Kitty Party Provocation Leads To An Extramarital Affair Pt 1

Hello, readers of ISS, I am an avid reader of ISS and often wanted to write my own experiences but was a bit hesitant to do so. After reading many stories I have now mustered enough courage to share my exciting journey to long-cherished motherhood.

I am Sarala, now aged 30. What I am narrating is what happened two years ago in my life. Let me give more about me. I am from Mysuru in Karnataka. I got married when I was only 23. My husband is now Dy General Manager in an Oil PSU at Mumbai.

We, in fact, stayed at Thane as the house was available cheaper than Mumbai, but commutation was more for my husband. Ours is an arranged marriage and in fact was not a good match. They were rich and my father had to marry off two more daughters. So there was a sort of family compulsions for my marriage.

The age difference was also much. He was 11 years elder to me. My dad saw that he is in a Govt job and settled in Mumbai. That was all he wanted. My husband, Shankar was 34 when we got married. While I am a plump, fleshy good looking girl he was a pale, lean but tall person.

After marriage somehow I got adjusted to life in Mumbai. For a year or so it was finding it very difficult to spend time, particularly when my husband was out of the station. One of my neighbors persuaded me to join their Kitty parties which I joined rather reluctantly. But it was a time pass.

Mostly gossiping about other’s saree, ornaments, and affairs. Few were very outspoken and as it was a strict women group there was openness. There was a Mrs. Veena who boasted about her dozen affairs. One Manisha about how she seduced her jijju on the night of her sister’s marriage.

One Sindhi lady, Mrs. Mamtani, in her early thirties, who was in her sixth month of pregnancy. For that previous week was a baby shower. She openly admitted how she got pregnant 10 years after her marriage with the help of a ladies tailor. Her vivid explanation of how she used to drop her pallu to give measurements.

She called him home once and how it ended on the bed was very hot and exciting. She was bold enough and declared that even her husband was aware of it. As they wanted a child in the house it was a combined decision. Unknowingly my body used to get heated up to hear such talks. But I didn’t give much importance to it.

A few months later another Punjabi lady Mrs. Nelam Ahuja went Mamtani way. She declared she is in her family way. She was a lecturer in a Science College and she explained in minute detail how she seduced a student from her College to father her child. I used to think that all ladies are making stories just to spend time. I was beginning to believe that such things do happen in society as IVF is costly and one does not know the father’s real looks.

On a rainy day, I decided to go to a beauty parlor for my monthly facial, waxing etc. It was a bit far away and I took our car. I had just then learned driving and hesitantly decided to use the car. I wore a white cotton saree and as I was going to the parlor for whole body waxing I decided not to wear my costly bras.

A look at the mirror before leaving brought smile to me on seeing my own huge breasts. But as I was going in a car from home to parlor I didn’t mind it. Had I gone in bus or taxi, a hundred pairs of eyes might have ogled at my heavy boobs that day. We had bought a new BMW car the previous month.

So I was hesitant to drive that costly car. My husband was very possessive of the car. I was scared if something happened. Now he had been to the UK for a conference and was to return after a fortnight. So I decided to try and muster courage on road. I reached the parlor without any trouble and the road had thin traffic.

The girl there, Miss Shobha was a smart girl and was an expert in all beauty therapies. Shobha had special hands which had its own expertise in her art. I went inside the room. Shobha came in and professionally started her work. After facials and hair arts I got ready for bleaching and waxing of body.

I was regular in it and had no hesitation. I removed my saree, blouse and lay down on the table. First, she waxed my back, belly, the top portion of boobs, hands, underarm, arms, thighs and bikini line. This time that naughty girl asked me if I would need waxing of my private parts. I was not ready for that but Shobha without waiting for my reply removed my panties and waxed my bums.

Turning me she smoothly applied cold was on the two wings of my vagina and lightly on the lips. I was a bit shy but soon was ok with it. There was no pain or problem at all. Then she cleaned me with a wet towel. The final phase was cream massage. I was lying naked on the table.

