Gay Lust In Dubai Part 1

It was a Friday morning, one of the two off days I get from my tiring work schedule. Ive been working in Dubai for 8 months at this point as an accountant, and the salary was okay. I have been living a pretty average life up until this point, going out to the malls with my colleagues at work in the weekends, and going to drinking parties once in a while, but otherwise, it was routine.

I have been fascinated by older men since my teenage years, but I have never experimented due to the social taboo against gay people. Now that Ive adjusted to my new life in Dubai, I thought of finally exploring myself sexually. I had been roaming on craigslist forums, reading the male personals, out of sheer curiosity. I decided that I would give it a try, and post an ad, just to see the replies.

I made a craigslist account, and wrote the heading, “23-year-old male looking for fun with an older gentleman” and described myself as a virgin looking for a first time experience, and attached a few body pics. I have a curvy body with a cute bubble butt and small boobs like a teenaged girl, and I described myself as the submissive bottom.

After a few hours in the afternoon, I checked my mail and saw a lot of replies praising my body, and some of them were asking for more pics and meetups. One mail stood out in particular. There was a Pakistani gentleman, who worked in a big firm, and he seemed classy from the reply. He was in his 40s, drove a BMW, had a nice flat all to himself, and said that he would love to meet up with me. He also dropped his phone number and a couple of pics, in which he was wearing a suit, and he had a kind looking face, with a neat beard. He asked me to WhatsApp him if I liked it.

I felt intrigued by this gentleman and messaged to his number. He saw my WhatsApp profile pic and replied back how cute I looked. He did not waste any time and asked me if he could come and pick me for the evening. I was feeling horny and afraid because this is the first time I ever attempted to do something like this. I replied in affirmative, and he told me to be near a local supermarket parking lot at 6 pm.

I took a shower, changed into my casual clothes (t-shirt and jeans) and headed to the parking lot a little before 6 because I did not want to be late. After a while, a BMW sedan rolled into the parking lot, and he called me on the phone and told me to get into his car.

I was nervous and felt giddy because I was going to meet a man for the first time in such a way. I went to the car, opened the door, and he smiled at me and told me to get in. He was looking handsome in a suit and smelled of fresh cologne. I sat inside nervously, and we exchanged our names and went through the formalities. He could see that I was nervous, and he kept his hand on my lap and squeezed, and said, “Relax, darling, there is no need to be afraid… I want you to think of me as a friend.” I felt my anxiety vanish, but also, I felt hot and horny, like a girl anxious about her first night. I nodded my head in approval, and he reached took my hand and kissed it. What a gentleman! I felt so secure with him.

On the way to his building, we talked about our work and other personal details like family and stuff. He parted from his wife a few years ago and kept himself occupied with work and had an occasional fling with younger men and women once in a while. I listened to him talk, and his manly, deep voice had me warm and in the mood. He kept groping my thighs as we talked, and my cock was getting more and more aroused.

Once we parked in the basement of his building, we got into the lift and went to the floor on which his flat was. He led me to his door, opened it, and held my hips and walked me in.

He then closed the door and guided me to sit on a sofa. He went into the kitchen and brought me some cold water in a glass. As I drank, he kept staring at me with a sly smile. He took the empty glass, placed it away on a small table, and then kept his hand on my thighs again, and stroked and squeezed. He then caught my face and brought it close to him, and kissed my mouth. I felt the beard rub all over my face as he kissed me, and I melted right there. He kept massaging my thighs and french kissing me, groaning slightly, as he put his tongue in my mouth, and I responded like a bitch in heat, moaning into his kiss.

We held hands as he continued exploring my mouth, our tongues slipping past into each others mouths, enjoying my first sloppy, warm kiss with this handsome, classy gentleman. At some point, he guided my hand to his crotch, and I could feel his hard, strong cock flexing under his pants.

He broke off the kiss, and pulled my hand and took me to his bedroom. He pushed me against a cupboard and started giving me steaming hot kisses, while opening our pants zips. He then rubbed his huge cock, clad in boxers, against my crotch, and held my hands above my head, as he grinded his cock against mine, through the fabric.

In this pose, with him thrusting his crotch at me, he started biting my earlobes. I cried out in sheer ecstasy, as he found a new spot that turned me on crazy. He then chomped my lips, and I felt giddy, totally under the control of this sexy old beast, grinding up on me. A few slutty moans escaped as he went back to my earlobes and nibbled on it.

He then stopped and sat on the bed. “Kneel down, and let that mouth work my cock, darling.” I went down on my knees, pulled his boxers down, and a 7-inch long tool popped out. I kissed it and gave it a few licks, and he said, “Yes, thats it, babe… now take it in, and suck me good.”

I took most of it inside and felt his cock twitch inside my mouth. It tasted heavenly. I loved everything about that hot, hard cock. I then moved my mouth up and down, rubbing my lips along the shaft, with my tongue tasting the length, while salivating like a bitch. He then started guiding my head with his hand and kept my head bobbing and working his stiff, pulsating cock. I gasped for air couple of times in between, and then went back down for that tasty meat, like a hungry whore.

He started groaning, lost in the pleasure my warm, eager mouth gave to his meaty, hard cock. I could smell his pubes and the sweat there, and it drove me wild. I was madly sucking him and working him up, with my hands on his knees, which strayed occasionally to feel his strong thighs over his pants.

“Ohhhhh, you naughty little boy… suck me good…. fuuuuckkk… ahhhh… work daddys cock…. ahhhh… ohhhh fucckkkkk…. yeahhhh…. yesss….”, I could feel his cock pulsing harder in my mouth. I felt like a slut possesed by intense cock lust, as I was feeling his hard, throbbing meat slide in and out of my mouth, hitting my throat when it was plunged deep inside. I wanted to please this man, and I wanted him to enjoy and use me in any way he wished to… as I felt unbelievably horny myself.

He then took my head, and gripped my hair, as he started to orgasm. His throbbing hard membe, pumped jet after jet of thick, hot and gooey cum into my hungry mouth. He groaned passionately, “Aaaaahhh…. arrrgghhh…. yessss….. ufffff… ahhhh…. ” as he filled me up with his hot spunk. After he came for what seemed like a good 15 seconds, he came down and kissed my head, moved my cum filled mouth out of his spent cock, and told me to drink it if I liked it.

I swallowed it and looked at him with puppy eyes. He smiled, bought me up and kissed my mouth, in a long tender make out that lasted a slow minute, exchanging cum and saliva. He then laid back on the bed, and I laid next to him, horny as hell, but satisfied in knowing that I made him cum in my first ever blow job. We snuggled near each other and slept off after a while.

to be continued …