Becoming Gangs Bitch Part II

Hi guys, this is Savita Saxena here and I am back with the second part of my long unfinished story. You must have read in the first part about how I became a shameless randi for Bunty’s gang. Now I will tell you what happened when Bunty took me to his club.

About me: I am a big ass chikni slim randi for a dangerous gang in a city. This is the story of how the gang made me their bitch.

So Bunty threw me down on the bed and I did not have the energy to try to escape from the clutches of those monsters. So, like a sissy bitch, I kept crying like a small baby. But little did I remember that Bunty’s gang had cut my shorts into a mini skirt and my ass was totally visible even while crying also. All of a sudden I felt someone’s hand caressing my exposed ass and asking me not to cry. I looked back through my tears and saw that it was Bunty feeling my exposed soft ass and asking me not to cry. He then came and picked me up in his hands like a baby and started kissing me softly on the face and lips and said “Bacchi bacchi randiyan rote nahin” . While saying this, his hands were constantly touching my naked ass and he was pressing them and fondling them while saying this. Then Bunty laid me down on the bed once more and asked me to push forward my body in doggie position. Then all of a sudden I saw Bunty take out a bottle of oil from his pocket and put some oil on my ass. I was surprised by this but suddenly I felt Bunty’s fingers trying to push my tight soft asshole. I started crying even more out of shame and he started laughing. Bunty started fingering my tight asshole and shouted to his gang members “Dekh, yeh chikni gaand kitni tight hain!!”

All of the other gang members started laughing upon hearing this and some of them came to fondle my ass and touch my nipples. Then Bunty shouted “Ab toh time aa gaya iss maal ko ladki banana ki” and he opened his pants. The dick I saw was the BIGGEST MONSTER of a dick I had ever seen. It was at least 9 inches in length and 3 inches in thickness. I started screaming on seeing his dick “Nahin, nahhinn, nahhiiin pleeaaaseee mujhhee jaaannee doooo!!!” but all of the gang members were laughing on seeing me screaming like that. Bunty positioned his dick on my soft hole and with one push pushed almost 5 inches of his dick inside. I screamed out of extreme pain “Uuuiiiiii Maaaaaaaa!!!” and then I became unconscious. I woke up almost after 15 minutes and I saw all of the gang members standing around the bed, some of them were pinching and pulling my nipples and Bunty was still fucking me. I felt that the bed was wet and when I looked down to see what it was, one of the gang members told me “Pata hain randi, tune mut dii thi abhi Bunty ki lund gaand me leke hi” and all of them started laughing like madmen again. I was red with embarrassment and shame and even though I was crying , the feeling of Bunty’s monster cock against the walls of my tight boy pussy was giving me intense pleasure also. Hence I stopped crying and laid my head on the bed.

I closed my eyes out of shame and fear. Suddenly Bunty shouted “Aaaaahhhhh” and he put his hands on my nipples and pinched them so hard, tears came to my eyes and I shouted “Uiiiii Maaaaaaa”. I felt something warm inside me and I knew now that Buty had cummed inside my asshole. Bunty did not take out his dick and just held me like that for the next 5 minutes. After that, he came and whispered inside my ear “Aaj se tu hum sabki bibi hain, khaana pakaegi yehi pe, kapde dhoegi, club saaf rakhegi aur badle mein raat ko tujhe hum sab rape karenge”.

On hearing this, I shouted screaming once more but Bunty gave me one tight slap and I fell unconscious.

When I woke up, it was morning the next day and I saw that my hands and legs were tied to the bed. I looked down and suddenly saw that the mini skirt that the gang had made me wear was gone and in place of it, someone had made me wear a pink small panty. It looked like the panty of a 10 year old girl with flowers upon it. I shouted out “Koi hain, mujhe thodi si paani dijiye peen eke liye please” and the door opened and the gang member named Kaalu came in carrying a bottle of water. He did not open the ropes tying my hands but instead asked me to open my mouth. And then he started pouring water from the bottle into my mouth. After I was done, he came and sat beside me.

He tried to kiss me on my pink lips, but when I did not open my mouth, he took my naked nipples in hand and again pinched those babies. I screamed out of pain an he said ki “Randi, jaise hum chahenge waise krna, nahin toh khule bazaar mein le jaakar rape karenge”. Then he told me “Bluefilm dekhegi? “ If though I did not want to see a bluefilm, I had to say yes to him. He came and started a bluefilm on his mobile. A white soft girly boy was sucking the big black dick of a black man in the video. Then Kaalu opened his pants and took out his dick and asked me suck upon it while watching the video. I had no choice but to start sucking his dick like a lollypop. While sucking, I stopped once and told him “Bhaiya mujhe mutna hain please, bahut der se hold karke rakhi hun” . On hearing this, he started laughing and said “Let jaa abhi” I was surprised but I laid down on my back as ordered. Then Kaalu told me “Apne pair ko fela de ladkiyo ki tarah aur mut” !!! I was stunned but I had to obey his orders. I spread apart my legs like a girl and started peeing on the bed itself like a baby girl. Kaalu came and started holding my panty covered dick whiel I was peeing and started making a video of it. I was crying the entire time.

This is the end of the second part of this story. The next part will be revealed shortly. In the meantime please mail me and let me know your dirty thoughts and feedback on my mail: [email protected]