Fun in Jamaica

I am a typical, decent-looking, early-thirties male from MUMBAI, having my own business and who happens to love sex. My name is ARUN and I am narrating the true incidents. One month ago I went to Jamaica to watch the Cricket World Cup, 2007.

I discovered that the beautiful and sexy native girls love to fuck even more than me! During fifteen days I have had the good fortune to experience sexual pleasure with a wide variety of hot and sexy Jamaican girls. I’m able to remember each one because each was special in her own way, and I have built a photo collection of most of them. Does it sound like I’m bragging? I hope not. This is just the way that sex is in Jamaica. It’s like a pasttime, or a sport. Almost everyone loves it and does it a lot. And you are considered odd if you don’t!

And I don’t want to keep all of these wonderful girls and stories for myself, I want to share the joy and excitement of the Jamaican experience! That is why I am writing this.

After reaching Jamica I made some friends there. One of my new Jamaican friends told me that things are different in Jamaica, that the girls are more open and adventurous than Indian girls, and many start to fuck when they are only13 years old, or even younger. My friends told me that most of the girls don’t care that the age of consent is 16, they just love to fuck. And they told me that the Jamaican girls would be begging me for sex, not the other way around. Naturally I was sceptical. I told them that I would have to see it to believe it. They laughed and told me that I would see. They warned me that the only problem I might have would be with underage girls, knowing which girls were actually 16, because many of the 12 and 13 year-olds were already “bruking out”, looking well-developed and sexy, and some would lie about their ages in order to get the fucking that they wanted. I strongly told them that I never, never, never wanted to be involved with any girls who were under the legal age. No problem, they said, there’s nuff sexy girls who are over 16. So on my second night in the hills of the parish of Trelawny, they took me to a street dance in the community. After a short time girls began to approach me, and tell me that they wanted to get to know me, while asking me to buy them food or drinks or both. I was unsure what to do. Because there were so many, I could not say yes to all of them. My friends told me that it was simple, I had to be direct and tell them what I wanted. And if they wanted what I wanted, I should buy them something. They said that I should tell them I loved their body and I wanted to get some work from their pum-pum, which is a Jamaican term for pussy. If they wanted the same thing, they would tell me. Just a little while later Natalie came up to me and I knew she was the one that I wanted.

She told me that she was 18 years old and in her last year of college. Her smile was beautiful and I liked the vibe that she was giving. She wanted some jerk chicken and a bottle of Red Stripe. I got my courage up and told her that I would try to make her happy if she wanted to make me happy. She asked what would make me happy. So I told her that I would be very happy if I could see her beautiful breasts and get a taste of her pum-pum. She laughed and said that would make her happy, too, and she asked me if I suck pussy. In Jamaica their is a frequently spoken contempt for oral sex, although many do it, but just don’t admit it. I told her of course I do it, I like to do what ever will make a girl happy and feel good. She said that she had never had oral sex and wanted to try it, and we should get some chicken and talk some more. While she was eating she told me more about herself, she had two sisters and one brother, all younger, and they lived in the village of Kinloss all of their lives.

The first time it was hot-Jamaican term for painful-but after the second time she said she loved it. She said she had only fucked two boys, both had been her boyfriends. She said “Lets go for a ride.” Since I did not have a car yet, I told her that I would have to talk to my friends. Plus I wondered if I was getting set up for something bad. I told my friend Gwayne what was going on and asked him if he thought this was for real. And could I trust Natalie, or was she going to take me somewhere to be beaten and robbed. Gwayne said that he knew Natalie and that she was telling the truth, and I did not have to be afraid. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a condom and said, “Just make sure you where a boot”. I told him that she wanted to go for a ride, but I didn’t know what to do because I didn’t have a car. Gwayne said “No problem, I’ll drive you somewhere and she will fuck you in the car.” I asked how he could be so sure, and he answered that is the way Jamaican girls are. So Natalie and I got in the car with Gwayne and drove to a deserted section edge of the village near some unfinished houses. Gwayne got out of the car and told us that he would go for a walk and come back in a little while. I was not very confident in this new scenario or feeling very aggressive. Fortunately that was not a problem for this sexy and beautiful girl.

