Ultimate Seduction Of My Cousin Vimal-Pt 2 (Fucked Rachana)

After a great fucking session with my sister Vimal the other night, we had slept hugging each others sweaty bodies very tightly which helped us to stay warm in that chilly Shimla weather. Please read the first part to know about how it all started.

Coming to the story, I got up in the morning at around 6 am with my morning wood (hard dick) or my pee boner resting between the milky thighs of my sister. My horny naked sister was asleep. Without disturbing her I pulled my dick and went to pee. Even after peeing, my dick was rock solid.

the I went and hugged my sister and started kissing her neck while also pressing her boobies softly with my dick throbbing between her warm ass cheeks. I was really horny very early in the morning. So I wanted to make it memorable and my sister happy. So I tied a piece of black cloth around my sister Vimals eyes without waking her up.

She moaned in a very low voice, “What are you up to Ajay?”

Me without saying a thing went ahead. I brushed my penis head around her lips, without resting my manly ass on her body.

Vimal: Wow Ajay your fingers feel soft on my lips.

Me: Open your mouth sister, youll feel better.

As soon as my sister opened her mouth, I pushed my dick entirely by resting my ass on her huge breasts. My sister at first was completely perplexed and she was now aware that her eyes were tied by cloth. My sister choked since my entire humongous dick reached her throat.

She pulled my dick out of her mouth and gasped for air. In the very next moment, she tried to untie the cloth tied around her eyes. But I held her hands tightly, once again pushed my dick in her mouth. This time I started fucking her mouth. My sister Vimals mouth was now getting adjusted to my dicks size.

She started responding to my thrusts by opening her mouth wide and by licking it greatly. Her breathing made me hornier and I felt like some steam engine is leaving its hot air on my pubes. I pulled my dick out as soon as I felt Im gonna blast my entire cum into her mouth.

My sister kept breathing heavily. I slowly moved my penis down to her already wet pussy and rubbed on her vagina. My sister ordered me to fuck her pussy immediately. But instead, I kept rubbing my penis head on her vagina. Now I bent forward and made her lips moist with my saliva. She tried to bite my tongue but I was quick to pull back.

I smooched her lips, she was so wild by now that she swirled all around my mouth and kissed me very passionately. Then I nibbled on her boobs and even pressed them very strongly. By this time my sister begged me to fuck by moaning loudly. My sister was so horny that she pulled me to her face by pulling my hair with her fingers.

I tried to push my dick inside her but it wasnt possible for me to enter her tight pussy. My sister Vimal now spread her thunderous thighs. She let me try pushing my dick again. This time I pierced my dick fiercely. My entire length got inside her with a great thudding.

My sister moaned loudly in great pleasure. She released the grip of my hairs and clutched my ass by throwing her legs around my thighs and ass. She whipped on my ass with her legs to make it quicker. I untied the cloth covering her eyes swiftly and started pounding her pussy slowly.

My sister Vimal now lovingly kissed me on my lips as I stroked her pussy at a greater speed. Now I broke the kiss and increased my speed. Soon I saw my sisters hairy sweaty armpits which I had forgotten to explore. I immediately dug my face deep into her smelly pits and started fucking so wildly that even the cot started moving swiftly.

I licked the soft meat under her arms, all grown up with hairs. My sister begged me to fuck her slowly. But I increased my thumpings by burying my face again on the other armpit. She didnt wear any deodorant. I loved to lick her pits naturally and it also made me wild and aggressive.

Vimal got adjusted to my fierce strokes and she lifted her ass to support me. Which in turn made my strokes wilder. With some more strokes, we both orgasmed together. I fell tired on her boobs, licking the beads of her cleavage sweat. Later we showered and checked out to go to my sisters house.

We reached my sisters house in an hour. As soon as we reached her home, we started kissing like we are still not satisfied with the sex we had earlier. We sat on the couch and my sister was wearing a tank top. So I caressed her soft arms and armpits while kissing her passionately.

While we were moaning and were really in the act, the phone rang. It was my sisters close friend Rachana who happened to stay close to my sisters house. Rachana wanted to come over to my sisters house and my sister agreed. My sister informed me that she would be home in about fifteen minutes.

I was disappointed. My sister saw my disappointment but she made up to me by quickly pulling my joggers down and she gulped my huge cock in her mouth. Her spontaneity drew me to the edge of the couch and within seconds my hands were behind my head. I started moaning very loudly.

She licked my cock with great expertise, she knew how to pleasure me. Her tongue teased me on my mushroom head, to which I raised my hips towards her mouth to quickly finish me off. Now my sister clutched my hairy ass cheeks and gulped again to suck my dick fiercely and by now I gave up and I shot my entire cum in her mouth.

