Big Body And Small Package Part 1

Dear friends, today I am going to narrate another incident from my book of life which is capable enough of giving anyone a hard on. This incident is about a neighbor, named Dhruv, who moved in recently to an apartment next to mine. He must be 6 and got a nice huge chest and strong biceps. He is always in a loose shirt and trousers. We had a common balcony and common main entrance so it was inevitable that we greet each other whenever we cross paths.

So it has been almost 3 weeks and I used the balcony more often than him. My usual routine was to come from the office and undress till my underwear and go to the balcony with a cigarette (mostly stuffed with weed) and relax for some time. Dhruv only came to the balcony to water the plants or to talk on the phone.

He would simply wave to me and leave if he was on the phone and if he comes out to water the plants, then he would come to my side of the balcony and shake hands with me. Every time he saw me, I noticed that his eyes locked in my crotch area. I would intentionally try to hide that and he would come back from his dream fantasy or whatever going on his head and leave.

I was never very interested in knowing the details about him. Whenever we met, I just offered him smoke and he would take a couple of drags and leave.

On a Friday evening, while I was smoking joint, Dhruv came in casually and we started talking. I offered him the joint and he wanted to try so he took 2 drags and got a good hit. We were in a good conversation and then I came to know that he was 26 years old, unmarried, working in a bank and was new in this town. He didnt have many friends in this city.

He asked me about my weekend plan and I told that I have a friend who might come later in the evening but till then I have nothing major to do.

Dhruv: Do you only smoke weed or drink beer too?

I broke into laughter and it was the first time the ice was breaking between us. I got up from my bean bag and said, “Lets go and get some booze, I am anyways out of liquor and have a small gathering at my place tomorrow”.

He followed me and I noticed that he was focused on my bare body especially on my back and ass. I turned to see if he was following me and caught him redhanded taking eye pleasure from my body.

He noticed me catching him staring at my ass so he increased his pace and asked, “Do you work out?” I replied that I do not go to the gym but I do some warm up in the morning and go for a run 3-4 times a week.

He said, “Oh thats why.”

Me: What?

He: I meant that you are pretty fit and lean and have a nice strong back and thighs.

Me: Thank you, brother. I see that you got a nice body too.

He: Yes I used to go to the gym back in Bhopal but since I am new here, I havent joined any gym.

While having this conversation, I was almost ready, put on my shorts and tee and was wearing slippers. He said he will go and get his wallet and lock his apartment.

Now I was following him and did notice that he got a nice back. I gave him a pat and squeeze on his back and said, “Bro, you are still good to go for another year without the gym”. He smiled and took his wallet and keys and we left.

We went to the nearby liquor shop and got some beer and I got some vodka, gin, and whiskey for the next days get-together.

As soon as we reached home, I started undressing and was back in my underwear. He said that he will go home and change into shorts. I said that it doesnt matter as I do not have anyone coming to my apartment so he can just stay in his underwear. He said ok and removed his shirt and was in his vest right now.

His torso was really in good shape and I could see his nipples outlined from the Sando. I appreciated his nice body while lighting another joint.

He opened a beer for him and I said that I will share the first beer with him. He quickly grabbed two beer mugs and poured for both of us.

I finished the joint and was already high. We also finished two beers each and we were in some discussion.

He was lying on the bean bag and I was on another bean bag sitting opposite to him. I was noticing that his eyes were more focused on my crotch and every time I catch him, he moved his eyes. But, this time, I said to him, “Bro, anything with my crotch? I noticed that you are very interested in it.”I said this cupping my balls.

He smiled and said, “Your package is not unnoticeable, dude. I really want to see how big your tool is as I am impressed with the size of your crotch”.

He came closer to me and hesitatingly tried to touch it. I broke in laughter and he too now started laughing.

I said laughingly, “Why are you concerned with my crotch, how big is yours? Show me yours first and then I will show you everything.”

He quickly got up and removed his pants and vest. He was in his briefs now and was already pulling his briefs. But I stopped him and said, “Since you are stripping anyway, let me enjoy the view”. I winked and his face turned pink.

He stood there almost naked. He had a nice body. I could see the abs in the making and 4 were quite visible. His thighs were strong and calves were in good shape too. His tool was limped inside his Hanes briefs. I asked him to turn around and his ass was just not flat but also not very impressive. His back and wings were something to die for.

I gave him my detailed observations and he was quite impressed but still inquisitive as his concern was his crotch. I then told him to remove his underwear too and he did it. I was already in semi-hard state and he was in full hard state at that time. My dick was way bigger than his. I took his dick in my hand and started to compare it with my semi-hard one and it was exactly half the size.

I said, “I dont want to make fun of you but I cant hold myself from saying that you are a ‘Big body and small package!”

He smiled too but with some hope. I dipped my underwear and now we both were butt naked.

Next part coming soon.

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