Rough Sex With My Girlfriend In Nagpur Part 2 (Punishment)

Hi friends. Thanks for the overwhelming response to my story. If you havent read my first part, please read it. So I am continuing with the story of day 2.

I woke up late in the morning and saw Shruti was not there. I went to the kitchen to find her. There she was, my angel, looking as bright as sunshine. She was wearing a pink one-piece which barely covered her thighs. Her beautiful long hairs were hanging loose and came up to her waist. I was in my boxers, I went close to her nimble-footed to catch her unguarded.

I wrapped my arms around her waist from behind, gently pulling her towards me. She got scared at first, but after realizing that it was me, she turned around and hugged me back with a big happy smile on her face.

Me: How was last night?
She: It was awesome, I was craving for some rough domination sex for a long time!

Me: So is the craving gone now?
She: No, It is not so easy with me. My craving has doubled now. (She gave her trademark naughty smile).

Me: Dont worry, this time I will be double rough with you.
She: I am always up for it! What about some hot morning sex? (winks)

Just after hearing this, I grabbed her hair, gave her a long smooch and bit her lips wildly. Then I went down and kissed her neck while she was lustily moaning “oohs” and “ahhhs”. I kept licking and kissing her and in the process, I planted one or two love bites on her neck.

(The sexy noises she makes always turns me on and she knew that. Thats her way of saying I like it.)

I turned her around and slowly moved her long hairs aside to expose one side of the neck. Then I kissed her on the neck and on the shoulder. I slowly moved and kissed her ear and bit it. She made a sensuous “ahhhh”.

Again, I flipped her around (she was now facing me) and removed her one-piece. She wasnt wearing a bra. I asked her to tie her hands behind her back and it should stay in the same position irrespective of what I do or otherwise she will be punished.

She obeyed with a yes. I took out a blindfold from my pocket and blindfolded her. She was only wearing a red netted pantie and was now standing in front of me, blindfolded with her hands behind.

I gently kissed her boobs and then sucked them for at least 5 minutes. All this while, she was shivering with excitement and nervous at the same time, making sexy sounds that kept turning me on.

Then slowly I moved down towards her navel, kissing each and every inch of her wonderfully soft skin. As I kissed her navel, she shivered and couldnt control her ecstasy and moved her hands towards me. I saw it and said, “You deserve a punishment now for disobeying me”. She said, “I am all yours, have it your way”.

I pulled her nipples and slapped her boobs twice, ferociously. She squealed in pain and pleasure at the same time. Then I took her panties off and touched her pussy which was dripping wet. I said, “You are a kinky little girl”. She gave a naughty smile.

Then I went and got some ice from the refrigerator. As she was blindfolded, she didnt know what was coming. I rolled the ice on her neck to which she was shocked and moved back. I removed her blindfold. She looked at me lustfully breathing heavily. I gave a gentle kiss on her lips and whispered in her ears, “Be ready, I am entering my beast mode”. She blushed and said, “Go hard on me, tiger”.

I wrapped one hand around her waist and marched towards my bedroom with the ice tray. I kept the ice tray on the bedside and picked up one ice cube. Then I grabbed her hair, kissed her lips and threw her on the bed and moved over her. Her heartbeat was raising.

I slowly rolled the ice cube from her neck to her boobs, then kept the ice on the left nipple for one minute. Then I removed the ice and quickly sucked her nipples. The feeling of warmth on her ice-cold nipple made her erotic moans even louder. I did the same with her other nipple. Then I gave a tight slap on both the boobs. “Hit me harder”, she screamed. I did as she said and hit them even harder. She screamed, “Yesss”.

Then I took another ice cube and placed it on her navel. I picked it up with my mouth and slowly took it near her pussy. She was shivering as I placed the ice on her clitoris. I pressed the ice on the clitoris with my mouth.

Then I held the ice with my finger on the clitoris and used my tongue to lick her pussy. She was still shaking and I knew she was about to cum. I inserted my two fingers into her pussy and started fingering her. The ice melted in just one minute because of the heat on her pussy. Her love juices also oozed out into my hands.

I clutched her hairs, made her kneel down on the floor and asked her to put the condom on and suck my dick. She gave me an awesome blowjob and while she was blowing me, I kept teasing her boobs and pulling her nipples. She sucked my balls as well. After almost 10 minutes of the best blowjob of my life, I made her stand up. She was totally exhausted.

But I was not done, I made her bend in the doggy position and inserted my penis into her pussy from behind and started humping in doggy style position. She kept moaning and screaming all this while. Then I grabbed her hair and pulled them, arching her back and kept humping in the same position. I landed some hard ass spanks as well which turned her ass red.

After 5 minutes, we switched position into cowgirl position with her on top. She was slowly jumping on my dick without taking it completely inside and that agitated me. I slapped her on the face and then chocked her and screamed at her to take it in completely. I kept choking her with one hand and slapping her ass and boobs with the other. She was all the while screaming, “Ahhhh”

She obeyed me and started taking it completely in. “Good girl”, I said in acknowledgement.

We again switched position to missionary with me on top of her and gave her some deep thrusts into her pussy. She asked me to choke her. I placed one hand on her neck, choking it gently. And time to time, I kept slapping her boobs and face with the other hand.

When I thought I was about to climax, I stopped humping. I took her to the bathroom by grabbing her hair and then made her kneel down, removed the condom and said, “Where do you want it?”. “On my face”, she replied.

I gently messaged on my dick and ejaculated on her face. Then I made her stand up and turned on the shower. We cleaned each other and had some romantic kisses.

Thats it, guys. I hope you liked my story. Before I end, I want to ask all the girls, what kind of sex do they prefer? Options are Erotic, BDSM, Male Domination or Female Domination.

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