My sister sat on the floor panting and gasping for breath. Within a minute, the doorbell rang and I quickly pulled up my joggers. My sister went up to answer the door. It was Rachana at the door in a red saree and a black sleeveless blouse and a baby in her hand. OMG, she had a stunning figure which measured 36-28-38.

Both the ladies approached towards me and I was in heaven. My sister introduced Rachana to me and we greeted each other with a handshake. I also couldnt help but notice that Rachana glanced at my crotch. After talking for some time Vimal excused herself and went to take bath.

She did exactly what my heart wanted. I just wanted to have some lonely time with the hot and erotic lady. Rachanas baby was sleeping, and she broke the silence by asking about me. She was sitting opposite me. She was really sexy and beautiful woman I had ever seen.

Rachana: Is there anything wrong with me? Why arent you looking in my face while talking?

Me: Oh nothings wrong, its just that Im little shy talking to beautiful women.

Rachana blushed with a beautiful smile and thanked me for the compliment. She now lifted her arms to fix her hairs. This was the first time I got to see her beautiful milky armpits and part of her blouse was wet due to her sweat. I also got a nice glimpse of her nectar navel which was very deep.

Exploring every inch of her body was making me crazy and wild in my joggers. All of a sudden her baby woke up and started crying. So I lifted the baby and gave it to Rachana. I knew the baby wont stop crying until its fed. It was my only chance to peak at her boobs.

Like a good boy, I excused myself from the scene but Rachana insisted on me staying there itself. I was extremely happy being there. She removed her pallu and I saw trails of her sweat flowing from her neck all the way to her cleavage. She tried to unhook her blouse with one hand but couldnt. So I took the baby from her hand. She tried again but failed again.

Me: Whats wrong?

Rachana: I dont know, Im unable to unhook my blouse. Could you help me unhook it?

I thought, “This was one of my most memorable days, first I fuck my horny sister and now this amazingly beautiful slut is asking me to unhook her blouse.” I immediately agreed and tried to unhook her blouse but it wasnt just possible. My wrists rubbed her hard nipples and my hands were shivering by touching her stiff melons.

Rachana asked me to open it quickly, and she suggested me to use my teeth. That was a great erotic idea. I brought my mouth closer to her cleavage and got into the act. While unhooking the very first hook I got to taste her body. Her erotic body aroma made my dick hard to its full length.

I unhooked her blouse finally and her boobs thronged right in front of my face. I wanted to grab them and suck all her milk. But instead, I politely gave her baby in her hands. She didnt wear any bra and still, they stood firm and perpendicular to her belly. Her boobs were very succulent.

I sat near her while she breastfed her baby. Rachana held my hand in gratitude. After a few minutes of breastfeeding, she experienced a lot of pain in her arms and she started moaning in pain. So I went closer to her. I held the baby while it drank the milk.

Rachana lifted her arms in the air for some relief and inhaled her fragrance deeply. I had put my arm around her right on to the armpit for comforting and my fingers slightly pressed her firm boobs. My dick then poked her belly hard.

As Rachana caught me sniffing her armpits, she asked me, “What are you doing?”

I replied honestly, “I like your armpit smell.”

Rachana replied, “Dont lie to me, they smell bad and also today I forgot to put on deo.”

I said, “Thats the beauty. I love the natural odor of the armpits and yours are making me really horny.”

Saying this I licked her left armpit involuntarily for the first time with my tongue. Rachana bit her lips in reaction. Now the baby also slept and we moved it to the bed. Soon we jumped on the couch and I kissed her lovingly. Rachana broke the kiss.

She reminded me that my sister is gonna come out of the bathroom anytime and asked me to fuck her quickly. I lifted her saree along with her lehenga and removed her panties and threw it. I pulled my joggers down and put some saliva on her pussy to lubricate her vagina.

I rubbed my hard dick on her entrance ready to pierce in at one go. I held her arms strongly and pushed my entire dick length in one go. I was successful in doing it. But Rachana cried out loud enough to reach my sisters ears. My sister shouted from the bathroom to check if anythings wrong.

In reply, Rachana said that it was a cockroach. Now I bought my penis back to her entrance. I grabbed her melons in my hands and pressed them hard. Then I drank her milk by gulping her right breast and started ramming her pussy like a horny bastard. She kept moaning.

Then I began to lick her armpits, by biting them and thumped her pussy with all the energy my body had. With few more strokes, I emptied my balls in her pussy. And we hugged each other tightly after a great sex. We heard the bathroom door open.

We separated and dressed quickly before my sister came to the hall room. I quickly grabbed the panties of Rachana which was lying near the coffee table and inhaled her pussy fragrance one last time before putting it into my underwear. Rachana and I exchanged our numbers.

I gave her my number by writing it on her right tit and pressed her boobs on the blouse. She wrote it on my dick and teased me by swirling her tongue on my dick. Finally, my sister came to the hall and we all talked for some time and later Rachana left to her house.

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