Unexpected World Unexpected Pleasure Pt 3 (Exciting Makeover)

Ankitha was in Vijays hug and she didnt care about time or food or anything actually. She was in Vijays spell and wondering what he could do in the next two days. Vijay was enjoying this and was softly caressing Ankithas arm and relaxed behind her spooning her.

Vijay was hard in Ankithas ass crack and Ankitha didnt feel anything unnatural. Rather she felt natural and was pulling Vijay into the tightest hug she could. She felt safe, warm and what a lady would feel in her mans arms. Vijay asked Ankitha if she was hungry and Ankitha nodded a yes.

So Vijay was getting up which made Ankitha worried as she was losing the hug and looked at him with a sad face. Vijay understood how connected Ankitha was to him and he was so happy to see that. He smiled at her and kissed her on her forehead and said, “I will be back in a minute, baby”. Ankitha relaxed and lied on the bed.

Vijay took his phone and ordered some food and asked Ankitha to have a shower and clean herself. Ankitha went to pick her clothes and towel and thats when Vijay said, “Dear, leave your clothes and you dont need a towel, I will come” for which Ankitha nodded and left to the shower.

Ankitha was done with her shower and was waiting in the washroom. She waited for around 5 minutes but there was no sign of Vijay. So she thought of coming out and unlocked the door but the door didnt open. She tried harder and understood that it was locked from outside.

She hit the door and heard Vijay saying, “Wait, sweetie, I am coming”. As always, Ankitha obeyed but she was not completely okay with this. She was starting to have some doubts as this is the first time meeting someone in this situation. A ton of things were going through her mind, doubts if she is safe, what is Vijay planning and what not.

After a while, Vijay comes and unlocks the door and Ankitha was a bit scared and angry. Vijay was wearing his clothes as he had to take the food he has ordered. He came and hugged Ankitha and said, “Sorry sweetie, the food guy came late and a friend came”.

Ankitha: “Is he still here?”
Vijay: “Ha-ha, its not he, its a she.”

Ankitha (a bit disappointed): “Who is she?”
Vijay: “Shhh.. Baby, you are my love and dont worry.”

Ankitha blushed and bent her face down.

Vijay held her head and asked her, “Will you do something for me?”

Ankitha raised her head and raised her eyes asking as if what is that Vijay wanted.

Vijay: “Dont worry dear, it will make you more mine than what you already are dear”.
Ankitha: “What do you want?”

Ankitha already doubted Vijay while she was in the shower but nothing bad happened, so she decided to trust him and nodded a yes.

Vijay: “I will blindfold you and do a few things to you your body which I own.”

Ankitha accepted and closed her eyes.

Vijay dried her properly with a towel and blindfolded her and brought her out and made her lie on her back on a bed and whispered, “Stay still dear. Dont think, just let me do my magic.”

Saying that he tied her hands and legs to the bed and left and brought his friend Priyanka. Priyanka is Vijays friend and partner who knows and participates in Vijays fantasies. She is a beautician by profession and a dominatrix whenever she gets a chance.

Priyanka and Vijay used to dominate submissive girls and guys. Vijay asked Priyanka to get rid of all the hair from Ankithas body.

Ankitha was listening to the conversation and understood there was someone else. She cried out, “Vijay, where are you, who is that?” and kept reciting the same. And in a moment, Vijay came and held Ankithas hand and whispered, “Calm down, baby. Meet Priyanka, she is a dear friend and she is going to help me make you lovely. Just trust me, baby”.

Vijays soothing voice calmed Ankitha down and then a hand ran through Ankithas hair. It was Priyankas hand and she gave a peck on Ankithas cheek and said in a soft and sweet voice, “Dont worry darling, I am going to make you beautiful” for which Ankitha gave a smile.

Priyanka whispered to Ankitha, “You will now know what a woman does to look how she does” and placed something on Ankithas arm and rubbed it. In a few seconds, she pulled it off for which Ankitha was in so much pain and shouted, “Aahhh!!!!”

Priyanka laughed and said, “Sweetie pie, is that it?”. Ankitha was in shock and Priyanka applied in a different place and started waxing all of Ankithas body. Meanwhile, Vijay came to Ankitha and said in her ear, “Sorry, sweetheart. I know it hurts but it is for US dear”. Ankitha closed her lips and nodded in acceptance.

It took almost an hour to wax Ankithas body and still the pubic area was pending. Ankitha is genetically a guy, Ankitha was scared about that but Priyanka applied Veet and removed Ankithas pubic hair. Ankitha was relieved with that but now she is confused on whats next.

Now Priyanka applied a moisturizing lotion all over Ankithas body and massaged quite a bit. Now Priyanka, “Keep your eyes closed, darling. I am removing the blindfold”. Priyanka removed Ankithas blindfold and Ankitha tried to open her eyes. Priyanka loudly said, “No peeking”. Ankitha closed her eyes. Priyanka threaded Ankithas face and applied some lotion after she is done.

Priyanka brought a mirror and put it in front of Ankithas face and asked her to open her eyes. Ankitha was surprised to look at her face as it was clean, fairer than ever and like a girl in her twenties. Ankitha was in shock and felt shy and then looked at Priyanka. She was lean and well dressed and well groomed. She gave a smile and called Vijay.

Vijay came and gave a big smile and came and untied Ankitha and hugged her tightly for a moment. He turned towards Priyanka and gave her a hug and thanked her. Priyanka winked at Ankitha and said, “I will come for you soon”. Ankitha in a confused state returned a smile.

Priyanka left and Ankitha looked at a clock and found out that it was night 11. Vijay smiled and said, “Lets have dinner, sweetie”.

Ankitha: “Where are my clothes?”
Vijay: “What clothes, they are not for you sweetie. I have new ones for you”.

Ankitha got confused and Vijay pointed at a packet.

She opened it and found a maroon satin maxi dress, white laced bra and pantie and a couple of breast pads.

Ankitha: “What are these?”
Vijay: “Please baby, wear those”.

Ankitha wore those and she looked like a chubby woman, blushing like a new bride.

Vijay was so happy with what he was seeing and he hugged Ankitha and gave her a brief kiss and took her to the dining table. Ankitha like a wife took the parcel and served in the plates and they both had a late dinner. They both spoke like a newlywed couple.

Vijay got a bindi and put it on Ankithas forehead and gave her a peck. He then put a mangalsutra in her neck and 4 bangles.

Ankitha was so shy that her newly cleansed face was becoming red and Vijay was enjoying the view. He gave her a kiss and finished his dinner and left to wash his hands. He left his plate and was watching what Ankitha would do. To his surprise, she took both the plates and cleaned them and placed them in the appropriate place and returned.

While Vijay was watching the TV, Ankitha came and stood near the dining table. She was confused about what her next move should be. Vijay looked at her and asked her to come near him and sit next to him.

She sat and was watching the TV. As it was midnight, most of the channels were airing romantic songs. Ankitha was blushing and Vijay was getting an erection looking at this beauty and her act.

He started a kiss and turned the TV off and while kissing he took her to the bedroom and took her to the bed. He hugged her tightly let off the kiss and hugged her from behind and they slept as both were tired.

No physical action guys, but this part is where Ankitha is actually becoming Ankitha.

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