The Women Unleashed Part-1

Hello everyone, first of all I would like to thanks this platform which gave wings to my desires and giving me this opportunity to share my experience. This is my first story so suggestions and comments will be appreciated. I hope you enjoy my story cum confession. You can mail me comments or suggestions at [email protected]

I am 22 years old guy from Pune, Maharashtra. Basically I am from Nagpur but studying engineering here in Pune. I believe everyone have a feminine and muscular side and to what we are inclined defines our sexuality. I am inclined to to my feminity since childhood. I always wanted to be woman, unfortunately I was born in male body. That didnt stop me from my exploring my female within. From childhood, I was slim built and didnt have any prominent body hair plus god has bestowed me with milky fair skin, pink luscious lips and fat at right places. I am proud of my ass, I got lot of complements from men that it is better than girl they have been with. Wearing my moms panties and bra, trying out her sarees and make up was my ritual till the time I was at home. I used to feel complete when I would be in female attire.

It all stopped when I took admission to Pune for engineering. I had to stay in hostel, surpressing my woman desires. I wanted to break these chain of manhood and wanted to feel like woman. Guess I was lucky. One day while exploring facebook I came across a man who was looking for hook up with a girl. His wife was away since she was pregnant. I could sense the thirst of sex. I told him about myself, told him how I wanted to be someones wife or girlfriend, I showed him pics of my body and he was intrigued and was up for experimenting. We shared our details, he seemed like a decent person, I came to know later how wild he was in bed. We decided to meet over a weekend at his place. I reached to the address he gave me, he was waiting for me smoking a cigarette near his bike. I greeted him, his piercing eyes gazed at me from head to toe. I asked him for a lighter and lit my cigarette. I was nervous. He asked me if I drink, I complied with a nod. He took me to wine shop, he bought wine and vodka. Heading towards his home on bike he applied the break and I got pushed towards him. I realized he have strong body. I put my hands on his shoulders and sat little close to him. It gave me tingling sensation in my stomach as if I he is my husband and going to take away my cherry tonight.

We reached his home. It was a nice two bhk apartment, but everything was little messy as his wife was away from months. He asked me to get comfortable on sofa and brought me glass of water. We didnt talked much till then. His eyes wear piercing me as if he is going to eat me but still he was behaving very gentlemanly. He asked if me if we can start drinking. It was his first time with a guy so I guess he was nervous too. I said that I need to bath and change into something nice. He understood what I wanted to say. He lead me to his bedroom, there was big king-size bed. I thought to myself this is where he is going to make love with me. There was attached bathroom, he showed me the bathroom and opened his wifes wardrobe and said. “Wear whatever you like. I will be waiting in living room. Call me once you are done.” Saying that he left the room.

I quickly bolted the door and got stark naked and entered into bathroom. I took nice hot water shower, applied sweet flavored shampoo on my hairs. I already had shaven all my body hairs so I was all smooth. I got out of bathroom and started exploring his wifes wardrobe. She had nice collection of sarees, lingerie and western dresses. I picked up one push bra and lacy black lingerie and red one piece dress. There was whole lot of collection perfumes. I took a deep breath. I wanted to be all perfect for him. I applied nice women perfume over my body. The smell was intoxicating. Then I wore a push up bra to give extra push to my chest so that it look more prominent as breast. Then I wore a black lacy bra. The material was so silky that it gave me goosebumps. Then I wore a panty. My heart already started beating fast. I stood in front of mirror for makeup. I first applied foundation one scale fair to get even skin tone and applied concealer.

I am no expert in make up so applied everything which I can get hands on, but made sure that I dont overdo it and look like something else. Then I applied mascara, kajal and eyeliner to get smoky eyes. I was to wear red dress so I complemented it with red lipstick and some lip gloss. I didnt had wig, so did my hair in as much as feminine way as I could. Makeup was done. Then I wore bracelet in one hand and pearl necklace around my neck. I wanted to apply nail polish also but couldnt find it. Then I put up a red one piece which I chose for the night. I wore it, it was little tight than I expected but managed somehow. I was above knee length so my thunder thighs were visible and it looked sexy af. as if it of some girls legs. The dress had zip from back, I tried to close it but couldnt do it. So I looked into the mirror and I was looking good than I expected, the dress was tightly clinching my body, showing off my figure prominently and make up was adding extra glamour to it.

Red lips looked inviting. I was done with it. Last thing I need was to zip the dress. So I switched off the light and unbolted the door and called him to come in. He already had peg of vodka in his hand. He came inside, he tried to look at me but couldnt do it because of light. I asked him to zip the dress for me, and turned my back towards him. He put his peg down and held my shoulders. He slowly moved his hand on my back over bra straps. His touch was giving me butterflies in stomach. I closed my eyes. He took his sweet time to close the zip. He turned me facing towards him and switched on the light. The moment he switched on the light our eyes met for first time and next moment I felt shy and put my head down. I could sense he is looking at me from head to toe and analyzing my look. “You look gorgeous.” he said, I was melting down with his words and felt like newly wedded bride on her first night. This is how I wanted to feel from many days. And I was willing to surrender myself to his commands. He lifted my chin, looked into my eyes and asked me if I wanted to drink now. I nodded. He took my hands in his and led me to the living room and made me sit on sofa. He dimmed the light setting of the room, now it was more pleasing for me and I felt little comfortable. He poured me vodka in a glass and sat beside me.