Shobha as usual cream massaged my hands, back, belly, thighs, both boobs, hips. Then with her thumb started to lightly massage the two leaves on either side of my slit. I felt different sensation and it was soothing to have her fingers on me. I had closed my eyes and Shobha without my knowledge was massaging inside portion of my vaginal walls, rubbing clitoris.

I shook with vigorous orgasm and opened eyes. I now felt shy and asked her to stop. She stopped and smiled at me. I thanked her. I was highly excited about that day’s happenings. Another half an hour for manicure pedicure. When I left it was evening and was getting dark. Just five minutes of driving it started raining heavily.

I was cursing myself for having brought BMW. The visibility was very poor. An oncoming truck light fell on my eyes and when I opened I had already hit a bike rider. He had fallen down on the road but due to rain public did not gather there. I got down in rain and went near him. He had to be helped to stand up and in the meantime, I got fully drenched.

He was a college student returning home. I felt too scared and sorry for what happened. I held out my hand to him and he slowly stood on his legs. I could see that there was blood on his knee and elbow as he had hit the road. God grace he was alive. His bike was also damaged.

He pushed his bike to a nearby shop and tried to start. It didn’t start. He told that he would leave his vehicle there and collect in the morning. I offered to drop him and as he was limping he agreed. I had to support him up to my car and he had to circle his hand around my neck to walk. In all these confusion I had not observed that I was fully drenched.

My white blouse without a bra was completely transparent due to wetness which was now clearly visible due to the bright sodium lamp street light. I could see that the young lad was unable to move his eyes from my globules. I covered with my saree but as saree was also wet it was not of much help. He said, “Aunty I shall take a cab and go back.”

He continued, “Aunty, I’m staying in IIT Powai hostel doing my first year of engineering.” It was already past nine and still, heavy rain was lashing. My car had no damage. As I did the accident, and the boy’s bike was damaged and also he was injured it was my duty to offer my help. I offered to take him to a doctor and pay the repair price for the bike.

He politely declined and said it is ok as it is not much. But my consciousness did not leave me at that. I urged to come with me in the car and I would drop him to his PG hostel. He sat in the car. As I started he asked me to drop near some hotel as the PG hostel will not allow late entry and he would have to stay in some hotel for the night.

Now I had to offer him to come to my home and stay for the night. Though he was not ready I didn’t stop my car and drove straight to my apartment. I opened the door and invited him. Still, in the light of the drawing-room, my curves were to full display due to wet white saree. I went to the bedroom and removed the wet saree, blouse. Took hot water bath and then I just wore a wrap-up gown.

I had never worn a bra at night as the hook and wire would often pierce flesh and was painful in addition to obstructing free breathing. I gave a towel to the boy in the drawing room and asked him to take bath if he wanted I searched for my husband’s night suit and asked him to wear it.

He thanked me and I showed him the washroom to change. He thanked me and went to the bathroom. After taking bath he came out with my husband’s night suit which was very tight for him as he was heavier than my hubby. Seeing his inconvenience I laughed. I could see his eyes staring at the opening of my wrap up gown which was a bit open.

My braless boobs were now clearly visible. He downed his sight when I realized his gaze. I could also see a big bulge on the pajama. I smiled to myself and went to the kitchen to prepare dinner. I just made a few rotis and curry was there in the fridge. I invited him to the dining table and served.

We sat opposite and he, name Sumith, opened up talks telling me about his studies. He had just then passed out his 12th std from Bengaluru and got admission at IIT, Powai. He said, “ Aunty, my parents are at Bengaluru.” I knew that the gown had a deep neck and my cleavage was open for his gaze.

I left it intentionally open and on every movement of my hand to serve it was opening wider. I could see his uneasiness but felt a peculiar thrill in that process. Once a spoon dropped to the carpet and when I bent down my left boob popped out fully which I corrected deliberately slowly. I was getting very excited and hot though I didn’t know if I was doing the right thing or not.

Somehow we finished dinner without further talks. The rain increased and was very heavy by that time. Sumith said he would leave but it was heavily raining and entire area was dark due to power failure. As I had inverter there was no issue inside my flat. Also, his clothes had not dried. I had spread it with a hanger.

So I asked him to stay back. He was shy and was very hesitant. But on my further request, he agreed.