Fun With Divorced Neighbour Part 1

Hey guys, hope you liked my previous story. This time I have got a new story which is completely fictional.

For those who dont know me, you can call me MVA, a college student in 2nd sem, from Ahmedabad, with 5 and a half inches dick.

Talking about my neighbour, she is 50, with big breasts and an ass to die for. She is very white in color, but the most amazing part is her Green Coloured Eyes!

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Also, last time there were many people who abused me, so I would request, that if you cant appreciate the story please do not abuse at least.

So, lets begin the story.

This happened when I had just finished my 12th exams and was already bored because of vacations. One day my parents decided to go at some tour to Rajasthan with our whole family. But, one of my cousin brother had exams and to give him company I decided to stay.

One day when my bro was in his college to give his exam, I tried ordering food online but the network connection sucked, and so I couldnt order anything.

Then I decided to ask my neighbour aunt Sudha(divorcee), to help me cook something that can be made easily. I went to her home, and her gesture was so sweet that instead of helping me, she forced me to have lunch with her. We had lunch and, I went back home and decided the whole afternoon about her beauty.

My bro came in the evening and left by saying that hell stay at his friends home for the whole night, and will be back tomorrow after giving the exam. So again I had to cook something for myself. I was all ready to prepare instant noodles but then, I thought ‘Why not go to Sudhas home again. Its just 7 and she might be cooking her meal and, by helping her I could stay with her for few more hours.

So I went to Sudhas home and as expected she was cooking her meal. I asked her to cook for me too, and she readily accepted it. The food was ready by 8.30 and we finished eating by 9.00. Then she asked about my vacation plans and all such stuff. Then I asked her about her daughter Meera who got married 7 years ago.

M: By the way aunty, how is Meera dii? Its been months since Ive seen her.
S: Oh, shes really good. Shes also got a new job in a firm. Her husband also earns well.

M: Good. So what about their children?
S: Actually they still do not have a baby. Her husband is infertile like my ex-husband.

M: Oh, so sorry to hear that aunty, I didnt know that. But if your husband was infertile then, how was Meera dii born?

S: Thats a long story, and no one knows about this, so its better that I dont tell it to you also.

M: Why havent you told about this to anyone?

S: Well, I just dont trust anyone regarding this matter.

M: But trust me, you can tell me everything, and even now Im an adult and in no time Ill be going to college.

S: Okay, but promise me you wont tell this to anyone.
M: I promise.

S: When I got, married I didnt know about his problem, as it was an arranged marriage. Later on, after a couple of months, I got to know his problem. But I wanted to have a child anyhow. So decided to have a baby through sperm donation. But my husband didnt like this idea, but he didnt know that I had already gone through the procedure. Later, when I told him that I was pregnant, he knew that it was not his child.

Then, we had a huge fight regarding this and we ended up having a divorce. Then I completely gave my life in educating Meera and getting her married, and all this while I never thought of having fun for myself.

M: Thats so sad aunty. This means after your divorce you never had sex?
S: No, but I knew that this was how I had to live.

M: No aunty, you still look so gorgeous. Anyone would love to spend time with you.

S: But most men of my age are not that good in bed, and I always wanted a young cock.

Hearing all this from her mouth made my dick erect. She saw this and stood up to go to the kitchen. She started washing the plates. I went after her and apologised for whatever happened. She said it was okay, and that now I should leave for my home. “Why aunty, weve just had dinner. Cant we sit and talk for a little while because, as you know, both of us are alone?”I asked.

She asked me to wait in the hall. I was sitting on the sofa when she came and I saw that she had changed from saree to a nightie. I could see her nipples which meant she had no bra on. While I started talking, this was the first time I noticed that she was staring into my eyes and slowly she was getting closer to me. Suddenly she planted a kiss on my neck.

Even I couldnt resist and hence I started kissing her lips. In between, we exchanged saliva, bite each others lips and even sucked each others tongue.

She started pressing her hand on my dick from over the track. I got up and removed all mines and her clothes. We got completely naked.

I couldnt believe that all this was happening. I lifted her and threw her in the bed in her bedroom. I started licking, sucking, kissing and fingering her pussy. She was continuously pushing my head in her pussy region. Everytime she was about to cum, I used to stop. She got angry and asked why did I do this. I told her that I apply the same trick while masturbation, which gives more pleasure by doing it atleast 4 times and, then cumming.

I did it for half an hour and, she really loved it, which I can say by her moans. She finally came and also squirted on my face. My face became full of her cum. I licked as much as I could. It tasted salty, and I loved its taste. I took her cum on my finger and made her lick her own cum. I also applied her cum on my dick, which was now in a hurry to get the pleasure. Then we switched to 69 position. While she was giving me a blowjob, she had already came twice on my face and her cum tasted so good. But, as soon as I was about to cum, I made her stop as I wanted to cum inside her.

Then I picked out a condom from my pocket, but she insisted on doing it without a condom. Then, we switched to missionary position, and I entered her love hole. As she was having a dick after a very long time, the walls of her pussy were very tight. Somehow, after a couple of minutes, I managed to enter her completely and all this while she could not stop moaning.

Her moaning made me more turned on. She again came in 5 minutes. Then we switched to Doggy style, and I entered her from behind. All this while I was pressing both her boobs. Then I asked her if I could enter her ass hole. She did not like the idea as she knew that it might pain a lot. But I started convincing her by saying, that well first apply something on her asshole and on my dick for smoother movements. Finally, she agreed to it and, I brought  Nutella and spread it over her ass and applied it over my dick. Slowly I started entering her ass hole and her moaning could show that she was in pain. After a few shots, I could enter her fully and her painful moaning changed to pleasure.

Then we finally switched to my favourite position i.e. Cowgirl Position, or as some people may call it ‘Woman on Top Position. She sat on my dick facing me and started riding. All this while I was slapping her ass with one hand, pressing her boobs with another hand and kissing her too.

When I was about to cum, she asked me to cum inside as it wont make much of a difference. Both of us came at the same time. We were exhausted and slept off then and there itself.

Whatever happened next morning, was a shock for us, which later on turned into fun.

In the next part, Ill tell you how I got a threesome experience with her and her daughter.

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Thank you for reading!