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Hello Everyone. My name is Ronit and from Delhi. I am sharing my first sexual experience that I had, that was about 5 years ago. I’m presently working in a very good MNC and work out regularly. A little about myself, I’m 5′ 10, very fair, good looking with healthy fair skin. I used to chat a lot in different chat rooms on the internet and came across Archita (real name changed for privacy reasons). We chatted a lot on different subjects and we exchanged phone numbers. She was doing English Hons from Delhi University and was staying in a rented place with her cousins in Mukherji nagar.

Our conversations used to be long, and gradually we shifted our conversation to sex. She mentioned that she was not a virgin, as her previous boyfriend had screwed and dumped her for good. And that’s the reason she had many apprehensions about getting into a steady relationship again. After about 3 months of chatting on the internet and on the phone we decided to meet over lunch. Well the D-day arrived and we planned to meet in mcdonalds Kamla Nagar. Archita had mentioned what she looked like, but I had no clue what was in store for me. Well there I was standing outside Mcdo, waiting with baited breath, butterflies in my stomach when I heard a voice behind me, “Ronit”!!! I looked around, and thanked lady luck for smiling on me finally.

Archita was a real stunner. Height of 58, fair and real sweet face and a figure of 36DD 30 38 (She told me the exact details later on). Long black hair and she was dressed in jeans and blue color top. We exchanged hellos, and I handed her the bouquet of flowers and chocolates that I had brought for her. She kissed me slightly on the cheek and said “Thanks”. Anyways we walked into mcdonalds, had lunch and spoke to each other on different things. All through the conversation I couldn’t help myself, staring at her boobs which seem to be wanting to burst out and set themselves free. I was lost in staring, when suddenly I heard she say “Stop staring will you”. Well I got back to my senses and realized my mistake, and continued with the conversation. I dropped her back home, and she kissed me lightly on the cheeks once again, and said “Thanks for the great time” We bid our goodbyes.

Well I was in seventh heaven already, and I knew I had to have her. We used to chat daily, and got very close to her.

One day, we were discussing about sex, when I mentioned in plain and simple words, “that I wanted to possibly make love to you and loose my virginity to you “. She was not at all surprised, and she didn’t say no. She said “give me some time to think”. I was very well aware that she did not want to be in a steady relationship, and I did not want to deceive her either. I told her in clear cut words, that I wanted sex, with no strings attached.

Well for the next 2 months, we chatted regularly, and I asked her about my proposal a few more times, and she said that she was busy and she wanted some more time to think. We had met a couple of times by then, that lead to some great kisses and heavy petting. I had felt her tits over her top and just couldn’t wait to feel n suck them dry


After her exams, she went back to her home town and was back in the month of July. As soon as she was back, I gave her a call, and mentioned to meet again. I picked her from mcdonalds and drove my car. She mentioned that she had been missing me… Blah blah blah… But my thoughts were stuck at her massive boobs that seem to be wanting to break free, and be ravaged.

I took her to a friends flat in Delhi, which was empty, and the keys were with me. I mentioned that I am driving towards that place, and she had absolutely no issues about it. I told her to wait downstairs since people knew me around, while I opened the flat, switched on the AC and drew all the curtains. From the balcony I told her to come upstairs.

The moment she entered, I closed the door, and hugged her tightly, smooching her and feeling her breasts. She knew what was coming, and she said, please relax…”We will do it slowly”. All through this while, she had never ever agreed to have sex with me, and these words…. Sounded like the Sex Goddess saying …hello….. :o) !!!