I started sipping it, the marks of lipstick can be seen on the glass. I was thinking he did perfect job to set the mood, by then I felt his hands on my thighs. He was caressing my thighs and said, ” I never thought you would look so beautiful in my wifes dress.” I said, ” Treat me like your wife only. I am all yours.” He was showering complements about my body and looks, caressing my arms and thighs couple of times. By then I finished two pegs. The whole atmosphere was intoxicated. He played romantic song on music system and asked me to dance with him. “I cant dance.”, I said hesitatingly. Fact is I really cant dance and I feel very uncomfortable while dancing. Being the gentleman he was, he said, “Just follow me darling”, and gave me his hand. I stood up holding his hand. He took my hand and put it on his shoulder, held my other hand and put his hand around my waist. We were close to each other. He started swinging with beats of music and tried to follow his leads. His eyes were gazing at me, I put my head down. “You are smelling nice”, he said, and hold me more close to him grabbing my waist. I was just following his lead. I was also swinging my body with him. We were so close to each other that I couldnt gather courage to look into his eyes. I could feel the his breaths hitting me. My heart was beating fast and I was anticipating what is going to happen next.
He pulled me more closer and put his lips on my neck. “Aaahhh”, moan escaped from my mouth. He smooched and kissed my neck, I was melting down in his arms with feeling of complete surrender. His touch was casting magic spells on me.

He stopped after I let out couple of moans. My head was still down with shyness, recovering from what I just had experienced. He held my chin up. I looked into his eyes. He was smiling through his eyes. He brought his face closer to my lips. I closed my eyes and my red lips automatically parted to welcome him. His lips touched mine. He kissed and pecked me. I never felt more feminine, he stamping his dominance over me. He held my face and pushed his lips into mine. Sucking over my lower lip, making me feel weak in my knees. I dont know when I lost my conscience and started responding to his kiss, his manliness. He pushed me on sofa, making me slightly rest on my back and came over me. We were engrossed in deep, passionate kiss, exchanging saliva. I could sense his hands caressing my naked smooth thighs and my hips over my dress. He was slapping them in between. I could feel his manhood poking on my stomach. I extended my hands towards it and grabbed it with my soft hands. It was handful of meat. I was analyzing the size and shape of it over his pants. Watching me touch his cock, he stopped kissing me and said, “Do you want to see your prize for tonight?”, I nodded in yes. By now, slut inside me has overtaken. He sat straight on sofa and unbuttoned his pants. There come a 6 inch strong penis standing in all its glory. My eyes widened looking at it. It was most beautiful penis I have ever seen. Pinkish dick head, curved just a little.

It was beautiful site for me. He took my hand and put it on his cock. That huge thing was throbbing in my hand, I pushed his foreskin down and stroked it for a while. I was in love with that thing. He gestured me by his eyes to suck it. I was just waiting for it and took his shaft in my mouth. He lit his cigarette and became relaxed as I was sucking down his cock. I am proud of my dick sucking skills. I sucked his dick and balls to my hearts content. He was smoking cigarette and enjoying it. I sucked it till his cigarette got over. He then signaled me to stop. I sat beside him, folding my legs like a lady who was just had cock in her mouth. He again started kissing my neck, swirling his tongue over it. I sensed his hand running over my thighs, trying to get inside my dress. His other was trying to unzip the dress. I understood what he wanted, so I asked his, “Shall we proceed to bedroom?” He gave cunning smile and kissed me on my lips and lift me up in his strong arms. I was shying away when he lift me, I put my arm around his shoulder. He slowly put me on the king size bed in bedroom and came beside me. I was sitting there like newly wedded wife anticipating his moves. He came closer started kissing my neck, cheeks, forehead, eyes showering his love upon me. I was melting down with his every kiss.

I had closed my eyes in love and pleasure. He slowly unzipped the dress and slide it down to the shoulder and kissed my shoulder. He then turned me little and started kissing me on my back. He was making me feel all wanted. He slowly removed my dress completely and threw it in corner. I was only in bra and panty. my smooth fair skin was glistening in the dim light. He came over me and started kissing and smooching me, pinching my waist, slapping my ass. My body was in complete control of him. He held my hands in his and came down on me and started kissing and nibbling on my stomach. Swirling his tongue in my navel giving me waves of sensation. I could just throw my head away and moan in pleasure. He then hungrily pulled down my bra and cupped my chest in his hand and started pressing it. I was in sweet pain and pleasure. He put his head on my other nipple and started nibbling and biting it. He ate both my chest with utter power. I was moaning aloud and lost in the world of pleasure. He then turned me around, pulled my panty down and grabbed my hip globes with both his hands. My ass is soft and big and perfect shape to be grabbed on. He slapped it fiercely and put his mouth on my ass globes and started to suck on it, bite it. Oh my god, that feeling was the most amazing I had experienced. His whole concentration was on me, he then spit on my asshole and started rubbing his fingers on it. My asshole was twinching with his touch. He then got out of his pants, and put his throbbing dickhead on my hole. And pushed his dickhead inside my moist asshole.

