Thrilling Sex In Hotel Sub Part Of Main Series

Hello, my name is Zeenat.If you want to contact me you can message me on planet romeo. My id is “Gandmarvaneayahu”.

So this story is sub part of the main sexstory.As I told you in my previous story that I will tell you my thrilling sex experience in the hotel. Where my friends father fucked me. If you didnt read that story so please read that stories so you can understand the situation. So without wasting time lets start the story.

So I had sex with my friends father when he caught us during sex. So after that, his father sent me some dirty jokes. He started to talk very dirty with me on WhatsApp. Then one day he called me on phone I was in the market. So he asked me what am I doing this night. I told him that I am free. So he told me that he arranged a sex meeting. So I replied that my friend didnt told me about this. He told me that my friend doesnt know about this. My friends dad wants to fuck me alone. So I asked him where I have to come. So he told me that come to his home then we will go for the ride. So I got ready then I told my mom I am going for the night out. Then I reached my friends home. My friends dad was ready in his car.So when I reached there. His father told me that come in the car immediately. So I did. Then our car started on the road.

So I asked his father what happened. So he told me that. He wants to fuck me but his wife was at the home. So he told his wife that he is going for the business meeting. So I understood the situation. Then I asked where we are going. So he told me that we were going for the dinner first. So I asked where? So he told me that there is a hotel name “Kings villa”. Then we had dinner. I ate so much food. So then he told me that he booked one room in this hotel. I thought he would fuck me in his car but he did not. He booked one very good room for me.

So after finishing the meal. We walked towards the room. Then he told me stand there and he ran towards his car took something and came back. Then we entered in the room. That was a very good room with huge bed. So we closed the door. Then we were lying on the bed and watching tv. Then he started to touch me. Then he told me that this is our first night( suhagraat ) that made me so horny. Then he started to remove his clothes. He removed his shirt first then his pent. I also started to remove my clothes but he told me dont do this he will remove my clothes. Then he came towards me and started to kiss on my lips. Then he removed my t-shirt slowly. Then he started to lick behind my neck that makes anyone horny.

Then he started to suck my nipples. Ohh that was amazing feeling. Then went down and started to suck my belly button. Ohh that was so sexy. Then he removed my jeans. We both were in the underwear. Then he told me to stand up. So I did. Then I was also so much horny. So I started to suck his dick with the underwear. His dick became super hard after this. Then I took off his underwear and 7-8 inch cock was hanging towards my head. His dick and my head was almost same length. We measured that. Then I started to suck his dick.

He told me that he is having something good for me. He picked up his pants and took one box. This was a first time I saw a condom packet. Then he opened that packet. That was a first time I saw a condom in real. Then he told me to help him to wear that. So I took condom from his hand and he guided me to help him to wear the condom. Then he told me that now suck his dick. So I started to suck his dick. Now his dick was having taste of the chocolate. I was surprised. He told me that do you like this taste. I told him that I like chocolate so much. Then I started to suck his dick faster because now it was tasty also. Then he told me that now he want to fuck my ass.

But before that he want to lick my asshole. So I got more horny. He was sucking my asshole so well he was licking around my asshole with his tongue and trying to insert his tongue in my ass. It was superb feeling. Then he started to insert his finger in my asshole. Then he told me to suck his dick. So I told him that lets do 69. So I started to suck his cock and he started to finger my ass. Firstly with one finger then with two and then with three. Then he told me that he want to fuck me in doggy style. So I positioned my self in the doggy style and he started to push his dick in my asshole. Now it was easy for both of us because my hole was opened after his fingering. Then he pushed his whole dick in my ass. I screamed at that time. Then he started to fuck. Slowly slowly. It was some what different feeling with the condom. He started fuck me faster and faster.

His speed was increasing. I was feeling like a heaven at that time. Then he told me he want to fuck me in missionary(lying on back and legs on his shoulder) position. Then he started to squeeze my nipples too. Then he kissed me so hard. I was having so much pleasure. Then he fucked me in that position for around 10-15 min. Then he told me that he is going to cum now. So I sat on my knee and started to suck his dick. Then he removed that condom from his dick. Then I started to suck his dick again. Then he ejaculated in my mouth and on my face when he was tapping his dick on my face to drop his cum. Then I took his dick again in my mouth and then cleaned that. Then I also ate that cum on my face using my finger. Then slept nude on that bed like a husband-wife.

I told him that I loved his fuck. He told me that he also loved my ass. Then I asked him that can I use that condom as a chewing gum. He told me sure. Then I took that condom in my mouth and started chewing it. Then we talked about the different things like. What if I was a girl or if he can be my husband and all.

Next morning I woke up. I was nude on the bed and he was ready to go for the home. Then he asked me for the one more time. So I told him, yes and we had sex one more time. This time he ejaculated in the condom. So I told him to give that condom to me. So I took that condom and started to chew it. It was a bit different taste. Chocolate with somewhat salty and sour. Then I wore my clothes and he drooped me at my home and then went to his home.

This was an amazing and so much pleasurable experience of my sex life. So in next story, I will continue my main story.

Ok bye, my name is Zeenat. If you want to message me (contact me). You can on the planet Romeo. My id is”Gandmarvaneayahu”