We kept kissing each other and I kept feeling her against me. I slowly removed her t shirt and felt her boobs, through the bra. She had also removed my t-shirt and slowly I unclasped her bra from behind, all the while my dick filling the crack of her ass, from behind. As soon as her tits were set free, I held them from behind, cupping them, kneading them….!!! Ohm!!! The feel of those huge, soft n fleshy tits…. Is a feeling indescribable. She

Was more than a handful, and I could not get one complete tit in my hand. They were so big, and I was loving every moment of it. I kept sucking on her nipples, slowly encircling them with my tongue, biting them slightly, and kneading the other one, all the while. Her breathing had become very heavy and she kept moaning with pleasure… Oooohh n Aaah….. Since it was my first time… I was going very fast…. And she said… Please do it slowly n gently… I slowed down my pace and kept kissing her, placing my hands on her asscheeks and kneading them also. I quickly removed her jeans… Was taken aback… When I realized she was not wearing any panties…!!! She must have been completely prepared as she had shaved of all the pubic hair and I could see a nice clean pussy. I could feel the wetness of her pussy lips with my hand rubbing smoothly on her pink tight cunt. My touch on her cunt sent a shiver through her and she gave out a soft moan. I slowly finger fucked her to make her all the more wet.

Slowly she removed my jeans… And was feeling my dick on the through my undies. She quickly pulled that down, letting my 8 inches of meat to break free in the open. She gave a slight “oooooo” when she saw my dick and kissed it lightly. That kiss, sent a bolt of lightning all over my body.

I slowly laid her down on the bed, as I wanted to taste what pussy tastes like. I am a man who loves pussy, and I really wanted this experience to be memorable for her too. I knew that I had to treat it right and would give the joys she has dreamt of. I slowly kissed her vulva and slowly licked her pussy lips. She let out a loud moan…. Oooooohhhhhh… I slowly kissed her pussy lips, caressing them with my fingers, rubbed my thumbs all over the soft folds of beautiful flesh. I knew that I had to be slow as I wanted her to savor each flick of my tongue. My warm breath on her pussy lips were making her twitch. I pushed the tip of my tongue into her pussy and slowly sucked on them.

She was no doubt writhing with pleasure, and it was evident as she had spread her legs really wide. I started sucking madly on her clit and swirling my tongue n teasing it. I realized that I had found the centre of all her pleasure and danced my tongue around it. She was moaning with pleasure…all the while. She held my hand and placed it on her nipple, while she played around with the second one. I realized that she was near to her orgasm, as she pushed my head into her pussy, while I was licking n swirling her clit madly. Suddenly she became very quiet and her whole body was shaking uncontrollably. Archita pressed her legs on my head, as waves n waves of orgasm swept her. I kept sucking her clit, till her orgasm calmed down. Her eyes were closed and she had a shy but content look on her face.

She kissed me on my lips, tasting her own pussy juices. We laid down on the bed, and she made me wear a condom, and slowly guided my dick into her pussy. The moment I had entered, she asked me in husky voice… How does my pussy feel…. And I said “Heaven “. I liked the way she had started speaking dirty… And loved it all the more, when she said ” Please fuck me Ronit, please fuck me hard ” These words… Were like music to my ears… Was like all my fantasies coming true… As I woman was begging me to fuck her nice and good. I slowly increased my thrusts and in and out… All the while her boobs were moving in perfect circular motion with each thrust… She was moaning all the while and I could feel my dick completely in her cunt and the squishing noise that came, with every thrust.

Within 4-5 mins I came really hard… And let out a scream… As I felt my dick spray loads n loads of semen. We were smooching and I had kissed her, while feeling her boobs when I had come. I was literally shaking and had gone weak in the knees. As my orgasm subsided, I lay on top of her. Slowly I pulled my dick out of her pussy and went to the washroom to cleanup.

We had sex a few more times after that, before she had to go back to her hometown after completing her graduation.

I hope you all enjoyed reading my true experience. Since I largely have only my own experiences to draw from, I’d truly appreciate any feedback about different methods or stories of your own. Especially from women. I’ve often said, if

I can do what I do just a little better, or try one new way that works, I’m thrilled. You can write to me at / / Hope you all have a great time… Enjoying the beauty of SEX !!!