She knew what she wanted and she was going to get it. Without saying a word she took her top off (no bra)and lifted her short skirt and pulled off her panties. Then she put my hand on her breast and told me to rub, and unzipped my shorts and grabbed my cock. Because I was already hard as a rock she had trouble getting it out, so she unbuttoned my shorts and pulled them down. While she was stroking my dick she said that some of her friends said they loved having their pussies sucked, and she asked if I would suck hers. I did not want to say yes or no until I got a look at her pussy, so I told her that I would love to make her feel good. So first I kissed her breasts around her nipples, then I moved in on her nipples with my tongue. I could see and feel them get hard instantly. She moaned and said that she loved to have her nipples sucked. So I spent some time with her hard nipples between my lips. After a few minutes, I pushed her back against the door and moved my head between her legs. Fortunately there was some light from a nearby street light so I could get a look at her pussy, and see if it looked clean and safe. She had a slight bit of hair around her pum-pum, it looked like it had been trimmed. I saw no bumps or blisters or anything to be afraid of, so I began to kiss near her pussy but not on it. Immediately she began to move her pussy towards my mouth, so I breathed some hot air towards her pussy hole.

She arched her hips so that her pussy was on my mouth. I began to lick around her clitoris and she let out a moan and gasped that it felt so good. I proceeded to lick and suck and fuck her with my tongue. She pressed her pussy harder against my face and put her hand behind my head and pulled me tight against her pussy and began to moan and shudder and shake from an orgasm. I pushed my finger into her pussy and I could feel it clench and twitch about 10-12 times. When I started to pull my face away she said “No mon, don’t stop!” So I licked her clit some more and fucked her with my finger and about one minute later she came again. “God, I love it,” she gasped. I asked her if she wanted to suck me, and she said, “No mon, I don’t suck.” But then she sat up and gripped my hard cock and started to straddle me. I stopped her and pulled out the condom and she snatched if from my hands and tore the wrapper open and slid it over my dick. Then she guided my cock into her pussy hole. At first it did not enter very deep because she was tight, but it took only a few seconds for her to work it deep into her cunt as she was grinding her clit against me. Soon after I began rubbing and kissing her breasts I could feel her pussy clenching my dick as she came again.

At that point many American girls would have been done, so I asked her if she had enough. She said “No mon, give me a back shot.” Since I had not learned that term yet I was not sure what she meant until she turned around and got into position for doggy style. I got behind her and she reached between her legs and grasped my cock and guided it back into her pussy and began rocking back and forth-Jamaican term is “wining”. She moved my hand off her hip and made me rub her clit while she was getting rammed from the rear. After a couple of minutes I could feel her cum again! She pulled herself off of my dick and turned over and laid on the seat and rested one leg on the top of the seat and asked me if I was finished. I said “If you want me to be……..”. She took her hands and spread her pussy hole open and said “Come get some more.” So I rubbed my dick on her clit for a few seconds, then she rocked her hips forward until my cock sank into her hole again. Because I was not used to wearing a condom I could tell that the latex was having a de-sensitizing effect on me and I probably would not be able to cum-so I rammed her for a few more minutes then pretended that I had an orgasm. I decided that I could probably fuck her again soon and it might be better to finish when she still wanted more. She said “did you cum?”, and I said “yeah mon, couldn’t you tell?”, and she laughed and pulled herself off of my dick and put her shirt and panties back on. She said, “We should get back to the dance, find Gwayne.” No kissing, no snuggling, just plain fucking is all that she wanted. Gwayne must not have been far away, maybe he was watching, because almost immediately he returned to the car.

He started the engine and said “Did she fuck you good?” and I said the best Jamaican girl. She asked me how many Jamaican girls had I fucked and I told her she was the first and she laughed and said that she didn’t believe me. When we got back to the dance I figured that I should act like I wanted to see her again, I didn’t want her to feel like a one-night-stand or slam-bam-thank-you maam, plus I wanted to fuck her again soon. So I asked her if she wanted to get together the next day and go to the beach or the river, and she told me that she was going to Kingston the next day to visit her father. I said maybe some other time soon, and she said maybe and walked away. It was a life time experience for me while collecting scenes n footage in my gibi for a new music album.

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