Khushbu – My Dominating Queen

Hello, I am Akash Singh, with a new story of having pleasurable sex with my classmate Khushbu during my post graduation. About myself, I am an average looking guy, 5’6’’ tall, good beard and charming personality. Khushbu, on the other hand, 5’7’’, slim, 34-26-32, model kinda figure and any guy would go mad of her figure.

This happened during my post graduation days. I always had a secret fantasy of getting Khushbu in the bed. At first, it was not that often, but in the middle days of last year of my Post Graduation course, we got to get closer due to some participation in college festival like dancing, anchoring etc.

She was a dancer, I, on the other hand, would do anchoring, somewhat ramp walk etc. Her bulky ass was so famous among boys of our college. We would always discuss her ass as she has got perfect round ass and as she walks. She flaunts it like intentionally to erect our rods.

We were also classmates and we didn’t talk much often but some random college things like study etc. I begin to get close to her due to a fresher’s event at our college. I was in arrangement committee and also was hosting the entire show. Khushbu at that time was leading the group dance.

We got a common room for practices etc so we would reach early in the morning, attend a few classes and then start practicing till late evening. I am a fun guy and like to chill with juniors and girls from other classes too. I normally would go to these girls and ask for some dance.

Then this was the day when we were all practicing late and everybody left around 8.45 p.m. I reported to my teacher of extra-curricular activities on phone, handed over some material which I bought for fresher’s to peon and set to go home. In the parking lot, I found Khushbu struggling with her two-wheeler to get it started.

I asked if I could help, she gave in. After trying for 10 minutes, it couldn’t get it started. I offered her a lift on my bike and asked if she could put her two-wheeler at parking only. She thought for a minute and gave in for lift. I rejoiced. She sat on my bike and I took her home.

During our ride, I felt her touch 2-3 times but she sat far so couldn’t feel it often.  I didn’t want to make a scene by intentionally applying breaks as I knew she is a beauty with brains and will catch me. I left her home and said, “See ya tomorrow sweety!” to which she replied “Bye Honey!” in a sweet voice.

I had a huge smile on my face. After getting home, I jerked for her twice that night. Next day, she wore a tank top. It was a little loose and whenever she would bend, I could see her cleavage in her white colored bra. She was slaying. I anyhow wanted to touch her and feel her body whenever she was teaching dance. She caught me staring 2-3 times but didn’t mind.

I made a move now and went on stage during a break. Like casually, I asked if she could teach me couple dance. She said she’d love to. She took my hand and placed it on her waist, put her hand on my shoulder and started teaching me salsa. She is a little taller to me. So I could smell her fragrance down her neck and could see her sweat.

My dick went high and as there was too crowded, I excused her and left out the room. Now, the fresher’s day. Everything was set, dance was too ready. We came with clothes and all and some final preparations were done. It was Friday morning around 11.30 a.m. The party was sharp at 7 p.m. We had time.

I was finding ways to stay close to Khushbu. She asked me why I was following her. I said my work is done and now I am her personal assistant if she wants any help in dance. She asked me to bring her clothes from the lab as she wanted to check it. I brought her. I opened her bag thinking if I could find some bra or panties but failed.

I gave her the costume with her bag. She opened it and saw that the t-shirt was slightly torn down the sleeves. She asked if there was any tailor nearby. (as I live nearby, I know few of the places near the college.) I said yes and she asked if we can get it fixed asap. I took her to tailor and got it fixed in no time.

She said she’d try it and check the fitting. NOW, THIS WAS THE GOLDEN CHANCE I WAITED FOR. I asked her if we can go to my pg as it was closer than the college. Get it checked and if it doesn’t fit, get it fixed soon. She asked me if it was okay to get into boys pg.

I said that nobody would be home and smiled back at her.  She knew my look and said, “Shut up” and we drove to my apartment. We got into my apartment. It was about 1 p.m. I started having wild thoughts in my mind now. I offered her water. She drank it.

We both were in our college uniform: sky blue shirt, navy blue pants, and a blazer on. Even in this uniform, she was slaying like a goddess. I made my mind to confess her the truth. She asked where she could change. I said, “There is only the living room only. You have to change in front of me. I can’t help it!”

She smiled naughtily and said, “Okay bye, I’ll change in college” and started leaving (dramatically). I caught her hand and said, “Don’t leave please!” I whispered in her ear, “ I have some confession to make.” She closed her eyes and said, “Go on.”

I said, “You’re the most beautiful girl in the entire college. You make me weak down my pants and your ass is something every guy would die for,” and slightly moved my hand on her pants. She turned towards me and said, “Don’t do it now, we will do it after fresher’s.”

I took it as a green signal and held her waist tightly saying, “It’s now or never” and kissed her lips. She gave me a passionate one. I could say she was so hungry for this since long by her kiss. She pushed me to the dining table and made me sit on a chair. “Akash, show me what you’ve got?”

I opened my blazer and shirt. Still kissing. I made her sit on my lap and removed her blazer. I could see her black bra through the shirt. I kissed her neck badly. She started moaning. Her moans made me crazy. “Oh come on Aakash, show me how wild you are.”

She scratched my back and hugged me. I removed her belt and get her shirt out. I slowly opened all her buttons and removed her shirt. On my front, my queen was sitting on my lap half naked. In a black colored bra showing her milky white body, cleanly shaved armpits and sexy belly button with maintained hips on the sides and two well-shaped mangoes. What a sexy body!!!

I hugged her and started kissing her back then her shaved armpits. I made her sleep on my dining table and was kissing the hips followed by licking her belly button. Her belly button is perfectly round and deep. My tongue didn’t want to get out from it. She was moaning heavily. I pressed her boobs for 10 minutes and removed it.

She has perfect shaped boobs and brown nipples on it. She pushed my head between her boobs and started enjoying. I sucked and licked her nipples. I then went to her pants and unbuttoned her. She had a clack panty matching with her bra. I asked her if she had planned this sex before or what. She said, “Shut up, you dirty boy and do your work!”

I opened her panties and started fingering her. She felt good and it was seen from her sexy moans. I had never ever heard the sexy voice she made during our session. I sucked her pussy for a bit. I was completely naked now and was ready for the session. She slept on the table and invited me by opening her arms.

I hugged her and started penetrating her in the missionary position. She was not a virgin. I penetrated deep and her moans were turning into shouts. I covered her mouth with kissing and banged her for 10 minutes. Now I asked her to turn and Mannnn!!! That super sexy ass was in my front.

Before banging her, I told her that we boys always talk about her ass and today I am the luckiest among all to bang this ass. To which she replied “second luckiest” and smiled. (I got to know later that she had also made up with a senior boy). I sat on a chair and made her sit on my dick from behind.

I pushed my dick in her ass. Oh man, this was a feeling of being on cloud 9. I hold her waist and started kissing her back from top to bottom. Her ass was too good to bang. Post that we had some cuddle session for half an hour. We started getting calls from college as everybody was to gather at 4 p.m at the conference room for final meet up before the event.

It was 4.30. We cleaned up and dressed up. I took her t-shirt and said, “All thanks to this torn t-shirt that laid me over,” and laughed. She too laughed and kicked me. We kissed for 2 minutes and left to college. The event went superbly. Post that we met in college only and wanted to make out so many times.

Unfortunately, we did it for one more time only and she flew to Canada with her family. We sometimes do phone sex and sex chat now. God, I miss that ass quite often!

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