Friends beautiful wife

Hi this is Vijay from Hyderabad. This is my first posting before you. I am 27 years old married and having a kid of one month old. I am regular reader of ISS for around one year and I wish to present my first experience before my marriage with my friend’s wife.

My friend’ Prasad and myself were very good friends. We were together for last 10 years or so and I am working for a private company and he looks after his business. This incident happened to me before my marriage. He got married to Saritha who looks like an angel. Being Prasad close friend to me, I used to go to his house very frequently and in no time I got close to her. I used to call her Saritha Bhabhi and she also moved freely with me. Only my friend and his wife stay in Hyderabad as my friend’s parents stay at Nellore. One day when I was in office, I got a call from my friend saying that he is moving to Mumbai on business work and will return in two days and he requested me to stay at their house as his wife is alone. Till that moment I don’t have any ill thoughts about his wife and I agreed to his request. In the evening after returning from office, I reached his house and picked him from his house and moved to railway station to catch the train. I assured him that I will take care of Saritha bhabhi till he comes and around at 8 pm the train departed from the station. I called to my house and informed my parents that I am not coming to home to night.

Around 8.30 pm I reached my friend’s house and there I saw Saritha bhabhi reading news paper. At that time she was wearing Blue color saree. On seeing me, she stood up and enquired about the departure of her husband and asked me to take the dinner. But to be frank I was not in a mood to take the food because on seeing her alone in the house I am very much tensed and I had crush on her. She is 5feet 4 inch taller and white in complexion. Her boobs are medium built and looks very sexy but she never gave me the wrong impression on her to me. So I am bit afraid of to take initiative to proceed further. But I know that this is the best opportunity to fuck her as there is nobody except me and Saritha. I told her that I had my dinner already and told her to complete her dinner. While I was watching TV she ate and she joined me to watch the TV. We talked for some time and around 10 pm she showed me the room where I had to sleep and told me that she will take bath before her sleep. Then she said good night to me and move to their bed room. Still I was very nervous as how to proceed further. She moved to bath room and took bath for 10 mins and came out, at that time she was in saree. Slowly I reached there and on seeing me she enquired that I have any problem. I gathered all my courage and expressed my intentions to her. First she was afraid and said that it is not correct to think in that way. In the mean time I moved close to her and hugged her tightly, she was shocked by this move and she tried to move away from me. I asked her that whether she is really not interested in having sex with me, for this she told that it is a sin to have sex other than with her husband. Now I placed my lips on her lips and convinced that it is not a sin.

Slowly I removed her pallu and dropped the saree. Now she was in blouse and petticoat, now she started to cooperate with me and I removed her blouse. I am seeing the angel in bra and I removed my shirt and pant and now we both were in inner garments. Then we moved to bed and started to kiss her vigorously. I removed her bra and panty and on seeing her I was in seventh heaven. I moved my lips towards her breast and started to suck her nipples. By this she was enjoying a lot and slowly she removed my underwear and on seeing my penis she was surprised and said that her husband’s penis size is short compared to mine. Then I moved into 69 position and she took my cock in her mouth and I started to lick her pussy. This continued for 10 mins and now my cock is fully erected. Then I came to normal position and moved my cock towards her pussy and placed on her pussy. Slowly I slid my cock in her pussy, at first I found it difficult to get into her but after giving light jerks, I moved completely into her. She was enjoying each and every moment and started giving upwards jerks to my jerks.

She requested me to push still harder and said that she is enjoying a lot and expressed that till today she didn’t experienced this much pleasure in having sex. This continued for 10 mins and I told her that I am about to discharge my sperm. She requested not to remove from her pussy and request to load my cum in her pussy. Then I moved faster and I reached climax and loaded my cum into her and at the same time she had her orgasm. We both laid on bed for some time and moved to bath room to clean ourselves. Now her face was glowing and she told that I should satisfy her whenever opportunity comes and I promised the same. We enjoyed a lot during these two days till my friend came to Hyderabad. Later I came to know that she has become pregnant by our mating and delivered a baby girl. She told that the baby is mine and our relationship still continues till today. Other than my wife, she is the only person I shared bed. If any married female wishes to have sex with me please contact me to my mail id / /