Spectacular Massage Indian Sex Experience In Singapore Part 2

Hi, this is Rahul; you would have read my indian sex story “Spectacular Massage experience in Singapore” about massage with a shemale, when I was in Singapore, on Business. After that massage with Anna, I was kind of hooked and went to a different place for massage.

I went in and paid the charges, I was led to the massage room and as usual, asked to strip and lie down.

The Masseuse was Lucy, She had a hot body with big tits, She wore a white blouse with 3 buttons open, showing Her awesome cleavage was showing since she was wearing with a tight bra, that made her breasts come up and out.

She began on my back doing my legs first. Then her hands went up and down my calves, legs, and feet, going up to my thighs stopping just before touching my dick. I was feeling better. Her hands went to my back she really could give a massage. She would work on my back and then go down to my ass. She pulled the towel down and started to massage my ass cheeks. I was breathing deeper by now. And her hands felt great kneading and rubbing my cheeks, her hands went lower, Right to the base of my ass just to the spot that my balls started then down my legs. Though I did not have a hard-on, it felt nice.

Holding the towel, she said, “Turn over and Ill start on the front.” I rolled over as she held the towel in place. Lying on my back could look up and down and she on hers. I noticed that her blouse was open more than it was when she started. Her tight bra made her breasts stand out. She looked into my eyes, She then peeled off her blouse, her tight red bra hardly was able to contain her ample breasts, I began to get a hard-on. I closed my eyes to relax as I felt her hands on me.

“You like what you see”? I felt her hands on my chest and felt them move around. She went lower and soon her hands were right above my cock. I have an average size dick, about 6.5.” Her hands stopped just before she touched me. They went to the side and down to my legs. I now had my eyes open and she looked me right in the eyes and said. “Now the skirt”? I replied, Oh Yes, Please. She unzipped her skirt, pulled it down and she stood back, I was looking at her face, I then looked down. Her bra was still on her breasts rising and falling looked down and saw black panties. She turned to sideways, now I could see her side, her ass sticking out. I couldn’t hold, I had to touch it, I ran my hand across her leg, Up till I reached her soft, smooth ass. I ran my fingers across her, pulled her panties down. She looked at my cock. It was erect and hard now.

She took hold of my cock, kissed the tip. Her mouth open and with one downward motion took the whole cock in. She took it all in one try, Her mouth started to make love to my cock, Her mouth came off my cock and then back down Up and down Her tongue was moving to the right and left. Her mouth going up and down. All at the same time. I knew I was not going to last and would cum anytime, she knew it too.

As I ran my hand up between her legs, her cold leg, her smooth thigh and then her panties. I felt both legs, I could feel the heat from her and then I felt her dick, it was a small shaved cock, Judy kept on sucking me, Her hand was jacking me off and she was going to make me cum. I pulled her panties to the side and I saw her small but hard cock. It must have been 4″ long. A hard cock, but so small, as her mouth sucked me and her hand jacked me I felt her cock, I started to jack her off.
You act like you didnt know? Did you, that I was a shemale”? Her sweet eyes looking at me.

“No. I thought you…….. .” You thought I was a woman, is that what you are trying to tell me. You thought I had a pussy.”

“Yes, it is. But now I think I might like to play with your dick, May I? My eyes never left her cock.

“So, you would like to jack off my 4” clit? Is that it? I replied yes, she stopped sucking me and gave me her small dick to play with; I began to stroke her up and down for some time. “Im going to cum. Take my cum on your dick I began stroking her faster and she screamed “Im going to cum. Yes, Yes, now.” I felt her cock explode.

Now I was on my back, looking up at a small cock. I felt her take me back in her mouth. Her hot wet mouth. Her tongue licking my cock as it goes in and out. “She began to suck me, I was fucking her mouth, and then I felt her finger go into my ass. “Im going to cum.”Im going to cum. Take it.” I felt her push my dick further into her mouth and I felt my cock explode. After some, when my dick was erect I told Lucy, “Now, Im going to fuck you.”. Slow and soft, or fast and hard? What do you like? “Slow and soft. I stood up Put some lube on and placed my cock near her ass, I smeared her hole with the lubricant and then with one hard push I shoved it into her ass. She moaned, I then pulled out and pushed it in again, each time I pushed in I could hear her moan. And when I pulled out I could feel her ass try to suck me back in.

Then when I pushed in I could feel her ass push back to get more of me faster. She was enjoying this. Enjoying this too much. It must have been fucking her for 5 minutes when I thought I was going to cum. I pushed into hard and deep. I heard her plead.”Yes, fuck me. Cum in my ass. Please. I need it. Cum in my ass” She was asking me for it. I knew she was hot and ready, I could see that she was stroking her now erect dick, as I pumped in and out I knew I would come any moment, she then put a finger in my ass triggering me to shoot a huge load up her ass. With that Judy also came again. We went to the showers and had a shower together. When I was done Lucy looked at me and asked me. “Was that your first time? Tell me the truth. The one thing I love is to make them think it was my first time. ‘Yes, it was. I have never done that before.” And Ill come back for more.

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