Best Friends Turned Gay Couple Part – 1

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Please skip few paragraphs if you dont like intro :-)

My name is Sandhya ( My CD name).. Average build, wheatish in color, good looking ass. Currently working in an MNC in Hyd.

As you have probably guessed I am more into guys ( but I am bisexual) and like to crossdress whenever I get chance. It all started in Inter when I first saw two men fucking in a porn video, later on, I got to know about cross-dressing and I just loved the idea. I used to crossdress using my mom clothes whenever I am alone in the home and imagine myself getting fucked by men.

After joining college, I had a girlfriend but somehow I am not completely satisfied with girls. I have a secret crush on my best friend Sai ( He is black, nice body, he is from the village and has that rough look which makes him even hotter… :-) )

So, even though I got a crush on him, I didnt have the courage to tell him because of obvious reasons. He is used live in a hostel and I am in my home, so we didnt face any awkward situations.

So after engineering, My friend and I got placed in the same company and I am very excited as we can be together in a room for the first time. ( Completely unaware of how it will turn out in the future :-) ).

Even though we are in same company, our shifts are different ( His is morning shift and mine is night shift ).. so by the time I reached our flat ( we rented out a flat ), he will be sleeping mostly in lungi ( A south Indian dhothi which men usually wear at night mostly at villages).

So now lets come to the story,

One fine day, as usual, I came to our flat at around 11 PM, he is already sleeping when I came home in lungi, he usually sleeps early, so it was pretty normal. I went to the bathroom to quickly fresh up and have dinner. When I came back, I got the sweetest shock, he is sleeping without underwear and his dick came out of his lungiii. I thought of touching it but scared as shit. After a lot of thinking, I got courage and touched it, by the way, his dick is 8 inches long and thick, you know how black dicks are :-( :-) .. it didnt wake him up, so I got more courage and touching his balls, inner thighs and all and removed my dress and started masturbating. He woke up suddenly and saw me in a very awkward position. He was quite shocked and slapped me very hard. I kept on saying sorry to him for what happened. For about 3 days it was very awkward but somehow managed to pass because of office.

On weekend, he finally spoke to me and asked me what the hell that happened another day. I confessed him everything, how guys interest me more, my cross-dressing, my crush on him everything. We spoke very long time and he is okay with me being bisexual but told me not to repeat such things without his consent. Day went on peacefully with more talking and all. The vibes that he gave showed me that he is interested in all this and I am just waiting for his move.

Later at night, the conversation went like this

Sai (S): So, Sandhya did you like my dick

Me (M): Yes, I like it.. (Blushingly)

S: Nobody touched my dick up to now, the thought you touching my dick making me horny I don’t know why
M: Dont feel ashamed, it is natural
S: I always thought it would be some girl
M: I can be a girl if you want ;-)
This made both of us laugh and tensed eased between us
M: Do you want me to touch it again …
He was silent, I took it as a hint and touched his dick above his pant and looked into his eyes and gave a peck on his cheek.
S: Are we doing the right thing?
M: We are just pleasuring ourselves, there is nothing wrong in that

I gave him a lip kiss, first he was reluctant but later on he too started smooching me passionately, I started rubbing his dick and went under his pant.. his eyes widened ( since this is our first experience, I am dominating but I like to be submissive and get crushed under a man) I removed his shirt and started kissing all over the body, his chest is full of hair which made me even hornier.. I removed his pant and underwear and saw the black beauty in its full form for the first time, hiding in a forest full of hair, around 7 inches long and very think. I smiled at him and started stroking his dick. He too got turned on fully and asked me to remove my dress ( I am slightly overweight ). I removed my dress and we are fully naked for the first time. He looked at me lustly but he said that he wont touch my dick since he is still feeling a bit out of place .. I said fine.

He started touching my manboobs and rubbed them very fast which made me hornier. I moaned for the first time in my life what a feeling … He started touching me all over the place like a man touches a girl…It made me horny. I bent down to take his dick into my mouth .. he was slightly reluctant .. so I started slowly .. I kissed his dick. played with his balls… and suddenly took his dick into my mouth, he moaned aaaahhhhhhh …no Sandhya ( the name that he gave me later on)..… I continued sucking his dick which made me sooo happyyyyyyyy but he cummed very quickly for the first time.

He was exhausted, I too masturbated myself since he didnt want to touch my dick but saw me masturbating. I, later on, went into his arms and slept on his chest like a girl.

The day started our journey as a couple and many surprises came into our way in the days went by.. We had our proper first night, honeymoon .. but all those stories for a later time.

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