Happy New Year In Goa Part 1 (The Invitation)

Hello folks. Well, we are writing here for the first time. We would be writing as a couple while we engage in an absolute NSA relationship which also happens to be a long distance one. Do note that these are going to be pretty long stories.

To give you an intro about us we are Niharika (30 years, married, Bangalore) and Rahul (24 years, single, Mumbai). We both will describe each other and also tell the story together.

Well, he is a smart guy who is into his own business. Well, when I had his first glimpse he was in a Blue short, shaded beachy tee, cool sunglasses, and a nice hairdo. I got a good glimpse of him at the beach when he was in swimming briefs giving a good view of him completely.

What caught my attention about him was his height (yes I have this thing for tall men). He is I guess around 510” or so with a pretty fit body. A fit body is not something like what you see as overdone gym bodies. But a nice lean body without any excess flab and weighs around 70 kgs. You will discover more in the story.

She is the sexiest women when it comes to being a complete package. Her figure is every mans dream. Her sexy voice will want you to feel tight in your jeans and also would tempt you to make her moan. The first time I saw her she was wearing denim hot pants with a crop top and carrying her cape in her hands.

I got a good glimpse of her sexy navel and long lassie legs. Her figure stats are 34-28-35 (which I came to know later). She might be around 5’7” with perfectly toned ass and body. Dark brown hair with golden streaks giving her a wild chick look. She has a wheatish skin complexion.

Initially, when we had a glimpse of each other, we were not aware that we are part of the same group. A couple of common friends who had arranged this get together for New Years in Goa. We were in a Luxury beach resort there (keeping certain details confidential I hope you guys know why).

We planned this trip to be for around 7 days during last week of December and 1st week of January 2019. I being married was still practically lonely during New Years. Mr. Hubby had to be on a project outside India and could not come back for New Years.

So I decided to join in a few of my friends who had been planning a party in Goa. I have been single for quite some time now. I was planning to celebrate New Years in Goa with few of my friends who were either married or seeing each other. I was told that I wont be left alone. Little did I know that it is going to be my best New Year.

We reached the resort on 28th December 2018. We were all checking in independently since we had made bookings on our own. That was the place where I first got a glimpse of Rahul. He had arrived before me and was checking in while I was entering the door and walking to reception.

Of all people out there he was the one who got my attention there first. When he went off from there it was easy to judge that he was alone. I had not made love for over 2 months and hormones were on a rush. His glimpse made it even more interesting.

I was checking into the resort. While completing formalities I was glancing around looking around for my friends there in the lobby. My eyes wandered to lobby entrance and got stuck there immediately. There was this girl walking in taking off her cape while entering the lobby and folding it around her arms.

She was wearing denim hot-pants and a dark blue crop top which gave an awesome view of her amazing figure. What a sexy waist, navel, and curves. My heart had started beating really loud looking at her. She did attract a lot of attention. Receptionist broke my focus, handed over me the key.

I had to move away and the next person in line was she. This left me wondering would have been better if I had just come 5 minutes late I would have enjoyed looking at her a lot. After checking in I guess we all had been resting and getting refreshed in our rooms.

When everyone was there before lunch, our common friend had created a common group over Whatsapp for us all to coordinate. There were in all 10 of us. 4 were couples with 3 of them married and 1 of them seeing each other. Then Rahul and me as singles. So we were spread across 6 cottages over the resort.

The Whatsapp group was a good idea to coordinate within ourselves. We all decided to meet up after an hour for lunch at the resort restaurant. We had a table reserved for us. All of them were coming from Mumbai. So they drove down on their bikes or cars while Niharika flew down from Bangalore.

So I had my bath in the warm bubble water jacuzzi bathtub and got ready. I wore a nice floral dress (ending up above the knee) with a bikini inside just in case, we land up at a beach or pool after lunch. Did a light make-up, put on my sunglasses, picked up my purse and walked to the restaurant.

I checked on our table and while no one else was there I saw the guy whom I had been checking out at check-in sitting there. It gave me goosebumps. I guess my heart skipped a beat. He was quite good looking, was wearing shorts and a short with first few buttons open. I walked over there and decided to sit opposite to him.

Niharika (N): Hey are you with the group of 9 people who drove down from Mumbai today?
Rahul (R): Yes and are you Niharika, Sonals and Rishis friend from Bangalore? They told me you are coming also.

N: Yes you got it correct. So I guess you are the single guy of the group. That brings you here earlier than others just like me. While others might have got a bit busy in their rooms. So your name?
R: Well am Rahul and have my own business in Mumbai.

N: You do look quite young, how old are you?
R: 24 years
N: (I shake hands with him) And formally introducing I am Niharika and am a marketing professional in Bangalore.

N: Did you ask them to have some company for you? Since you might have ended up being a single guy amongst all couples here? There was a lot of pressure on me to come over (I have a loud laugh). I was told that I wont get bored with all the couples around. I guess you were the reason for that.

R: Hell yeah, I had told them what will I do there with all you couples who would be getting cozy and naughty in Goa. I was told that while I might not be a couple but there might be some company for me. And here you are Niharika. What I wasnt told was that the person might be a bit older to me and married. (I point at her ring and wink.)

N: Well yes, am married for past 2 years and am just 30 years, not that old. (while saying so I remove the ring and slip it into the purse). Thanks for reminding about the ring I would prefer keeping it safe inside. I dont like to lose it while we roam around Goa (and I blush).

R: Let us order starters and drinks while others join in. What do you want?
N: Lets order Veg kebab platter and I will have a Long Island Iced Tea.what do you think? (and I call waiter)
R: One Veg Kebab platter and one Long Island Iced tea for the lady.

We both have our drinks. We have quite a lot of conversation and enjoy the company of each other. In the meantime, others also come in and Niharika gets introduced to everyone. Sonal says that they all decided to come in after an hour to give us both some time to know each other.

As we both will have to spend a lot of time together. Since couples might end up being busy and we all had a loud laugh. Niharika admits it was brilliant planning by Sonal. So all of us settle down and are having lunch and drinks. We ended our lunch around 3:30 pm. We decided to meet at the reception at 4:30 pm to head to North Goa for beach, shacks, and party.

Others went back to rooms to get their stuff and for some rest. Rahul and I decided to spend time downstairs since we had nothing much to do in the room. We walked around the resort talking to each other and trying to know each other better.

We were enjoying each others company. Niharikas phone rings Sonal called up Niharika mentioning they were waiting for us. She told them we are near to reception and would be there in a couple of minutes. When we reached there I saw Sonal wink at Niharika and she blushed a bit. I was getting enchanted by this beauty. I was happy that we are here together and the trip was looking promising.

Others were on bikes while Rahul was in his open Gypsy. I got in with Rahul. Rahul like a proper gentleman opened the door for me and ensured I was seated in comfortably. I gave him a warm smile and was feeling comfortable with him. I thought to myself at least I will not get bored among these couples. Deep within I had a feeling that this trip is heading for some action.

N: Rahul if during these 7 days you get bored being in the company of these couples, you can let me know. We can head out and explore Goa on our own.
R: Sure Niharika, actually we should do that sometime. You wanna go for a drive later tonight after the party?

N: Sure let us do that.As such others would be either drunk or making love in their rooms. Oops. I think I am getting alcohol effect rising in me hahaha.
R: You are pretty straightforward. Or maybe alcohol has had its effect.

So we all set on the drive. I am sitting comfortably enjoying the sights and good chit chat with Rahul. My hair is blowing with the wind and I do see Rahul stealing glances at me through his sunglasses (but fails to hide). Couples on the bikes had already raced ahead.