Taking Virginity Part – 3

In the first indian sex part I described how I had met Raju a gay and a football player when my wife had gone her Mom’s home and had sex with him; in second part I described how the young teenage Raju rough fucked me and gave the upmost pleasure to my virgin ass-hole and took my ass virginity. In this part shall describe how he made my intention of one night stand into a long romantic relationship.

Raju started to shoot his teenage cum in my mature ass-hole and with strong and rough fucking he sprayed and filled my as a hole and then turned me on my back and laid on my chest and started to kiss gently my face and eyes and than my lips. We again started to French kiss with all our tongue play and all till his soft cock popped out of my cum filled now no-longer virgin ass-hole. Our soft cock kissing each other and our nude body embraced in lovers embrace… his soft hairless teenage skin rubbing to my mature skin and making my already sensitive hard nipples more soo. His kiss and touch were so sensuous and romantic with all the love of the world pored in; the rough wild bull all gone and a romantic lover he had transformed into.

After what seemed to be an eternity he let my lips free and laid down on my side. I raised myself on my hands and looked towards him lovingly like a newly fucked bride who has had the greatest sexual satisfaction on her first night. I don’t know what comes over me; I started to kiss him all over with all passion his face his eyes his nose his lips his neck and shoulder, on his neck and shoulder I left my love bites too for him to remember me. I move down kissing to his chest and bite and pulled his nipples and sucked them till he pushed me from them. I moved down kiss and biting her stomach and his waist; licking the navel for long long time, he was giggling like a school girl all the time along with his lust full sound of aahhhh isssss dhirese bite karo mmmmm mmmm, he was giving lustful jerks and trying to push me off when I started to deep lick his navel and bite there. After he requested me to let go [ bhai bass ker aur bardast nahin ho raha, please aur lick mat ker kuch ho raha hai mmmmmmmm maaa please chod de] I moved further down kissing and licking and biting living a trail of my saliva all over his nude sexy young teenage body. I kissed his both thighs never touching his now already again hard and pulsing cock shining with his own cum still sticking to his cock skin pulled back.

His shining cock was tempting and juicy too. I moved still licking his naked thighs towards his wide spread middle path between his hips and kissed his ass-hole and dipped my tongue into it. He gave a big jerk and hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I holded his hips a little higher in air with support of my hands and started to rim his ass very fast. He took hold of my hairs and try to push my head into his bumbs. He was screaming bhai bas mmmmmmmm ooooooooo mmmmmmmmmmmaaa iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii mmmmmmmmmm hhhhhhhhhhhhhhh and jerking like anything. After sometime I left his ass-hole and started again to lick and suck his balls and the skin between the ball sack and his ass-hole. He was giving lustful sound effects; his deep breath and lustful sound filled the whole room; mmm aaaa hhhhh mmm iii ssss filled the room … saala harami madarchod gandu were flowing all over….

It was difficult to control him; I had to hold both his thighs strongly [as I was stronger than him] and pin him down while doing all this. I could feel his blood rushing and his ball tightening. I felt his cock jerking and knew he would soon cum again…

I move my flat of the wet tongue from ass-hole to the skin between the hole and the sack and then from the bottom of the cock to the top of its tip

I took his cock in both my hands and press it’s bottom nerves tight and put the top cap in my mouth and sealed it with my lips and started to lick the hole on the top with my tongue tip.

I did not let him cum and neither let him relax… he was at my mercy. He pulling my hair, but as my hair were short he was not able to pull my head off his torched cock. Bosdike chood de mera lund kutte mai mar jaunga ….. I left the pressure at bottom and he shot like a machine gun cum after cum in my waiting mouth. He was screaming at top of his voice while shooting in my waiting mouth….

I took all his cum into my waiting mouth and did not let it down my throat. I kept on sucking his sweet lovely beautiful cock till it shrank into its skin again. Then I got up and held his face in my 2 hands and kissed him on his sweet young lips and pushed all his cum into his mouth, we started our tongue dance and shared his sweet cum between ourselves.

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