protected] and kik username: kushal5005 from Hyderabad or any part of India for sex chat or hookup. I appreciate all the guys personally emailing me and messaging on kik but please understand that I cannot share any details or information about Deepika. Looking for positive comments and I would soon start the third part.