Wave of pain ran through my mind, I screamed in pain. He leaned on my back and started to kiss me, because of his body weight his dick slide in hole, I couldnt scream because he was kissing me. After a minute pain was minimized and he again gave one push and his whole dick was inside my asshole. He then slowly started pushing his dick in and out of my asshole. The sweet pain was indeed a most pleasurable for me. I was no more a virgin. This guy took away my cherry and made me a woman. He was stroking his dick in and out and I was moaning in pleasure. He then made me stand on my knees and hands in doggy style. Held my waist in his strong grip and started giving me strong strokes. I was feeling like a bitch, I wanted to treated like that. He was fiercely pushing his dick in my asshole, and fucking me to the. After that , he held my both hands making me balance on my knees and started fucking me. My body was in control of him. He was literally manhandling me. His strokes were so powerful that I lost the track of the world, I was just getting fucked as per his wish. I was moaning in pleasure all the while, He then got me on my back, put my legs over his shoulders and inserted his cock inside. There would come a time when he would increase his speed, I would hope that he will cum, but he didnt.

I was doing nothing but being his fuck doll. He was fucking me furiously, varying his speed, sometimes fast, sometimes slow, he seemed to have complete control over his orgasm. I could sense that he wanted to last long, and I was enjoying his fuck a lot. He then put my legs down and started ramming in missionary position. We both were sweating heavily even though the weather was cool. He was kissing me and fucking my asshole the same time. I was lost in ocean of pleasure. I dont know for how long he fucked me, but then he cummed heavily inside my asshole. It was a fuck marathon. He thudded on me with heavy breath. We both were trying to catch breath. I was very much satisfied with the fuck and I was caressing head of my love baby with affection.

He then got up, lit his cigarette and went into the balcony. I lied there for some time then switched on the light. And looked at myself in the mirror. He had made a terrible mess of my body. My neck and chest was full with the love bites. My lipstick was also smothered. I quickly looked into his wifes wardrobe, there was a pink babydoll and a night robe, I wore it. Corrected my lipstick. And went to the balcony to my love. I was all blushing and smiling with what I had experienced. I was feeling light in my head. He looked at me and smiles, and put his hand on my back. I lit the cigarette and started smoking it. He asked,”How was it?”, I said,”Out of this world.” He said,”I never thought it would be so amazing, I could not even think that you are a boy. You are a sexy, gorgeous woman to me.” I blushed on his compliment.

The cool breeze of air was making it more pleasing. His hands started roaming on my ass as I was smoking cigarette. I looked at him surprised and asked,” Again?” He said, “I always wanted to do it in balcony, but my wife never agreed.” “Poor baby.”, i thought. The way he fucks, he has all the right to fuck however, wherever he wish to. His hands were roaming around my ass globes over the silky nightgown. I smiled to him positively. He got on his knees behind me, pulled up the night gown and put his mouth directly on ass globes. I moaned in pleasure. He was making me horny all over again. He explored my asshole with his tongue and without wasting any time, pushed his strong dick inside. It slide easily this time. He started giving me strokes, I was holding onto the railing of balcony looking at outside world, and he was exploring inside of asshole with his penis. Soft moans were coming out of my mouth as he was stroking his cock in and out. The feeling of dick inside the ass is so intoxicating that it makes me be all slutty and whorish. He increased his speed and fucked me like that, pinching and grabbing my chest, slapping my ass in between. I was giving out a sexy moans. He whispered in my ears,” I want to cum on your face.” I was surprised, but I liked the idea,”Okay”, I said. After fucking for some time, he made me kneel down on knees and put his dick over my face. I grabbed it like hungry bitch and put it inside my mouth and started to suck on it. He held my face and started mouth fucking me. After some time I could feel his orgasm building up. I held his dick and started shaking it, he cummed heavily all over my face. His thick, white cum was on my lips and face. I tasted it by swirling my tongue on my lips. I could sense a feeling of satisfaction on his face. We both were very tired after this. I went to the bathroom to clean my face, when I came back my love was sleeping peacefully. I smiled to myself. And curled up inside his blanket. And rested my head on his chest. He, in his sleep put his arms around me. And we slept peacefully like husband and wife.

This is my story of how this stranger made love to me in most pleasurable ways and unleashed the woman inside me. Thank you for reading this. Mail me at [email protected] for comments and suggestions. Love.